Why Justin Trudeau Ignores Death Penalty For Homosexuality In Middle Eastern Countries

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“To identify the countries where being gay is legally punishable by death, 24/7 Tempo reviewed reports on human rights and homophobia by non-profit organizations providing legal advice to minorities, including members of the LGBTQ community across the world.”

As reported by USA Today, the following countries maintain laws making the death penalty punishment for indulging in gay sex.

Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, Nigeria, Somalia, Quatar, Afghanistan, Sudan, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates.

“In January 2019, a man was hanged[in Iran] after being found guilty of having sex with another man. Homosexuality was made a crime punishable by the death penalty in 1979 after the Islamic Revolution.”

As with the topic of which nations on earth are deemed the most racist countries, we remain perplexed by the Trudeau government’s approach to international LGBT rights.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, November, 2017:

“It is our collective shame that you[Canadian homosexuals] were so mistreated. And it is our collective shame that this apology took so long – many who suffered are no longer alive to hear these words. And for that, we are truly sorry.”

CAP would dearly love for one specific issue to be clarified. Given the fact that PM Trudeau has for the past five years championed LGBT rights on an international basis, why has his government refrained from calling out the death penalty for gay sex in a host of Middle Eastern and African nations?

Is this not an act of unfathomable hypocrisy? Either Trudeau is a sincere advocate for gay rights, or he is not. Our PM has soundly thrashed Canadian society for our country’s historical anti-gay prejudice.

And yet when it comes to the death penalty for homosexuals in the present-day, Mr. Trudeau is “silent as a church mouse.”

“In Afghanistan, Gay men and women live in fear. Homosexuality is perceived as immoral, un-Islamic, and even as a disease. Honour killings, where relatives kill the gay man or woman to restore the family’s honour, are not unheard of. They can also be executed under local Sharia law.”

Trudeau-appointed Federal Minister of Woman’s Rights Maryam Monsef is an immigrant from Afghanistan. To this day she has never issued a condemnation of her former country’s archaic and oppressive policies regarding homosexuality.

“Intercourse between people of the same sex is illegal in Somalia. Such acts can result in prison terms from three months to three years.”

Ex-immigration minister and current Liberal Cabinet member, MP Ahmed Hussen is a refugee from Somalia. He has on multiple occasions branded Canada a bigoted society. Not once has he expressed condemnation for Somalia’s bigoted and brutal policies toward homosexuals.

Liberal MP and founder of  M103 anti-Islamophobia motion Iqra Khalid is an immigrant from Pakistan. In this Muslim nation, homosexual acts are illegal.

Not once has MP Khalid made a public statement expressing criticism toward bigoted, anti-homosexuality policies in Pakistan.

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What to make of all this blatant hypocrisy? One fair conclusion is that establishment media in Canada have not once referenced this piece of hypocrisy.

The very same exists regarding the issue of racism–which by all accounts, is far more extreme in African and Middle Eastern nations.

What exactly are government and media after here? Why would Trudeau omit the transgressions of some of the top source nations for immigration to Canada?  All context is thereby eschewed, in favour of branding the people who voted him into office as hateful and homophobic.

Even to the extent that Liberals like Trudeau, Hussen and others brand Canada a “systemically racist” country. Do these forces actually hate our nation? Why the detestable treatment of the citizens who voted Trudeau & Co. into office?

CAP consider this the greatest mystery within modern society. Media couldn’t care less. A self-hating nation are we then?

If this is the case, then it logically follows that there must be a reason for an unnatural inversion of a healthy democratic society.

As with the racism dynamic, Justin Trudeau appears to working an agenda of national transformation. To venture a theory, CAP go with the idea that “post-modern” Canada is in reality, a post democratic, pro-communist society in the making.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

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  1. Trudeau has NOT championed gay rights worldwide. He hasn’t championed it at all. Trump on the other hand had actively tried to get homosexuality decriminalized in the countries where it is a crime.


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