Why Justin Trudeau STANDS BACK While Canada Descends Into Social Chaos

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As readers will be aware of, Cultural Action Party of Canada has very specific ideas on the purpose behind Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s political decision-making.

In this regard, here is a brief synopsis of Trudeau’s globalist agenda of national decimation:

Stage 1: Flood Canada with enough Third World migrants to ensure the Liberals never lose a future federal election.

Stage 2: Empower the Nation of Islam within our  government and general Canadian society.

Stage 3: Create internal, domestic social conflict to break down national and community cohesion.

Stage 4: Transition Canada into a One Party State; transforming our nation from democracy to a dictatorship.

At present, Canada is at Stage 3-– pre-meditated internal chaos. This has arrived by way of what CAP refer to as the “Trudeau Two-Face.” Play both sides off against each other, and witness the resulting social decay.

For this purpose, the current pipeline controversy within our country is the vehicle to make this occur. Justin Trudeau’s response? “He won’t interfere with the protests.” 

Wanna know why? Because our PM in no manner wants the pipelines–that’s why. It is very much a matter of playing with the public, toying with our minds, and arriving at a place whereby these behaviours accelerate the globalist plan of national destruction.

Indeed, the entire situation is infused with absurdities. According to our illustrious prime minister, he “will not interfere with police matters.”

How perfectly insane! Did Trudeau not interfere with SNC Lavalin, Jody Wilson-Raybould, Admiral Mark Norman, Bombardier, and countless other examples of government intervention into criminal and legal matters?

But even more absurd is CBC and mainstream media’s presentation of these incredible ironies and hypocrisies. Do tell, fellow patriots–where is the outrage? Consider the degree of establishment media outrage at Trudeau’s smiling, pandering greeting to the foreign minister of Iran. An absolute disgrace–yet CBC portray the event as little more than a walk-in-the-park.

What an absolute disgrace. Yet, this is your Canada, fellow patriots– the real authentic post-modern nation which Justin Trudeau created without the buy-in of a single Canadian citizen.

Never in Canadian political history has a PM commented on a nation-wide social controversy in such a hollow, vacuous and insipid manner. Truly, the critical content of Trudeau’s wording could fit on the head of a pin.

Why so? Because Justin wants the protests. How so? Because this social development is part of a larger agenda. Examples of his vacuous nothingness:

“I understand how worrisome this is for so many Canadians and difficult for many people and families across the country,” Trudeau said on the steps of the building housing the Prime Minister’s Office.

“We’re going to continue to focus on resolving the situation quickly and peacefully, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

Canada is not a country “where politicians get to tell the police what to do in operational matters.” said Trudeau.

“You need to know we have failed our Indigenous peoples over generations, over centuries. And there is no quick fix to it.” 

See Justin use the pipeline protests to brand Anglophone Canadians as racists. See Justin issue weak, tepid response to the most extreme mass protests in modern history. You know why? Because he wants the chaos–and so do his string-pullers at the United Nations.

HIDDEN BY CBC: 4000 Christians MURDERED In Burkina Faso, Trudeau Provides Their Govt With $63 Million Per Year

Pourquoi? Because Canada is a “marked nation”–as in, marked for transformation to a pseudo-totalitarian society. Based upon our PM’s decision-making to date, this new Canada will be devoid of freedom of democracy. It will be devoid of freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

Canada will be(it already is–CAP tend to be conservative)  what anti-globalists call a “soft dictatorship”— to be followed in time by an authentic dictatorship.

Canada is right before our eyes undergoing this nefarious process. Christianity will be a fringe, powerless force within society. Yet, one entity that will in no manner remain dormant in Canada is the Liberal government’s chosen Nation of Islam.

All the while, fundamentalist religion will be consolidating power in preparation for King Justin’s ushering in of his “No Core Identity” post-nation state.

Why mince words in this regard(a lawsuit perhaps)? Name one identifiable community in Canadian history which has so quickly consolidated political power. The only community that even comes close is Canada’s LGBT society–another “fringe element” that Trudeau is fully dedicated toward.

It’s all so very strange– a Canadian government who throws billions of dollars at Christian-hating Middle Eastern and African governments. A Somalian refugee for an immigration minister. Trudeau’s pandering to the Aga Khan. Citizenship reinstatement for ISIS terrorists.

A hundred million dollars handed to a variety of “multicultural” organizations which critics claim are connected to militant Islamic groups in the Middle East. A Minister of Status of Women who supports Sharia Law. M103 “Islamophobia” motion which indemnifies only one community– Islam.

All this, and so much more–and media treat the entire charade as if it is as “right as rain.”

Canada–you are in massive trouble.  More specifically, Anglophone Canada is in trouble. Fact is, our people have a prime minister who hates English Canada, and a media who support every ideological concept related this grim reality.



5 thoughts on “Why Justin Trudeau STANDS BACK While Canada Descends Into Social Chaos”

  1. Relax, Stephen Harper is working on his long game as I type. And he’s going to be putting his real candidate into the race the instant the conditions are worth it.

  2. Good bye Canada. We are RULED by a spoiled, golden spooned wannabe dictator and all you Canadians that voted for him will suffer along with the rest of us who didn’t. Open your eyes, we need a non confidence vote NOW.

  3. Thank you for the information. All that I have been reading and Canadians hardly blink an eye. I am almost at the brink of tears as I see it happening and the country will cry when it is to late!


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