Why Justin Trudeau Is BUYING The Allegiance Of Socialist 3rd World Governments

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Welcome to the covert world of the Trudeau Government’s agenda of influence within African, Islamic and Third World nations.

Why covert? Because CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest of Justin’s media puppets are hiding a profound truth from the people of Canada. Billions of Canadian tax-dollars are presently being given by Trudeau to a host of up-and-coming Third World nations.

CAP shall name names: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Nigeria, Somalia, Tanzania, Mali, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Sudan, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Chad and Burkina Faso.

Out of breath yet? When put altogether, the tax-payer transfer amounts to BILLIONS of dollars. 

CAP Salient Question Time: What is the benefit for Canadian-born citizens? Of course, the answer is nothing at all. Yet, there must be a form of “upside” somewhere within this covert agenda of mass money transition.

Why is Justin Trudeau buying the favour of socialist 3rd World governments? If this doesn’t benefit the people of Canada, who does benefit?

Quick Answer: Non-Canadians–the only form of human beings Justin Trudeau actually works for.

Wanna know what the uber-globalist term “post-modern” Canada really means? Here it is: Our nation today exists for a singular purpose: to serve as a repository for the disgruntled of the world. Canada in 2020 exists to absorb 3rd World citizens from non-democratic source nations.

Therefore, Mr. Trudeau functions more like a globalist pimp “whoring out” Canada to every backwash 3rd World nation he can find. Speaking of which, this week King Justin is scheduled to fly to Africa meet with the leaders of Sudan, Eritrea and Senegal.

No surprise– CBC and the rest are positioning the purpose of the trip as part of Trudeau’s U.N. Security Council Seat hustle. But is this really the sole purpose?

Not a chance, say CAP. With Trudeau and his mighty globalist assassins, there is always an ulterior motive. CAP’s guess is that our PM is “buying the favour” of these governments for a specific purpose–Africans will comprise the next major wave of immigration to Canada.

Media say nothing of the sort. But think about it– hasn’t Canada already established culture-killing relationship with China, India, Pakistan, Iran and Syria already? The fading “Great White North” has already experienced giant waves of Chinese, Sikh, Muslim and various Asian migration to Canada.

What remains? Try Africa-– the continent with the world’s fastest growing population and economies. Ever read about this in the mainstream Canadian media? Never, of course.

Did you know that Afghanistan is the second-least indebted nation on the planet? How about the fact that Ethiopia has the second-fastest growing economy in the world?

Of course, 98% of Canadians are unaware of the changing economic status of African and Third World nations. Justin Trudeau does not want 37.7 Million Canadians comprehending these realities.

Why? Because Trudeau has a globalist plans up-his-sleeve–he always does. Nigeria is to our current century what China was to the previous–the fastest growing population on earth.

Are patriots aware of the following? The U.S. Census Bureau says that there will be an estimated 402 million people in Nigeria in 2050. 

Ever read this tid-bit in the National Post? Of course not. CAP’s prediction is that Trudeau is planning a massive increase in Nigerians, Somalians and migrants from at least twenty other African nations moving to Canada en masse.

How does this benefit Justin Trudeau? Simple as pie– these new citizens will accelerate his plans to control every seat in parliament. The ridings currently held by the Conservative opposition will be diluted, and in time eliminated completely.

Subsequent to this development, Canada will trans-ition into a One Party State, with a dictator-figure in charge. In other words, a political emulation of the structure of society in Cuba-– one of Justin’s preferred communist nations.

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These are the true reasons why Mr. Trudeau is presently prostituting both himself and our nation to despotic African and Islamic governments. Such is the sickness he maintains in his mind.

Of course, no one– not CBC, Toronto Star, or any other establishment media outlet will expose the “underbelly” of this transformative socialist experiment. This refers to the buried, hidden outcome of all this–the marginalization and pending minority status for Anglophone and Christian Canadians.

As long-time CAP supporters may know, we tend to lean on a specific word when describing media protection of Trudeau’s socialist agenda for Canada: “Obfuscation.”

To obscure, dilute, spin and propagandize–that’s the goal. Yet another example is the fact that media will overlook the fact that mass African immigration means mass immigration from Islamic-dominated countries.

What else does CBC overlook? Let’s create a short list:

— White Canada is headed for minority status.

— The Trudeau government is pro–Islamic, and anti-Christian.

— Our government have given ten billion dollars to African nations over the past ten years.

— The nations Trudeau is giving the tax-payer funds to are 100% anti- Christian and persecute these communities on a regular basis.

— African nations such as Ethiopia are not poor. Just because a country has a segment of poor people does not mean the nation as a whole is poor.

— Justin Trudeau’s Africa trip is for the purpose of importing a future wave of African migrants.

— Much of the giant giveaways NEVER reach the intended recipients. Rather, experts of international foreign aid inform us that this money is largely “Phantom Aid”–it ends being appropriated by these 3rd World governments.

In other words, “Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.”

All this globalist malarky goes on without 99% of Canadians having a clue as to what is going down. How sad and pathetic this is. Then again, Canada is saddled with the greatest political traitor of all-time as PM– what else should common sense Canadians expect?

Of course, there is speculation, and there is certainty. Yet being certain about the facts within Canada’s nascent socialist environment is no easy task.

One point CAP will make with aplomb: No matter what, an agenda of social trans-formation exists in contemporary Canada. Yes, it is sketchy and difficult to interpret. The plan is pre-meditated, and covert.

Justin Trudeau has been tasked by his globalist string-pullers to transform the fading “Great White North” from democracy to dictatorship. No wonder he is importing millions of Third World citizens who cannot recognize an authentic democratic nation from a hole-in-the-wall.









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