Why Justin Trudeau Re-Branded Canada A Racist Society

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Over the past half-century, far too little attention has been paid to a profound transformation in Canadian society. Obscured by mainstream media, Canada’s social trajectory remains poorly understood.

A certain type of citizen can recognize the transition. Canadian-born citizens retain an ability to see the so-called “progressive” patterns for what they are. New arrivals generally lack the perspective necessary to understand how non-immigrants feel about these topics. It’s one reason why PM Justin Trudeau prefers 3rd World citizens over our “Old Stock” communities.

Citizens old enough to recall the Expo 1967 celebration in Montreal get the picture. In retrospect, we see what a pivotal moment this was.

Two nation-changing events occurred at this time. Pierre Trudeau took over from Lester B. Pearson as Liberal prime minister. Secondly, criterion for immigration to Canada shifted to a “points-based” system. In 1971 came another critical change. With no buy-in from the people of Canada, Pierre Trudeau cancelled our bi-cultural English-French identity, and replaced it with Multiculturalism.

By the time Trudeau Sr. had integrated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms(1982) into our constitution, elements were in place for an axiomatic social transformation. Though media has never spelled it out, Canada became a “born again” nation.

Over the next three decades, society underwent an inversion. Those who dominated our institutions were branded with a black mark. Anglophones are racists, Christians are bigots. According to the woke liberal belief system, these folks are responsible for all hardships experienced by so-called “minority” communities. Specific manifestations resulted as the phenomenon became ingrained in our culture.

Throughout the following decades, Canada transitioned from the “1-2-3 Canadian we love thee” ethos of Expo 67 to a nation rooted in social prejudice. Upon the establishment of Justin Trudeau as prime minister in 2015, our nation had solidified into a self-hating country populated by racists and bigots.

No Canadian politician has pushed this dynamic more than Justin Trudeau. With the assistance of ideological partner Jagmeet Singh, leader of the New Democratic Party, Canada developed its post-modern identity as a country of xenophobes and homophobes. The fact that it’s a complete lie made no difference. With media paid off by the Trudeau government, national self-loathing became the order of the day.

A serious subtext developed as Trudeau delivered historical apologies to Sikhs, Chinese, Muslims, Jews, Indigenous and Homosexual communities. Ours was a nation founded upon hatred. The innocence of Canada was a lie; therefore retribution must occur.

Because establishment media eschewed these developments, they were freed from addressing the motivation for Canada’s “Woke Revolution.” Why is this process so important to government? What is the purpose of dredging up every piece of dirt on the shortcomings of Canada’s historical development?

In 2022, everybody’s doing it. Government, media, corporations, as well as our academic world. Add to this a plethora of taxpayer funded “multicultural” organizations. Inter-connectivity among all has led to the branding of Canada as a hateful, malevolent society.

For a purpose. How much more effective it is to seduce a citizenship who think poorly of themselves. Were Canadians purposefully corralled by government into this state of self-loathing? All the better to bring an end to phase one of Canadian identity–  in advance of ushering in a 3rd World-dominated, quasi-communist society. It’s the stuff of Pierre Trudeau dreams–as facilitated by so-called son Justin Trudeau.

Witness an undermining of pride in country, instilled to grease the wheels for pending social transformation. Patriotism is taboo. CBC re-branded nationalism as Nazism. All with pre-conceived purpose of re-defining Canadian society for all-time.

We look to leading proponents. These are not truckers or working class Canadians. Rather, they are the most powerful political figures in the land. Justin Trudeau for one, with NDP leader Jagmeet Singh nipping at his heels.

Do these men really care deeply about the plight of Indigenous communities? Does the self-centred,  “what’s in it for me” character of Justin Trudeau validate such a concept? Does Jagmeet Singh’s ethnocentricity and Anglophone-bashing suggest a degree of caring for those outside his community?

At its core is a pursuit of economic and cultural relativism. Take from wealthy nations and give to so-called developing nations. The blending of distinct cultural identities into a generic commodity. As fostered by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, Trudeau and Singh share this world-view. An establishment of a socialist world community controlled by a 1% capitalist billionaire class.

Thus it is that Canadian society is being transitioned to what 38 million Canadians have never asked for. Our innocence is lost. Our Liberal government has buried all forms of national benevolence.

