Why Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Government Is Tomorrow’s LIBERAL DICTATORSHIP

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What do Justin Trudeau, the Liberal Party and liberal-globalist establishment media partners such as the Canadian Broadcasting System(CBC) have in common?

Together, all three of them are hiding the greatest trans-formation in Canadian history. In some ways, this can be distilled down to three fundamental points:

They are, in chronological order: China, Middle East, Africa. Who got the ball rolling on Canada’s pre-meditated—and silent— transition from a western democracy to a globalized socialist dictatorship?

Former Liberal PM, Pierre Trudeau. CAP will inform our readers of what CBC will never inform their readers:

Pierre Trudeau is the founder of international multiculturalism. This ideology—forced upon an unsuspecting nation as far back as the year 1971, opened the doors for the first wave of globalization to dilute Canadian identity.

The untold story of the Trudeau family, Liberalism and the communist behemoth nation of China remains buried to this day. CAP has elucidated on this hundreds of times, so anecdotal details are hereby omitted.

For CAP, what we refer to as “Laurentian Mountain Elitism” comprises the “heart and soul” of China’s covert reach within Canadian society. 

Indeed, the behemoth nation has served as the prototype for the coming eradication of Canada’s political identity as it has been known since our country was founded in 1867.

Now, let us fast-forward out of the Pierre Trudeau era, and into Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” nation. True or false? When first assigned the office of prime minister in 2015, Trudeau Jr. came out of the gate like “a man possessed.”

Instantly, the Nation of Islam was the “belle of the ball.” MP Ahmed Hussen, Somalian citizen—Immigration Minister of Canada. See Trudeau on a nation-wide tour of Canadian mosques, donning their religious garb and reciting the “Shahada” prayer sitting on the floor of an Ottawa mosque.

MP Iqra Khalid’s M103 “Islamophobia” motion. Tens of millions of dollars thrown at “multicultural” organizations, while Christian churches, non-profits and bible camps were defunded because they disagree with mass abortion on demand.

As many will be aware, municipal governments in Ottawa, Calgary, Halifax and various other cities made a decision to blast foreign language Islamic prayers in the town square to honour Islam, and its Ramadan celebration.

All of this is now a “done deal.” King Justin has accomplished the goal set out for him by the United Nations—his true “bossmen”—as opposed to the incidental 37.8 Million Canadian citizens.

What came next? That which CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star are not telling you Africa.

In the midst of China’s killer pandemic, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke with the President of Ghana to continue strengthening the relationship between Canada and Ghana, and to discuss the latest developments in the COVID-19 pandemic.

They discussed how close collaboration between both countries had helped Ghana scale up testing for COVID-19.”

Wonderbar. See our “worldy” PM work on behalf of an African nation far removed from the Covid-19 based needs of the people of Canada.

“We call on governments around the world to ensure full and unimpeded access to all sexual and reproductive health services for all women and girls(in Africa)” says a statement released May 6,2020 by Global Affairs Canada.

This means abortion. While CBC may inform Canadians of these facts, they omit one critical element—abortion is ILLEGAL in many of these countries.

Why would this be omitted? Simple as pie—CBC work for the Liberal-Globalist political regime of Justin Trudeau, Liberal GTA MP Ahmed Hussen, and Liberal Foreign Affairs Minister, Francois Philippe-Champagne.

What is their mandate within the Liberal Government’s “No Core Identity” Canada?

Not complicated at all— the job is to work to facilitate the end of 153 years of Canadian identity, and trans-ition this to Trudeau’s post-modern identity.

While we may not know exactly what this entails—CAP has a pretty good idea of what the new Canada will NOT include:

Democracy, for one thing. English Canada? Freedom of speech. Christianity? Adherence to the rule of law. Denial of the will of the people. 

Abortion, Euthanasia, and myriad other elements which over time will usher in the deepest dream of the globalists, the Trudeau family, the powerhouse Liberal-3rd World GTA, MP Ahmed Hussen, and thousands of so-called multicultural(read MONO-cultural) non-profit organizations.

GTA power player Liberal MP Omar Alghabra will jump for joy. Like wise for M103 founder, Liberal MP Iqra Khalid.

Who will not be thrilled out of their gourds? Anglophone and Christian-Canadians. That is, if there are still walking the streets of our cities.

Africa is the next frontier for this inevitable conclusion. Why inevitable? Because Globe & Mail, National Post, the vile Chronicle Herald of Halifax, N.S. and Montreal Gazette are HIDING the entire process from Canada’s “Old Stock” communities.

PM Justin Trudeau has pledged $7.1 billion by 2030 to fund and promote abortion as part of its international aid(Africa).

 “The Liberals position  global abortion access and “sexual reproductive rights” as “at the core” of its foreign policy.”

Any patriots out there recall voting for this? Of course not. These decisions have nothing to do with Canada, offer no benefit to Canadians, and do not improve any aspect of our economy.

Liberal-Globalist Priorities:  Justin Trudeau Promises To LOWER MINIMUM AGE For Anal Sex

This, of course, is Justin Trudeau. The man is maniac of “benevolence”—that is when it comes to confiscating billions of tax dollars to ship to Africa for illegal abortion practices.

What is the number four nation in terms of present-day immigration intake in Canada? This would be another nation anti-Anglo MP Ahmed Hussen adores—Nigeria.

Ever read this in the Globe & Mail? Nope. How come the Liberals hide all of this away from Canadians?

So many questions never addressed by National Post, Toronto Sun and the rest.  Therefore, CAP will answer: because English Canada does not want this in any shape or form.

Democracy in action? Don’t make CAP cough into our Tim Horton coffee cups. Canada in 2020 is a pseudo-dictatorship—and much, much more of this is coming our way.

In time, all of this will result in the “end game” of the Liberal-Globalists and their myriad “multicult” partners within society.

Our days are numbered as a democratic nation. China, Middle East, Iran, Africa, Nigeria are being utilized to fulfill this transformation.

CBC say nothing. CTV broadcast nothing. The entire historical continuum began with Liberal Pierre Trudeau and his “globalist- socialist” multicultural agenda.

If humanly possible, son Justin Trudeau will drill the final nail in the coffin of the dying “Great White North.”


5 thoughts on “Why Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Government Is Tomorrow’s LIBERAL DICTATORSHIP”

  1. Canada was never a democracy; it has always been a corporatocracy. CBC, CTV, etc are all subsidiaries of the for-profit corporation Government of Canada, listed on the SEC.

    The more the falsehoods are referred to as though truth, the harder it will be for people to move on to a government of the people in each sovereign province… a Constitutional Republic.

    • To my way of thinking islam uses the call to paryer [loud and obnoxious] to get people to move and in doing so takeover cities, This is what happened tin Hamtramic MI. Thecaliphate is alive ane well in Canada!!

  2. This is a truly dark time for everything we hold dear to our hearts.

    For the leftist forces, it’s a time of absolute utter giddiness.


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