Why Justin Trudeau Ignores China’s State-Endorsed PERSECUTION Of Christians

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As more government officials in China are empowered to close churches and a “social credit” system threatens to block Christians from schools, bank loans and jobs, authorities have taken harsh measures against more churches, sources said.

In Beijing, Early Rain Covenant Church elder Qin Defu was sentenced to four years in prison on Nov. 29, 2019.  According to advocacy group China Aid Association (CAA). Qin was charged with illegal business operations as a result of the church using 20,000 Christian books, according to CAA.

“Qin’s attorney said the church’s pastor, Wang Yi, admitted in a testimony that he was involved with these books,” CAA reported. “As such, the lawyer speculated Wang would receive no less than a 10-year sentence.”

The actions are part of progressively harsher measures against Christianity and other faiths deemed a threat to the rule of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) since Xi Jinping became president in 2013. New religion regulations introduced in 2017 greatly expand the number of government departments that can enforce restrictions on religious practice, an attorney in China told The Epoch Times.

How entirely fascinating–for one good reason. CAP has not read a single sentence in the Canadian media about the details of China’s full-scale oppression of Christians within the behemoth nation. What we have heard of is Justin Trudeau’s commentary when asked which nations he most admires.

Justin Trudeau,  then running for the leadership of his party in 2013, was given a lob-ball question from a supporter at a “Ladies Night” meet-and-greet in Toronto: “Which nation, besides Canada, which nation’s administration do you most admire, and why?”

The future prime minister’s odd answer: “You know, there’s a level of admiration I actually have for China ….”

China? Why China?

“Because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime.”

Quite the endorsement, eh? Oh, and buy the way this “virtue signaller on steroids” has also been mute as a lamb regarding the internment and oppression of millions of Muslims by way of China’s authoritarian communist government.

Media say nothing. CBC airs nothing, Globe & Mail reports nothing. What kind of society are Canadians living in? How can Justin Trudeau state in public that he believes in democratic principles, as well as freedom of media and free speech?

The answer is surprisingly simple: Because he is a Liberal elitist globalist hypocrite. It’s all in the  game for King Justin, his Cabinet, and Caucus by way of government control over Canadian media.

Looking back through time, what has been the Canadian government’s historical approach to China, Islam, Christianity and related societal issues?

Was former PM Mackenzie King a supporter of China and Islam, while doling out punitive measures toward Christian-Canadians? Was ex- PM John Diefenbaker decidedly pro-communist, pro Islam, and anti-Christian?

Not at all. Yes, indeed–there was a time when the Canadian government were fully supportive of democracy and a reasonable degree of freedom of speech. There was a time where government were suspicious  of China, and stand-offish toward Islam.

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So what changed?  What historical development resulted in Canada’s trans-sition to a pro-communist, pro-Islamic and anti-Christian nation?

Simple as pie– Pierre Trudeau became prime minister of Canada. This began our national transition to a communist, theocratic government-supporting nation. Two instrumental components of our illicit historical journey: The Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982, and the Multicultural Act of 1988.

Both Pierre Trudeau inventions, both designed to disempower Anglophone Canada, and transfer this power to “post-modern” Canada— namely, Third World, Islamic, and Sikh Canada.

Fast forward to 2015: Son Justin Trudeau becomes PM, and the program “goes through the roof.” Suddenly, Islam is the “belle of the ball,” and Sikhism the political flavour of the decade.

Media say nothing. Did you know? Sikh and Muslim Canada completely “rocked the house” in the 2019 federal election. Liberal Sikh MP’s won every seat in the Brampton South, Ontario. Every one of King Justin’s chosen Islamic Liberal posse also won–including some of the most hated MP’s in history– Iqra Khalid(100,000 pieces of hate mail), Omar Alghabra, Maryam Monsef, Ahmed Hussen and others.

Media say nothing about this hidden political “power grab.” Speaking of media, it is perfectly feasible to state that Justin Trudeau would not get away with this anti-western plot if it were not for CBC, CTV and the rest of the Liberal media puppets.

CAP Conclusion: Within Justin’s “No Core Identity”(another is waiting in the wings), government and media function as a singular unit. Which other nations fall into this category?

Try, China, Cuba, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the rest of the Trudeau Dynasty-preferred nations.

Holy Cow–that is something else, eh? C’mon, fellow patriots–admit it– the Old Stock people of Canada are getting “hosed-down” in  no uncertain manner. The globalist forces which placed their puppet Trudeau into office are working to trans-fer Canada from a democratic nation to a communist-infused pseudo-dictatorship.

This is one reason why CAP maintain that whoever the Conservative Party choose as their next leader is a moot point. Whoever they chose, they will lose in 2023.

The goal is for Canada to become a one-party nation-state. Thus far, the malevolent globalist government and media forces are making a giant success out of the agenda.






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