Why Jagmeet Singh’s Politics Suggest He Was Planted As NDP Leader

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An article published in the Toronto Sun delivers a point regarding New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh that captures a political  sign of the times:

‘Jagmeet Singh Has Some Explaining To Do’

“For just how long is NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh going to prop up Prime Minister Justin Trudeau? Because right now, he’s failing to serve as an effective opposition leader at a time when the government needs to be held to account.”

Instead, what transpired is accurately described as a “Socialist Authoritarian Coalition Government.” To Mr. Singh’s chagrin, far more Canadians adhere to this belief than he may believe.

Based on public reaction to the preservation of PM Justin Trudeau’s neo-dictatorship, Mr. Singh may well have signed on to the end of his leadership run, if not his entire political career. Media is doing their part– advancing Trudeau’s will– by neglecting to allude to an end-of-NDP leadership possibility.

CAP would be thrilled if Canadians had been made aware of how a Greater Toronto Area MPP won an MP seat in the Greater Vancouver area, after which he was elected leader of the New Democratic Party.

How did it come to be that an Ontario born-and-raised politician advanced like lightning to win an MP seat in Burnaby, B.C.— a riding to which Singh had no connection? In no manner has Canadian media drilled down on the circumstances.

A former lawyer, Jagmeet Singh became the first member of a visible minority to lead a national political party in Canada by securing NDP Party leadership in 2017.

Neglected at the time was the fact that Mr. Singh was literally parachuted into a Vancouver suburb to win a seat as Member of Parliament. Lacking connection to the riding, within months of arrival the MP seat had been secured. Perhaps it helped that Burnaby is the second most “racialized” constituency in Western Canada.

From MP to NDP party leader was a hop, skip and jump. As reported by CBC News, Singh raised 53 per cent of all the money collected by the four candidates. Unreported is the fact that his support was mainly drawn from his home region of the Greater Toronto Area, which alone represented two-thirds of his fundraising.

Singh originally stated that he would most likely run in Brampton East, ON. On August 8, 2018, he announced he would be running in a by-election for Member of Parliament for Burnaby South, BC.

“Fundraising figures can tell us something about how Singh won. It indicates that Singh’s support was largely drawn from his home region of the Greater Toronto Area, which alone represented two-thirds of his fundraising.”

How fascinating. The bulk of Singh’s fundraising came from Brampton, OntarioSikh demographic and political stronghold in the Greater Toronto Area(GTA). Why would these people care so deeply about politics 4000 km away from home in suburban Vancouver? Was it because backers knew in advance it was inevitable that Singh was to become party leader?

In terms of vitriol toward Canadian identity, Jagmeet Singh is the king of Parliament Hill. CAP has gone on ad nauseum regarding his branding of our country as racist, homophobic and genocidal. Astute political observers have yet to understand the inverse relationship between animus toward Canadian society, and related political success of those who despise our history and heritage.

Like Justin Trudeau, Mr. Singh believes that everything that isn’t woke liberal is racist and white supremacist:

“To brazenly not follow public-health guidelines puts people at risk and that is something that we’ve seen with extreme right-wing ideology,” he told reporters at the time of the Ottawa Freedom Convoy.

Perennially downplayed by legacy media is the NDP Leader’s status outside of Canada. According to New Indian Express, Singh has more than once openly voiced his support for Sikh separatists in Canada, earning him the tag of being “pro-Khalistan.”

In 2013, Mr. Singh was denied a visa to India for criticizing New Delhi’s human rights record, in turn becoming the first western legislator ever to be denied entry to India, birthplace of his parents.

In terms of New Democratic Party success, Singh has brought the New Democratic from a high of 44 seats in Parliament to a low of 24 seats. 

What amazes beyond dire facts is found in media’s approach to this man’s politicking. Throughout this entire time period, our press have not issued a single sentence of condemnation regarding this political figure.

Why not?  Why on earth would CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star treat this man with political kid gloves? Are sensible Canadians to believe this to be a purely organic development, unencumbered by partisan political influence?

CAP doesn’t lay claim to insider information on Jagmeet Singh’s political career. We will note, however, that the NDP leader is a card-carrying member of the World Economic Forum.

To be reasonable, this doesn’t close the book on the case. What we will stipulate is the idea that a WEF-oriented agenda exists as a core component of not only Canadian politics, but the shaping of Canada into the post-modern society Justin Trudeau spoke of in the early stages of his political reign.

In addition to a more superficial fact: Jagmeet Singh is Sikh, and wears a turban. In Trudeau’s Canada, this means that criticism of the man will be construed as racism by the Canadian press. It’s a cowardly but effective method at minimizing the power of the public voice.

Jagmeet Singh on Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro:

“He saw a country wracked by poverty, illiteracy & disease. So he lead a revolution that uplifted the lives of millions. RIP.”

Pump up the bonus points for Mr. Singh. Within the twisted world of Canadian politics, lauding Cuban dictators has proven to be highly successful. The entire Trudeau family– Justin, brother Alexandre and Pierre Trudeau before them have done so, and look at the success they have had.

Jagmeet Singh on First Nations Communities:

“What has happened to Indigenous people in Canada is genocide, no question about it. And it is a genocide that is ongoing.”

The Indigenous population of Canada grew by 9.4% from 2016 to 2021, surpassing the growth of the non-Indigenous population over the same period (+5.3%). 

Singh is wrong, in the process unfurling damnation on traditional Canada– Anglophones, Christians and millions of citizens of European heritage. Degree to which it matters? Nothing at all. And here some people say he isn’t cut from the same cloth as Justin Trudeau.

Jagmeet Singh on Canada’s British Connection:

“I don’t see the relevance of it[ties to Britain], and I don’t think that most Canadians do,” Singh said in an interview with Evan Solomon, host of CTV’s Question Period.

Presumptuous as a summer day is long in Nunavut, Jagmeet Singh wants Canada to sever ties with Britain and the Crown. For what purpose, Mr. Singh? So that our nation can forge a partnership with an independent Khalistan state that you work to advance on a regular basis?

Degree of negative coverage from CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star? Why, that would be nothing at all. 

Among affinities between Mr. Singh and Mr. Trudeau, it is the dual affiliation with the World Economic Forum which must be called into question. It never is. Can it be that this is the flame from which Jagmeet Singh draws his political fire?

No wonder mainstream media never condemn the man. Was the NDP leader planted by WEF to play back-up to woke globalist quarterback, PM Justin Trudeau?

All signs along the pathway indicate that it is a distinct possibility. Due to media obfuscation, Canada continues to trod along the road toward an erasure of freedom and democracy in the dying Great White North.

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  1. Singh needs to become Sang; as in past tense. Before he goes; a tip: Shave (or trim) that horrid looking mess of twisted black spaghetti dangling from his abhorrent face. Rolex Man can surely afford a good barber/stylist.

  2. He is a 2018 Young Global Leaders WEF graduate and his smiling photo is on the WEF web site.

    That’s all you need to know about the NDP Liberal alliance


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