Why Justin Trudeau Was The Perfect Choice For A Betrayal Of Canadian Society

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Once again, CAP theory remains antithetical to mainstream media output. For us, Justin Trudeau was not so much elected as he was “placed” into office.  

Democratic theory advances the concept that the will of the public is a vital component in the decision-making of a ruling government. To apply this to the iron-clad leadership style of Justin Trudeau reveals a sad state-of-affairs.

To say that Justin Trudeau came by this “honestly” is a fair comment.  His father, three-time Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, had a certain “”complex regarding  founding of Canada. The problem was “colonialism”— the usurping of First Nations land by European colonialists.

No one is denying oppression toward First Nations Canada in this situation -it is not something CAP will deny. What we will deny is the following:

The idea that present-day Canadians of European Origin  deserve to have their country taken away from  in return for the “sins of our fathers.”

During  Justin Trudeau’s first term as PM, he presented a series of apologies to so-called minority and special interest communities. Frankly, his choice of wording was awful–and intentionally so. Phrases such as “we failed them” were uttered when referencing historical oppression toward 3rd world minorities.

Talk about “sweeping statements.” Pray-tell, Mr. Trudeau what does this actually mean? Who are “we”– the government in the year 1910 at the time of a Chinese Head Tax on migrants?

Are you speaking of all Canadians at the time of the rejection of the St. Louis boatload of refugees from Europe? Or is this in reference to living, contemporary citizens who has nothing to do with these historical events.

Within this dynamic is found a critical element of the Liberal-Trudeau agenda. No wonder CBC never addressed it. This nebulous commentary all but branded “Old Stock” Canadian society is intrinsically racist, bigoted and xenophobic. Globe & Mail breathe not a word about the fact.

Another point in PM Trudeau’s character assasination of society may be found in a character trait of his own. Here we speak of a streak of mental mania inherited from mother Margaret Trudeau--a self-professed sufferer of bi-polar illness.

CAP believe Justin Trudeau’s cognition contains a similar form of mania. In other words, what Justin dives into, he does with complete abandon. A quintessential example is found in his “tweet to the world” informing illegal refugees to rush the Canadian border by the tens of thousands.

As far as CAP can tell, this tweet was a spontaneous decision lacking contemplation as to the outcome. At this time, Trudeau was at his apotheosis in terms of a “saviour for the disgruntled” political phase. The result? Massive consternation throughout Canadian society.

Degree of criticism from CBC? Nothing at all. Even a single example such as this peaks volumes about the character of this Trudeau person. If he was not “insulated” by Canadian media, he would have been finished long ago.

Establishment media in Canada went along for the ride. Therefore, it is arguable that Canadian media are are playing a puppet-like role regarding the counter-productive decision making that has existed since the day Justin Trudeau assumed the “crown” of Canada.

Is Canada saddled long term with a PM who in truth maintains a deep malevolence for specific aspects of society? Is the subject of colonialism– in addition to English Canada as a whole- fuelling a personal vendetta against an identifiable segment of our nation? Could this be a motive for the PM’s bias and preference for Canadians of the 3rd World variety?

Talk about a truly “post-modern” social phenomenon. Has Canada not only been saddled with a prime minister who may never be voted out of office, but also one who, simply put, does not like the nation he was appointed to lead?

— BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder(est. 2016)











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