Why Justin Trudeau Retains “Open Border Canada”– Despite A GLOBAL PANDEMIC

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The term “automaton” is described as a “moving mechanical device made in imitation of a human being.”

While Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appears to retain an element of humanity, his political decision making–or lack of— reveals a style of governance which is automatic in nature.

The specific issue relates to PM Trudeau’s maintenance of an Open Border Society–despite all that goes on in the world around him. Come rain, sleet, hail, or world-wide lethal pandemics, Mr. Trudeau never deviates from his assigned role as a cultural assassin.

So what is this assigned role? For CAP–as we have alluded to ad nauseum– Justin Trudeau is here to transform Canada into a socialist dictatorship in the style of what his father Pierre most admired in this world–communism, China and Cuba.

Therefore despite the Coronavirus nightmare,  not one damn thing changes. Think about it– post Corona-land, not a single media article has emerged suggesting it may be prudent to cut back–or temporarily stop-– new immigrants moving to Canada.

Not CBC. Not Toronto Star. Not one of the media outlet puppets of King Trudeau would even dare to allude to this concept. Why not?

After all, it makes perfect sense. Therefore, sensible Canadians will understand that Trudeau will never do it. The reason in not complex– Trudeau is tasked with a pre-conceived globalist agenda of societal decimation, and nothing on earth will prevent the destruction of   freedom and democracy by way of Mr. Trudeau.

Immigration quotas? Way, way up. Refugee quotas? The highest levels in history. Did you know–it was March 12th, 2020, that the federal government informed us of the following:

According to the federal government-endorsed Canadian Immigration Newsletter, our nation will welcome more than one million new permanent residents in the next three years.

This was unveiled March 12th, 2020,  in the federal government’s 2020-2022 Immigration Levels Plan. Canada continues its approach to gradually increase immigration levels.

Read ’em and “weep”– against the backdrop of  the most extreme international epidemic in modern history, Justin Trudeau has revealed his decision to substantially increase migration quotas from Canada’s top source nations.

Who are they?

Number 1 on the charts is India. Second is China. #3 is Philippines. Syria, Pakistan, Nigeria and Iran round out the top ten.

Trudeau’s decision at the time of China’s dissemination of post-modern germ warfare? INCREASE migration from all these nations–as well as more minor players such as Somalia, Senegal, and a dozen other African nations.

As informed Canadians are aware, Iran is arguably the number one nation affected by Covid-19 outside of China. Wanna know a theory on why Italy--a country most would consider an outlier in the spread of Coronavirus- has so many cases?

Rumour has it that the true reason is because China now manufactures the clothing for the top high fashion Italian clothing manufacturers. This is how the virus gained root in Italy--so the theory goes.

Hidden By Media: Amid Covid-19 Pandemic, Justin Trudeau Boosts Migration To HIGHEST LEVELS IN HISTORY

What is Trudeau reaction to the Iranian outbreak? It has been written that 25 MP’s in Iran are now infected with the Covid. In response, PM Trudeau increases migration from Iran to the highest levels in Canadian history.

Which all begs the oft-asked question by CAP: Who does Justin Trudeau actually work for?

A giant question never once addressed by establishment media. In reading through the thousands of articles CAP has published on this curiousity of a national leader, one would conclude they are the following:

United Nations, for certain. George Soros’ “Open Border Foundation.” Sound eerily familiar? It should– because Trudeau works this agenda to the max. Obviously, if the pandemic from China does not motivate the Liberals to reduce immigration, nothing ever will.

Written-in-stone, immutable, unstoppable. This the globalist agenda of national decimation, and it is the personal agenda of the prime minister of Canada.

Oh, Canada–you are a “marked nation.” As it transpired, you are not a country in a proper sense, but rather a giant social experiment. By way of government and media, the people of Canada are being socially engineered to accept our transition to a socialist dictatorship.

The methodology is pure socialist ideology. It is a replication of China’s social climate– sculpting and shaping the Canadian demography like Chairman Mao Tse Tung did in his time.

This is your PM–not to mention his Somalian demographic engineer, half-citizen MP Ahmed Hussen. Did you know? While Old Stock Canada slept, this Hussen character flew to Africa 24 times to set up economic, cultural and migration ties to Nigeria, Somalia, and dozens of other West African nations.

CBC say nothing. Globe & Mail publish nothing. It’s all part of the seduction of 37.7 Million Canadians as Trudeau, Hussen & Co. transform Canada from a liberal democracy to a socialist nation-state.

How many socialist dictatorships have a quality relationship with their Christian communities. Zero— it simply is not in the cards. Consider this when thinking about the greatest haters of Canada in history:

Pierre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau, Gerald Butts, MP Ahmed Hussen, MP Iqra Khalid, MP Omar Alghabra. If this is the natural state of our “post-modern” nation then Canadian patriots will step off right here.




9 thoughts on “Why Justin Trudeau Retains “Open Border Canada”– Despite A GLOBAL PANDEMIC”

  1. Interesting how Trudeau is bsing the rest of the world, here in Australia we had a report that Canada has it under control, yeah right, I just learned that there are 2 cases in Moncton and one on PEI. Many seniors complexes are on shutdown except for emergencies.

  2. It is very clear that Canada will wait until very serious situation occurs like Italy to close the border and do lock-down of cities. Canadian Liberal government always put ideology first. People’s safety and national security for them is second! It is very hard to imagine what will happen in Canada if the situation in China happens in Canada! I am very worried about Canada! Wake up!

  3. It won’t belong , Trudeau was handed a United States indictment at 430 am, Trudeau is faking that he and his whore of a wife do not have the virus, indictment states Trudeau was funding terrorist country’s, terrorist organizations and ISIS,, Trudeau’s little wall is falling on him fast and once the news reports the indictment s
    Non confident vote will take place,and we will toss his transgender ass in jail very soon
    Thank you Mr Trump

    • I’ve heard this before…but how do we know it’s true….I certainly don’t believe this quarantine thing he’s under…he can’t hide forever if true.

  4. Well as long as the majority of zombified canadians keeps voting for this total cretin, there is nothing to be done. Sorry!

  5. Interesting and scary read ! Will close border to US but China flights keep arriving in Vancouver. Wife is positive with Coronavirus, but not a big concern to the PM. One child supposedly was with Sophie in the UK and yet is not isolated ?? No pictures of Sophie with JT showing off his beautiful beard .All pics are clean faced, therefor file pics. Where is the transparency he promised. What is being hidden ?
    Bottom line is too many questions surround this man !
    Just scary he is PM !

    • She loves the camera as well…why didn’t she show up even at the window to wave to her fans” apparently he said she feels not too bad….photos of the “lovely” couple all over the news pre-beard…not buying it.

  6. This clown will never be tossed as he has every 3 rd world vote he can get in here! Fast track to citizenship and start voting!


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