Why Justin Trudeau Was An IDEAL CHOICE For A Betrayal Of Canadian Society

Yet another element of the Liberal-Globalist assault upon Canada as perpetrated by  PM Justin Trudeau’s political “masters”–  the United Nations.

Once again, CAP theory remains antithetical to mainstream media output. For us, Justin Trudeau was not elected–he was “placed” into office by shadowy globalist figures intent upon hi-jacking Canada away from its rightful owners–the People.

Democratic theory states that within this political structure, the public play a vital part in the decision-making of government. To apply this to the iron-clad, communist-infused leadership of Justin Trudeau is one pathetic farce.

The key to this sordid tale is found in the childhood and upbringing of Mr. Trudeau. His father, three-time PM Pierre Trudeau, hated the founding of our nation. The bug up his skirt was “colonialism”— the usurping of the land by European colonialists.

No one is denying the subsequent oppression  toward First Nations Canada–this not something CAP will deny. What we will deny is the following:

Present-day Canadians of European Origin do not deserve to have their country STOLEN from them in return for the “sins of our fathers.”

Add to add extra vitriol to the situation, CAP also believe that several Liberal MP’s in Canada were also “fast-tracked” into government. They all reside in the 3rd World political stronghold of the Greater Toronto Area(GTA) region–and all of them are “half-citizens.” The other halves reside in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Somalia.

Another aspect of why Mr. Trudeau is a perfect cultural assassin is found in the character  of mother Margaret Trudeau--a self-professed bi-polar person with a vehement streak of “mania” so often found among manic depressives.

CAP believe Justin Trudeau’s cognition contains a similar form of mania. In other words, what Justin dives into, he does with total abandon. A quintessential example– his “tweet to the world” informing illegal refugees to rush the Canadian border by the tens of thousands.

As far as CAP can tell, this tweet was a spontaneous expression lacking a properly thought-out plan. At this time, King Justin was in his glory as “saviour for the disgruntled” of planet earth. His message caused massive consternation throughout Canadian society.

Degree of criticism from CBC? Nothing at all. Even this single example speaks volumes about the character of this Trudeau person. If he was not “insulated” by Canadian media, he would have been finished long ago.

Establishment media in Canada went along for the ride. Therefore, from CAP’s perspective, Canadian media are simply additional puppets in a globalist play.

All the elements come together in purposeful fashion. Justin Trudeau wasn’t elected so much as he was SELECTED. This is one of the great cover-ups in the political history of Canada. In fact, it is more than likely  the single greatest DECEPTION of all-time.

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Is Canada saddled long term with a PM who holds serious hatred in his heart for English Canada, and its Anglophone citizens? CAP believe this to be the stone-cold truth.

Talk about a “post-modern” Canadian social phenomenon. When Prime Ministers, Cabinet Members and power-playing half-citizen MP’s rule. This is what the 23rd PM in history has instilled within the dying Great White North.

What CBC and the rest reveal to the public is half-truths, spins, obfuscation and deception. Don’t believe the hype, fellow Canadian patriots.

— BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder(est. 2016)











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