Why Justin Trudeau Is Hollowing Out Canada’s Mostly White Middle Class

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“If something doesn’t change soon, all that will be left is millionaires and the very poor.”

Thus spake Canadian journalist Sabrina Maddeaux in an ominous article published this week in the National Post:

‘Toronto, Vancouver Doomed As They Chase Away The Middle Class.’

To understand the dynamics at play, one must gain insight into the identity of the Middle Class in Canada. No surprise that while media speak of the subject, they come up short on definition.

The majority of Canada’s middle class are white. It’s a default position, one which  developed organically in a society where European-derived citizenship dominated our demographic landscape during our country’s first 100 years of existence.

Media refuse to allude to the condition. Such is a standard of post-modern Canadian society. CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star. All go long-in-the-tooth in regards to the plight of “racialized” Canadians. Hardships experienced by Muslim, Sikh, Chinese and other “new arrival” communities are front-and-centre within media narrative on social equality.

But never, ever does mainstream media focus on– or even verbally reference–  Anglophone-Canadian identity, and any form of related hardship affecting our communities.

Although a demographic majority(for the moment), Canadian press treat our light-skinned citizenship as if we don’t exist. Call CAP paranoid, but we believe there are powerful politicians would like nothing more than to see this  become a reality.

What better way to accomplish such a task than to destroy the Middle Class? Besides, PM Justin Trudeau’s preferred form of governance– Chinese communism, Cuban socialism– calls for this scenario.

“Middle class is, to me, the quintessential reflection of a polite Canadian. We’re not too rich, we’re not too poor. We don’t have any particularly radical views on anything. We pay our taxes, we own a home, we drive a car. We’re middle class.”

Wolfgang Lehmann, chair of sociology at Western University.

And we are incredibly white. Enter PM Trudeau’s choice for Minister of Housing, Liberal Cabinet member MP Ahmed Hussen.

Richard Dias, co-host of The Loonie Hour, a podcast exploring the macroeconomic impact domestic and international events have on Canada, says “MP Ahmed Hussen is failing by every objective standard because none of his policies have tapered exorbitant housing prices.”

They’re not supposed to. Against the grain of media presentation, Cultural Action Party maintain an atypical viewpoint on MP Hussen’s tenure as Minister of Housing:

He wants it this way, as mandated by big boss man in Ottawa, PM Justin Trudeau. An outrageous, paranoid concept? Perhaps, and perhaps not.

“The other likely reason that many economists have argued that a lack of supply is the cause for high home prices is because any suggestion that Canada’s record high immigration levels may in fact be the bigger driver of home prices runs the risk of being called Xenophobic.

We stand witness as the Canadian majority(this will end) are corralled into complacency through the playing of the mighty“race-card.”

Don’t complain, Joe O’Neil of Orilla, Ontario– or you will be branded a racist bigot. A more effective method for an erasure of freedom of speech cannot be found. Justin Trudeau knows it, and plays the race card at every opportunity.

To place this in proper context calls for a reiteration of CAP theory: the Trudeau government are not working to manage Canada, they are working to revolutionize Canada.

Part of the agenda includes a demographic “cleansing of the house” to make way for Trudeau and Hussen’s post-modern society, geared in the long-run to be devoid of political power for Anglo-European citizens. A conscious hollowing out of Canada’s middle class fits this model.

“The most common answer you are likely to hear is that a lack of supply of new housing in Canada is the primary cause for the high cost of housing.”

“The lack of supply narrative has been the dominant explanation for high home prices in Canada over the past five years. Every level of government in Canada cites a lack of supply as the primary cause for high home prices.”

Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen, current citizen of Somalia, to the rescue:

“Ahmed Hussen is incompetent and he believes he’s there to do theatre. He should resign,” says the owner of Toronto-based Butler Mortgage. Butler further states that  “there’s been absolutely zero progress made by him.”

Yet there has, on the other hand, been giant progress made in the area of importing wealthy foreigners to Canada:

“Record high immigration to Canada is creating more problems for home buyers and renters in an already strained housing market, financial analysts are warning.”

“The influx of cash (that) comes with the number of well-heeled immigrants will continue driving up the price of real estate.”

CAP uncover the covert game at hand: with full intention, the Liberals are over-playing the immigrant card while underplaying the housing card. The result is what legacy media never speak of– a squeezing of the financial necks of “Old Stock” Canadians, with the benefit going toward rich immigrants and foreign real estate speculators.

Against the grain of typical media narrative it is. Here we are being informed each and every day about the hardship, suffering and oppression experienced by “racialized” Canadian communities.

Scratch under-the-surface, and we see who are the real losers in Justin Trudeau’s neo-communist war upon our communities. It’s whitey, by a landslide.

An inversion of truth for a purpose? CAP believe it unequivocally. No home ownership, no build up of home equity. The result is an erasure of the Canadian middle class. Beyond the pragmatic, we discover another link in the driving Anglos into poverty agenda:

Communists don’t like the middle class. Within communist societies, you have rich elites– the political class– in control of hordes of the peasants, also known as the lower class.

It’s like that in China, Cuba, and in the former Soviet Union. Communist at heart, PM Trudeau is presently setting up this social model within Canadian society. The “immigration versus real estate” dynamic is front-and-centre in a conscious attempt by government to transition middle-class Canadians of European heritage to the bottom of community hierarchy. Not the French–just the Anglophones–  Trudeau being self-professed Quebecois nationalist.

Over a near-eight year period as PM, Justin Trudeau has instilled “vendetta culture” into our society. To exacerbate the situation, haters like MP Ahmed Hussen are placed in positions in which the goal is one of “counter-productivity.”

The hollowing out of Canada’s mostly white middle class exists as a conscious manifestation of a nefarious agenda.

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  1. “Middle class is, to me, the quintessential reflection of a polite Canadian. We’re not too rich, we’re not too poor. We don’t have any particularly radical views on anything. We pay our taxes, we own a home, we drive a car. We’re middle class.” (Wolfgang Lehmann, chair of sociology at Western University.) Indeed. Trudope and his Somalian kneecapper are busy bludgeoning the already wounded middle class. The outrage should be ear-splitting. And yet–Not a peep. “No views on anything.” Like shooting fish in a barrel. However; in fairness–Any protests are effectively silenced.

    • That and the boxes of doggie treats that kept getting shaken in full view and earshot of the Eastern time zone. Keep the eastern bastards distracted and burping contentedly and the carpet gets laid out without a peep.


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