4 thoughts on “Why Is Mainstream Media IGNORING World Wide Mass Murder Of Christians?”

  1. Not a tear was shared nor a flower laid at the doorstep of church nor a candle lit in silence not even flags were flown at half mask for the slaughtered Christians in Nigeria in the hands of militant Muslims. Yet one crazed guy shoots and kills Muslims in a mosques and the entire globe mourns their deaths.
    It seems to me that when Muslim radicals kill their own people or Christians, is normal for no news to report.

  2. this is a Christian country, if you see it differently. you still represent this country and you work for us, do your dam job, you are Muslim , good for you, but you are leader of this country and we didnt vote for a Muslim. we voted for a Christian leader ,so you made us believe. show some compassion for these poor family’s. you my friend are a turn coat and treasonous leader. I hope you lose and move to Muslim land. you would be popular there. this is not the Canadian county we worked for me 58 yrs myself. go back to become a rich bitch you are, mommy’s boy never worked a tough days work in your life. I’m a gold miner, a real job. if I meet you at a town hall meeting I would not let you take the political two faced shit you pull. talk to the crowd and try and get them on your side, oldest trick in the book, we are on to you. call an election now and leave.


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