Why Justin Trudeau Spent Four Years ATTACKING Anglophone Canadians

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Former Canadian Prime Minister MacKenzie King was a strange one. Convinced he could communicate with his dead mother, one of Canada’s most famous prime ministers used a ouija board for bring forth the spirit of dear old mom– saint that she was.

While King was into some odd behaviour, he cannot hold a candle to current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. No one can–including his socialist-leaning father Pierre, a three-term prime minister of Canada. Although father and son share malevolence for our nation’s history, even Pierre doesn’t come close to the wrath of Justin.

Justin Trudeau has spent his entire term in office running down Canadian identity, heritage and history. Apologies to Chinese and Sikhs for century-old historical events. Apologies to LGBT communities for oppression in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Branding Canadians who question immigration and refugee policy in 2019 as racists.

Obviously, Justin has a major problem with the nation he was elected to lead. What is the root of this problem? It begins with being the son of Pierre Trudeau, a lofty intellectual who was infatuated with socialism and other non-democratic systems of government. The man had a giant chip on his shoulder regarding the colonial element of early Canadian history. Both Justin and commie-brother Alexandre inherited this character trait.

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It is one thing to dislike how Canada came into existence. It is quite another to tear down the descendants of those who founded our nation. The problem is that Justin Trudeau takes punitive measures  against a single identifiable community– Anglophone Canadians.

Beyond this, the number one source of Canadian self-loathing is found in the Canadian academic system–our universities in particular. What has never been revealed– due to media presentation– is that since the time Pierre Trudeau became PM our institutions of higher learning have morphed into Anglophone and Christian-hating places of learning. Entire social sciences departments are dedicated to degrading English Canada, and its peoples.

The campaign is perpetuated by Canadian establishment media. Ironically, nearly all of our mainstream media publications are managed by Canadian-born Anglo/Franco citizens. Editors and journalists. Andrew Coyne. Chantal Hebert. John Ivison.  The reason these people have joined in on the action is mainly due to the Liberal-Globalist indoctrination they received at Canadian universities.

Therefore, they are fully on board with the Anglo-bashing currently plaguing our country. Or at the very least, they never stand up to accusations that white Canadians are a gang of racists and bigots. Nor do they ever write about multiculturalism from the Old Stock Canadian perspective. Strange, as most of them are Old Stock themselves.

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It is the combination of three fundamental institutions which have created a social environment of self-hatred within our borders: Government, Media and Academia.

Consider this idea–one which has never become a part of media presentation. Other nations do not share this form of self-abuse. Certainly not Third World nations such as China, India, Pakistan, Iran or Philippines— five of the main sources for immigration to Canada. Their governments would never be so foolish as to assault the heritage of their own nation. But Canada is foolish enough to do so, and the primary fool in this dynamic is our current prime minister, Justin Trudeau.

Does China attack its own history? Iran or Pakistan? Of course not. One reason they don’t is they would more than likely be shot dead for doing so. Meanwhile, mild and meek Canadians sit back and take it when Justin Trudeau brands us racist just for asking questions about illegal refugee budgets.

Canada is a nation which  has been systematically seduced into self- deprecation. This is not a natural development. This is not organic in nature. It is manufactured–and for a very specific purpose.

Canada is being stolen from its own peoples. Mass Third World immigration and the entrenchment of Islam into society are two of the major components. Those who push-back are defeated by way of cries of racism, bigotry and xenophobia. The prime minister of Canada, rather than defending our way of life and our values, is the voluntary leader of the destruction.

What a scam. The true victims in all of this are not Sikhs, Muslims, Hijab-wearers or the .00001% of the nation who are transgendered. The true victims are Canadians of European Heritage, destined for future minority status at the hand of  Justin Trudeau and Somalian refugee immigration minister, Ahmed Hussen.

Self-hatred is a tool in the weaponry of Trudeau and his motley gang of Liberal-Globalist destroyers. Together with media, academia and international forces such the United Nations, a long-term program of destruction is steadily chipping away at the bedrock of Canadian society.

The first step to stop the decimation is for Justin Trudeau to be removed from office, never to return to the political arena again. May the time pass quickly until this political malignancy becomes nothing more than a footnote of Canadian history.




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