Why Justin Trudeau- Brand “Liberalism” Is In REALITY Pseudo-Totalitarianism

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According to a recent National Post article, liberalism originally denoted holding a philosophy based upon the concept of individual freedom. Hence “classical liberalism” is a set of beliefs that has at its root a conviction that the purpose of civilized society is to provide for the liberty of the individual.

True liberals believe that people should largely control their own lives — that they should be free to say what they think, to have sex with whom they please, to worship as they wish, to be responsible for themselves and to leave other people alone.

Is this a political philosophy adhered to by the Trudeau government?

More from National Post: The modern version of liberalism means essentially the opposite. It embraces an expansive welfare state, extensive regulation of individual behaviour and speech, redistribution of wealth, and unequal application of the law.

“Those who now call themselves Liberals in the political realm are now illiberal in their sensibilities and aspirations. Governments supervise, subsidize and control virtually every aspect of modern life: markets and financial systems, public schools and universities, health care, media, food production, energy production, telecom services, the professions and even speech.”

Our courts do not believe in equal application of the law(SNC Lavalin, Admiral Mark Norman trial). We are eroding the presumption of innocence and other aspects of due process. We have abandoned even the expectation that laws will be written, clear and understandable to all. Instead citizens are subject to the arbitrary discretion of government agencies that pursue their own agendas. Identity politics reign and the surveillance state steadily expands.

Hands up readers who would describe the above as a “model” of democratic governance. Now, how many describe this as communist, socialist, or totalitarian governance.

See how easy this is!  Simple as pie. The true obstacle in not found in comprehending this reality–the main obstacle is public dissemination of said information.

Here, National Post has “bucked a trend.” Yet, it does occur within mainstream Canadian media on occasion. The true message here is that Canada presently has a fraudulent government in power, and a largely complicit media to support their pseudo-democratic form of governance

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“Disenfranchised Canadians are fed up with identity politics, authoritarian victimhood(“Middle Eastern”-style) and scolding from righteous elites telling them what to think and how to behave.

“[The people of Canada ]are liberals in the true sense of the word — steady, reasonable, fair-minded, hard-working people who believe in freedom of speech and in the idea that the same rules should apply to everyone.”

Justin Trudeau disagrees. Now, let’s get into specifics regarding Canada’s trans-ition from democracy to dictatorship– immigration, multiculturalism, religion and Canadian society.

Let us be direct and clear in this messaging. It is not an attack on the ethnicity of Third World Canadians. The point here is to elucidate the Trudeau government’s anti-democratic behaviours, and long-term agenda.

As it happens, Islamic ideology is anti-democratic. Fact: No prime minister in history has pushed the rise of ethnic identity politics in Canada like Justin Trudeau has. This man accomplished in four years what would have organically taken four decades to achieve.

With Justin Trudeau as facilitator, Islam has been firmly entrenched within society, as well as within government.  MP Irqa Khalid’s M103 “Islamophobia” motion. Apologies to ethnic communities which portray white Canada as evil racists and bigots.

Mr. Trudeau has put equal effort into advancing Sikh Canada within our political arena–so much to that Sikh-Canadians MP’s won every existing seat in the constituency of Brampton, Ontario–a white minority riding if there ever was one.

Does this mean MP Ruby Sahota and the rest are problem-people? This is not the point at all. Rather, once again, we recognize the pro-Third World agenda of the Trudeau government, and a corresponding animus toward Anglophone Canada.

Let us now recognize a truism regarding Canadian media. The source article written by professor of law at Queen’s University. Bruce Pardy’s article is a media aberration. Simply put, Canadian media does not write in this fashion–there is far too much sober truth for this messaging to come from CBC, CTV and other mainstream media sources.

Mr. Pardy has “hit the nail on the head.” The ruling government of Canada are liberal in name only. They are also a true democratic government in name only. Under King Justin Trudeau, Canada exists as a democratic nation just one day every four years— federal election day.

The rest of the time Canadians are living under a pseudo-democracy propped up by media, as well as Canadian academia. As it happens, the fading “Great White North” is a marked nation. We have been designated by the Trudeau government–as well as their shady globalist backers–to in time trans-sition from democracy to dictatorship.

Perhaps if more articles appear in media which expose the truth regarding Canadian politics in the manner of Professor Bruce Hardy’s writing, Canada can be saved from this destructive inevitability.

With files from National Post.



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