Why Justin Trudeau’s Silence Regarding Anglophone-Canada Means BIG TROUBLE For Our People

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How do patriots know that  since the day Justin Trudeau became prime minister he has not said a single positive thing about English Canada,and/or its Anglophone inhabitants?

Easy, really–because within his entire four-year term, Trudeau has not referenced, or commented upon English Canada period.

Why not? What would be the political purpose of ignoring, shunning and marginalizing the twenty-five odd million Anglophones citizens of Canada?

How about a shout-out for Italian-Canadians, Ukrainian Canadians, Irish Canadians, or another European-derived Canadian community? These communities have contributed infinitely more than Third World peoples have to the building of our nation. Islam didn’t even have a presence in Canada during the prime years of our nation-building.

Did You Know? In Edmonton, Alberta, there exists something called the Somalian Heritage Museum. How quaint. Or it would be, if Edmonton or any other part of Canada had a Somalian heritage. They don’t– Somalia has no heritage in Canada either.

Yet, not once has King Justin even alluded to the existence of Anglophone or Christian Canada. On the flip-side the man has been obsessed with Sikhism, Islam and the rest of Third World Canada.Why the exclusive behaviour in this regard? Isn’t this certain to create resentment in terms of inter-community harmony? Why then would Justin take this approach?

CAP will respond: Because the Liberal-Globalist agenda PM Trudeau advances is anti-Anglophone.  It is, in fact, an inaccuracy to say Trudeau has not referenced “Old Stock” Canada. He has–when slamming our people for being racists, Islamophobes, bigots and xenophobes.

CAP Theory: When a community is being oppressed by a government, those oppressed are never mentioned by name. Think of the old adage “out of sight, out of mind.” Then consider what modern history has to tell us about this social dynamic.

Is it not the case that within oppressive societies, those most oppressed are never mentioned by name. Their fate remains buried from the consciousness of society. Over time, they are pushed to the periphery of said society. This is exactly what CAP see as the fate for Anglophone Canadians within Trudeau “post-modern” socialist state.

The globalist brigade want English Canada to go by the way of the dinosaur--therefore they never speak of this archaic “beast.” Anyone recall historical examples where the demonized were also those never discussed in public? CAP can think of several examples.

Indeed, these are ominous signs of significant social impact. CBC and the rest of the Canadian media ignore the whole affair. Yet, the circumstances are more than apparent: Old Stock Canada has been trans-sitioned to a silent, powerless community.

Because both media and government are working together to trans-form Canada into Third World/Islamic-dominated nation. Therefore, they remain “silent as the lambs” as our people walk a path toward their community decimation.

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Holy Cow–are our people ever getting screwed over here. If we don’t get off of our political butts, our communities will be finished in the long term. King Justin has nothing good to say about our people.

Immigration policy is presently  trans-forming our people into  bona-fide “minority” communities. Third World birth-rates are dwarfing that of Old School Canadians.

We all know from the multicult moaners how awful it is to be a minority in Canada. Therefore, it can easily be interpreted as bad news– yet media breath not a word about the affair.

Sound like “white privilege” to you? How about that old stand-by, “white supremacy?” How can any common sense Canadian(non-snowflake) not see the insanity of this social and political dynamic?

Most cannot– King Justin’s media are covering off this element of the assault upon our people. In academic terms, this “silent people”situation is a hallmark of Marxist political theory. Wanna know what else falls into this category?

An erasure of history–which is exactly what the Trudeau government and their backers are working on at present. Bury the name of the people, and then destroy the history of the people. Marxism 101.

Example: Within post-modern Canada, multiple “Islamic Heritage Month” have been established by both federal and provincialgovernments. As it happens, at this very moment the globalists are celebrating “Islamic Awareness Week” from coast to coast in Canada.

The only thing is–Canada has no Islamic heritage. The Nation of Islam contributed a grand total of nothing to the founding of Canada, as well as the entrenchment of institutions which set-up the fundamental structure of society.

Yet, Islamic Heritage Months are locked-in tight within society. Is this not a revision of Canadian history? Damn straight it is– this is institutionalized Islam within our nation. On the flip-side, we haveinstitutionalized SILENCE regarding all-things-Anglophone in Canada.

What an ominous situation this is. It is obvious as heck that a pre-meditated agenda exists regarding the rise of Islam, Sikh and Third World power consolidation in Canada.

On the other hand, complete silence regarding Anglophone and Christian Canada. Media play their part with aplomb, and in time our people transition to exactly where Justin Trudeau and his Globalist Assassins want them–at the bottom of the Canadian political barrel– if we exist at all by the year 2099.

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  1. Was refused English in a English trial in Moncton NB .The first Science trial of it’s kind in Canada, Refused by Justin’s personal friend .Judge Jolen Richard my MP’s wife (Dominic LeBlanc ) Still being refused access to my file of complaints .The multiple perjury’s by senior government is still being covered up
    David Jones


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