Why Justin Trudeau Is a PLAGUE Upon Anglophone-Canadian Communities

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Many CAP followers will be familiar with an old-time movie called “The Ten Commandments.” In the film, the Pharoah rules over all the land, while also ruling over a community of slaves designated to build the ancient pyramids.

What does this have to do with Justin Trudeau, ruler of Canada in the year 2019? Quite a lot, actually. It seems Canada today has an neo-Pharoah of our own–  prime minister Justin Trudeau.

Hyperbole? Irrational paranoia? Not in CAP’s books. Our political party  maintain that Mr. Trudeau is an oppressor. The target is one specific identifiable community in Canada– those citizens who come from an Anglophone background.

There is just one reason why millions of Anglophones do not recognize this allegorical tale of public deception–the Canadian establishment media. Within Justin’s post-modern society, media have morphed away from legitimate purveyors of objective news delivery, and into a communist-infused propaganda wing of government.

As informed Canadians are aware, Trudeau’s billion- plus dollar injections into media come with a price tag–said organizations–CBC, Globe & Mail, Torstar et al, must sign on the dotted line that they will comply with Liberal government standards in order to receive their “life-preserver” injections of Canadian tax-dollars.

Trans-lation: Justin Trudeau bought establishment media in Canada. When government and media become a united entity– the Trudeau family’s preferred form of governance– communism— has arrived in the fading “Great White North.”

As CAP has stated incessantly, we believe PM Trudeau is not the national leader of all Canadians. In his “no core identity” Canada– the people of our former identity–Anglophones, Francophones, Christians, First Nations— have been trans-sitioned into second class citizens.

Problem being, our Anglophone peoples do not realize this axiomatic development has taken place. Pourquoi? Because this community is being deceived by Trudeau’s media “partners-in-arms.”

Indeed, this ersatz dictator is a formidable task-master. White Canadians are racists and bigots, opines King Justin. Also, we are xenophobic and genocidal. As a result, Trudeau has effectively corralled our people like cattle into becoming society’s “nemesis” community.

This is Act 1. His follow-up involved elevating Third World Canada to the pinnacle of our social totem pole in Canada. Did you know? “Third World Canada”– Sikh and Muslim in-the-main, absolutely kicked butt in the recent federal election.

Liberal MP candidates won 45 of 50 seats in Trudeau’s mighty Third World political powerhouse, the Greater Toronto Area(GTA). Are you aware that every one of Trudeau’s incumbent Islamic MP’s won their seats again–some for the third time in a row.

“Diversity is our strength!” bellows MP Ahmed Hussen, a recent winner in the GTA. “It’s a win for Islam!” shouts half-citizen MP Omar Alghabra after his third consecutive victory.

Not only have media slaves overlooked this most significant set of victories, they also overlook a corresponding incremental erosion of  English Canada, its Anglophone peoples, and our transition to an outlier community in Canada.

Media breathe not a word about Anglophone Canada’s pending transfer into a minority community. CBC say nothing of the punitive measures Trudeau has taken toward our communities– in particular his vehement assault upon Christian identity in Canada.

Think about it– when is the last time you read a National Post article on the impact of Third World immigration or multiculturalism’s  upon “Old Stock’ Canada?

The answer, of course, is never. Indeed, under the iron-clad  rule of Justin Trudeau, Anglo-Canada are now the “invisible” people of our nation. Never spoken of, never referenced in any positive manner, never held in any form of esteem whatesover.

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CAP has a word to describe this unfortunate situation: dangerous. Consider previous examples in history whereby this dynamic existed. In every example, the designated oppressed communities were never mentioned in passing. Media never exposed totalitarian government agendas against the oppressed.

See where CAP is going here? Anglophone and Christian Canada are at present holistically SILENT communities. How often has Trudeau made reference to Anglophone Canada in his public performances? Christian Canadians? Never mentioned by name, or discussed within media. In other words–total silence.

How incredibly ominous this is. Ever take a close look at the social sciences course descriptions offered at so-called “Canadian” universities?  Gender issues, race-relations, bigotry— hundreds of courses– yet not a single mention or reference to those who allegedly perpetrated the oppression– white Canada.

Put it all together, shake aggressively, and serve to 37.5 million Canadians, and what do you have? Why, it is a pre-meditated government and media program of decimation of Anglophone identity, culture, heritage and history.

For CAP, all this smells of a  punitive, pre-meditated agenda for the demonization of Anglophone and Christian Canada. Ring any bells, fellow patriots? Any historical examples come to mind?

Speaking of media, is the following circumstance not rather revealing? Government and media speak often of immigration quotas–yet never inform us about which nations these immigration actually come from.

Why is it that Canada–a nation with the highest per-capita intake of immigrants on the planet–also maintains a media who never, ever write about the long-term demographic impact of the situation?

What will our demography look like in thirty years time? What percentage of Canadian citizens will be Anglophone in 2039? How does “Old Stock” Canada actually feel about our transition to a minority community?

Media output: “Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.”  And CAP know exactly WHY media take this approach– because the Trudeau government instruct them to do so.

This way, million of Canadians will be fooled. CBC, CTV and the rest are presently in the process of deceiving white Canada in this regard. “Out of sight, out of mind”–right King Justin?

Yes, a Pharoah of antiquity has been re-incarnated in Canada. It’s name is Justin Trudeau, son of the founder of Anglo-Canadian decimation, ex-PM Pierre Trudeau. Media remain “too dim” to put this all together for the Canadian news consumer.

Talk about getting the “shaft.” From a patriot perspective, the whole situation is downright sick. Before our very eyes Canada is presently trans-itioning from a democracy to a dictatorship.

Within dictatorships, a designated “demon” community is always identified. CAP has hereby identified said community– Anglophone, Christian, white Canada. Yet, due to media obfuscation, 95% of our people have no clue as to the selling-out of our people.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau– non-Anglophone.  Facilitator, Justin Trudeau– non- Anglophone.









1 thought on “Why Justin Trudeau Is a PLAGUE Upon Anglophone-Canadian Communities”

  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1801140783348153/
    Canada Myth

    Re-enabling the crime minister was game over.
    Alberta will likely be the first republic, followed by Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
    B.C. will be difficult. Federal reconstitution over the land mass known as Canada
    will eventually take place.

    The political pundits correctly point out that minority governments
    in Canada typically last around 18 months.
    Not this time. The coming monetary ‘reset’ has been held back
    for a long time but another 18 months is not possible.
    The Trump administration would like to defer until after
    the presidential election but this is increasingly doubtful.
    Bix Weir among others are doing a great job reporting
    the huge transfer manipulations of the Federal Reserve
    now happening daily.
    Prepare for the shock of less than useless governments.

    The system is broken but it was a facade anyway.
    It is worse that the country has bifurcated.
    Maybe up to one third of the population were
    in favour of returning the criminal as their
    leader that they knew about or should have
    known about. That is one third or whatever,
    too many.

    This is the age of disclosure and there was
    no excuse for returning the crime minister.

    I was fully engaged in the system and nothing less than
    a majority Conservative government would be acceptable.
    Truth be told, I knew this would only delay the inevitable.
    At this time, the question is whether possible to go
    directly to the Republic of Western Canada. Most likely
    individual provinces will become republics first.


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