Why Don’t Media Suggest Margaret, Alexandre Trudeau PAY BACK WE Charity Funds?

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For nearly one month, Canadians have been immersed in the debacle that is the Canadian WE Charity–Trudeau Family Scandal.

Witness as the mother and brother of current PM Justin Trudeau walk off with hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments from an international charity “not-for-profit” organization. See brother Alexandre Trudeau— a specialist in running Canada into the dirt while promoting communism– pocket a cool $11,000 dollars by way of  his “good family friends” the Kielburgers.

Yes, CBC has fretted over this. National Post, Toronto Star, Calgary Herald followed suit. Yet not one media entity– nor “genius” journalists such as Andrew Coyne and Chantal Hebert– ever propose a simple solution:

Pay the frackin’ money back!  They won’t, of course, Nothing of this sort will trans-pire in any capacity. Don’t you know, fellow Canadian patriots? The Trudeau Family of Quebec are “royality” within 2020 society.

But why? For the life of CAP(could end any day now), we cannot comprehend WHY this family has been perched on top of a societal totem pole for the past forty years. Considering the incredible inequities delivered by all of them– Pierre, Margaret, Alexandre, Sophie, Justin–this first family of Canada deserve to be run out of town on a rail.

Yet, there they are– the Kings & Queens of “The Hill.” Let us make no mistake here– the Trudeau family are RICH. Notice how CBC never allude to even one dime this family has made over the decades.

Any family that rolls with Bill Gates, Bono, The Clintons, and uber-billionaire types like then have to be seriously wealthy people. CAP think that Trudeau family money is entirely underplayed by establishment media. This way, Canadians who already hate them will hate them less. This is a blatant media-oriented benefit for the family Trudeau.

“During testimony, the Kielburgers admitted that Margaret Trudeauwas paid an additional $167,944 that had not previously been revealed.”

That’s in addition to the over $300K she received from WE that had been previously known. According to Conservative Canadian journalistSpencer Fernando, “@marckielburger just informed the Commons finance committee that in addition to the $312,000 paid to Margaret Trudeau for speaking at WE Day events she was reimbursed an additional $167,944 in expenses. So a total of $479,944.”

READ MORE: Mother Of Canadian PM Margaret Trudeau Paid $478,000 By WE Children’s Charity

Obviously, there is a simple solution to the WE Charity exploitation by way of Margaret, Sophie, and Alexandre Trudeau-– PAY THE MONEY BACK.

Simple, fast and effective. Meaning the concept will be sent directly to the Liberal-Globalist-3rd World government “out-box” right quick.

After all, we live in “post-modern’ Canada now. There is no time for logic here– PM Trudeau runs our country based on emotion, rhetoric, propaganda, subterfuge and political deception.

Lucky for him, CBC and all corporate media entities now fall into line like the good communist-infused media puppets they are. Seems John Ivison, John Ibbitson and others from Canada’s “intelligensia” somehow lack a cognitive ability to suggest the Trudeau’s pay back the 400k they received from a Children’s Charity.

How “progressive” eh?

— BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder(est.2016)








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