Why Justin Trudeau Has Nothing Good To Say About Canada

The most bizarre political circumstance in the 153-year history of Canada. One in which media never speak of. A situation where the prime minister of our nation has nothing good to say about our country.

Cultural Action Party has a term for this–we call it “scorched Canada policy.” A few basic ground-rules cover off the circumstances.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau only speaks of Canadian history when it is time to grind our nation into the dirt. Trudeau’s Canada is one in which clearly demarcated notions of community pride exist.

For 3rd World communities— Sikh, Chinese and others– it is open season for advancement of community pride. Regarding Anglophone-Canadians, any indulgence in similar behaviour is racist and bigoted.

The same applies to religious faith. Since day one of Justin Trudeau’s tenure as PM, he has advanced Muslim community pride, while at the same time running down Christianity with punitive measures. Mass abortion, euthanasia, LGBT, transgenderism–all anti-Christian in orientation, all advanced with aplomb by our Liberal government.

Treatment of First Nations communities:

Canada must carry that guilt and that shame.”

Treatment of a boatload of Sikh migrants in 1914:

“For the laws that discriminated against you so senselessly, and for not apologizing sooner. For all these things, we are truly sorry.”

Treatment of Jewish Refugees in 1939:

“It is my sincere hope that we can shine a light on this painful chapter of our history.”

Treatment of Canadian Homosexuals:

“It is our collective shame that you were so mistreated.”

How awful a country Canada is! And the wording that Trudeau selects. Nowhere is there any distinction between present-day and historical Canada. Our entire nation must forever carry the “collective shame”–even though not a single living citizen is responsible for events such as the Komagata Muru incident in 1914.

How convenient that Trudeau omits the fact that homosexuality was at one time illegal within western nations. While anachronistic from a modern-day perspective, the law is the law.  Mr. Trudeau is therefore apologizing for an application of the law.

Degree to which any of this makes a speck of difference? Nothing. Extent to which CBC, CTV and the rest of Canadian media speak of the nuances and subtleties involved? Also nothing.

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What can a patriot conclude other than the idea that Justin Trudeau is intentionally and with malice running down our country?

Why? Is there a purpose for this thrashing of Canadian society from soup-to-nuts? Is there a reason for Trudeau’s inability to speak positively about the country he was elected to lead?

Of course there is– but you will never hear about it from establishment media. Justin Trudeau is tasked with the transformation of Canada into a “post-modern” society.

It involves a certain inversion of social conditions. One fundamental is to elevate “migrant” Canada– 3rd World communities— to the top of our social totem pole.

Conversely, “Old Stock” CanadiansAnglophones, Francophones and Christians are to be off-loaded into second class citizenship.

The methodology is playing out as we speak: the “systemic racism” card. The Anti-Racism movement. The vilification of Anglophones as bigoted xenophobes. A branding of the Conservative Party and conservative citizens as one step removed from 20th century fascists. And of course, Canadian media’s globalist “Great Reset” propaganda campaign.

It’s all there to witness– if one transcends the fake and false “Trudeau as human rights saviour of the planet” deception.

Here is CAP’s firm belief: the prime minister of our country loves running down Anglophone Canada.

His desire for damage and vengeance toward Old Stock Canada knows no bounds. To make matters worse, Trudeau is locked in as pseudo-dictator of our country.

Beneath combined government and media presentation, these are the realities of life as dictated by a prime minister who hates the country he was appointed to lead.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

5 thoughts on “Why Justin Trudeau Has Nothing Good To Say About Canada”

  1. I8 want Trudeau gone , so do my friends but the Conservatives need to learn to FIGHT , just like the CONSERVATIVES in the states YOU HAVE TO FIGHT LIKE HELL,no mail in or phone in voting ,ONE DAY ELECTION RESULTS ,NO PHONE IN VOTING ,ARE YOU NUTS?????

    • true– and we don’t see the Canadian flag nearly as much as we used to, as well as hearing the Canadian national anthem

  2. The current PM has no right to be the Canadian Representative by showing his hatred towards Anglophone Christians when we were the original citizens besides the indigenous people.

    Our country has been thriving as a first world country until Justin Trudeau met George Soros who wants to bring in the NWO using Trudeau to complete it among all his left wing puppets. Trujoke needs to be cuffed and thrown out the door for treason and severe corruption.


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