The Reason Justin Trudeau’s Deficits Will Transition Canada Into A SOCIALIST STATE

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As CAP has expressed on a number of occasions, Canadian establishment media have a most curious approach to news reporting–particularly in the area of projection into the future.

Anyone else notice this recurring pattern? No matter what the state of affairs in terms of immigration–as well as its political partner “multiculturalism,” CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest never opine on future-oriented issues such as our changing demography. One perfect example– the fact that in time Anglophone Canadians will trans-sition to a minority community within society.

Here’s another major issue sadly neglected– Canada’s financial destiny by way of PM Justin Trudeau and Liberal Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s massive deficit accumulation.

CAP can understand why establishment media eschew this issue–the situation ominous as heck:

It has been known for years that the aging of the population and rising health-care expenditures would push “entitlement spending” to unsustainable levels when the baby boom generation retired.

Instead of running surpluses or small deficits to prepare for the coming wave of entitlement spending, the government[USA) borrowed massively to stimulate the economy.

This is economics, therefore the principle transcends specific capitalist and democratic nations. Meaning this applies to Canada as well.

In terms of Canada specifically, let’s take a brief look back in time:

Former Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin supported the Trudeau government’s proclivity for deficits, being a good Liberal and this an election year(1993).. He is also aware of the danger presented by endless deficits and mounting debt.

Successive governments piled up red ink over the previous 25 years, beginning with ex-Liberal Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau. In other words, a Trudeau PM was the original catalyst for the “Great Government Deficit Show”— insert lack of surprise here.

But what happens if the economy goes south because of a recession during a time of unprecedented deficit accumulation? Here’s where things begin to get nasty.

Here are some numbers to consider. Canada’s net debt as of 2017-18 was $758.8 billion with a $26 BILLION interest charge. A finance department report shows federal deficits until 2040-41.

A 2014 version of a financial report under the Stephen Harper government projected decades of consecutive surpluses. The Trudeau government wasn’t elected in 2015 on a platform that included deficits and debt as far as the eye can see.  This is short-term gain for long-term pain that saddles future generations with the risk and the fallout.

Large sustained federal deficits cause decreased investment and higher interest rates. With the government borrowing more, a higher percentage of the savings available for investment would go towards government securities. This, in turn, would decrease the amount invested in private ventures such as factories and computers(socialist government control), making the workforce less productive. As the CBO notes, this would have a negative effect on wages.

So why would Justin Trudeau want this scenario for the people of Canada? Perhaps this will enlighten:

If the federal debt increased further, the government would find it more difficult to undertake similar policies [another stimulus] under similar conditions in the future. As a result, future recessions and financial crises could have larger negative effects on the economy, and on people’s well-being. Moreover, the reduced financial flexibility and increased dependence on foreign investors that accompany high and rising debt could weaken the economy in no uncertain terms.

That increase in interest rates would reduce the market value of outstanding government bonds, causing losses for investors and perhaps precipitating a broader financial crisis by creating losses for mutual funds, pension funds, insurance companies, banks, and other holders of government debt – losses that might be large enough to cause some financial institutions to fail.

Though there is no sound mechanism for determining if and when a fiscal crisis will occur, according to the CBO, “All else being equal…the larger a government’s debt, the greater the risk of a fiscal crisis.”

CAP Salient Question Of The Day: Why is PM Trudeau knowingly walking Canada down the path described in this economic assessment?

One thing is certain– the economical fall out from giant deficit accumulation is a future-oriented dynamic. As CAP stated, CBC and the rest do not go here– and we can guess why.

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This is future-oriented trouble, and despite media obfuscation, Justin Trudeau’s globalist string-pullers are all about the future of Canada. Please do tell, fellow patriots–and even the liberal snowflakes who may stumble upon this writing– does this scenario not fit in with a potential downfall of traditional Canada?

Sure it does–and in CAP’s mind–this is 100% intentional. Justin Trudeau is setting up Canada for a total trans-formation as a nation:

Immigration: From Anglophone majority to minority community.

Religion: From Christian dominance to Islamic dominance

Race/Ethnicity: Accumulation of Sikh/Third World power, diminishment for “Old Stock” Canada.

Freedom of Speech: Socialist “Orwellian” crackdown in media/social media.

Government: From democracy to “pseudo-dictatorship.”

As far as the government piece goes, how does a scheming Liberal-Globalist movement accomplish this monumental task? How does sketchy back-room schemer Gerald Butts set up Canada for this transition?

Simple in theory– bankrupt our nation. But not right now. Not at this moment. Rather, at the right time to make the scheme a success– at some point in the future.

What does the recession scenario suggest to informed, sensible(non-snowflake) Canadians? Why, it suggests that an economic crash could be timed to occur at a pre-conceived moment in the future.

Bingo– there’s the ticket, fellow patriots. Now, thinking this through further–what is really going on here? CAP will tell: A pre-conceived financial crash would usher in economic and social chaos within Canada.

Therefore, something dramatic will be required to deal with this “earth-shattering” event. What to do? Simple– cancel democracy.

Canada MUST HAVE a one-party political solution in order to successfully bring our country out of recession. By way of orchestrated media propaganda(already in place), the Canadian people AGREE.

There you have it, brothers and sister patriots. This is how Justin Trudeau–regardless of whether or not he understands what is going on– will transition your nation–the fading, former “Great White North”— from democracy to dictatorship.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau.


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