For PM Trudeau, not only are those who built Canada racist–  so too are their descendants. According to woke liberal ideology, our communities must pay the price with a demotion in the power structure of Canadian society.

Thus it is that Old Stock Canada find themselves in the Liberal government’s doghouse. As immigration policy continues to diminish Anglophone populations, Justin Trudeau pushes the woke agenda like a Roman Chariot racer driving horses to a globalist finish line.

6 thoughts on “Why Justin Trudeau Re-Branded Canada A Racist Society”

  1. May the ghosts of all Canadian fur traders & explorers, pioneers & homesteaders, farmers, town and infrastructure developers plus road builders, gas & oil workers, miners, loggers, fishermen and the many others that built the vibrant society which is / was Canada, come back to haunt all those who “sold-out” or “sold Canada down the river”!

    Yes, Brad, it was the fighting men and women who gave their lives to maintain a life and country that they and theirs built whatever part their forebearers played. And, that is what “Old Stock” Canadians manifested in a country of those ideas and ideals.

    • it’s very sad, but the globalist seduction of Canada was set up decades ago. Justin is the point man for the final nail in the traditional Canadian coffin. Yes, he has that much hatred in his stoopid body.

  2. The accompanying photo shows the p.ansy m.an Turdeau with the former defense minister + the present mayor of Edmonton ( Look him up, he’s right in there with Jagmeet as he’s had involvement with the Sikh’s aspirations for a New Khalistan, and think about it, they all would like it to be here in Canada )!

    Where else – India does not want them… Why should we?
    Don’t know those other East Indians, but you gotta know, they ain’t looking to aspire to the ways and world of “Old Stock” Canadians!

  3. “Globalist seduction.” Extending the metaphor; 1968 was the year Trudeau the Seductor charmed virgin Canada into his unclean bed. Innocent Canada got dosed, and the syphilis went untreated. Moreover; the pathogen mutated, and that resulted in Mulroney, and Chretien.

    It was too late for penicillin, and the latter stages of the disease began manifesting; specifically brain damage. The unclean; alleged spawn of the Seductor traveled into the brain, and has torn apart what remains of the terminal patient.

    Signs and symptoms of late stage tertiary syphilis include: Severe loss of critical thinking skills. Voter paralysis. Numbness to abuse. Gradual blindness. Increasing authoritarianism. Insanity.

  4. With all due respect, Brad, ya gotta know, being one who is Canadian born versus being one who is granted citizenship to become Canadian are not one and the same!

    As you so vociferously enunciate, being an “Old Stock” Canadian, ain’t a thing close to being a new / not-so-new arrival in Canada ( I was about to say, THE GREAT WHITE NORTH, but you know, it’s just kinda not politically correct ) as our prime minister postulates. Turdeau considers us unworthy as compared to those newcomers who he’s painted as untainted, more or less to be sainted, that is juxtaposed with us of European heritage.

    So, those pictured in this article’s accompanying photo are just that, Canadians by writ of paperwork. Not even proudly so, and, certainly are they neither by virtue of allegiance to a new land, nor some filial bond to a people or that / their nation’s way considered to be.

    Yes, they could be born in Canada, yet it matters not, when the prevailing government cares not a whit for traditional Canada and “Old Stock” Canadians! And, this is what these people freely inculcate into their mindsets.

    I can tell you the power of the dipshit PM and the media in their incessant denigration of all things Canadian as follows:
    On our trip out to Quebec this summer by way of Canada Day in Ottawa, that the number of times a big rig tractor trailer veering close over the yellow dotted line was too many times too close for comfort as we drove through Ontario on single lanes each way highways. It wasn’t till west of Winnipeg on the Trans-Canada that when passing a big rig in the left lane that this particular truck cut us off such that quick braking saved our souls.
    Finally, the big rig got back in the right lane and as we passed we saw a grinning, you could call it a LOL moment for the driver, turbaned driver who could hardly contain his mirth.
    By the way, the many many times driving out east from Saskatchewan that we encountered turbaned truck drivers were in numbers such that we thought we were in the Punjab state of India.
    Oh, I forgot to mention we had a maple leaf emblazoned on the front license plate. Kinda like a bull’s eye target for those taught to see ‘red’ at the sight of our flag.
    Curious isn’t it how this racism thing and its incipience heralds only from “Old Stock” Canadians!


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