Why Government & Media Underplay The OLD AGE-PANDEMIC Death Connection

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Seems like a daily event that Canadians are treated to reports from government, media and health officers on the number of Covid-related deaths occurring upon Canadian soil.

Yet, throughout these macabre presentations, a vitally important factor continues to be buried by establishment media in Canada:

The reported deaths are primarily those of age 80, and up. We find a typical example in a Covid-death report from the Calgary Herald on January 21nd, 2021:

From journalist Jason Herring: “Here are the 12 Albertans whose deaths from COVID-19 were reported today.”

From the chart included in the media article:

Five people are over 80 years of age, five people are over 90 years of age. One was in their 70’s, the final person was in their 50’s.

Fact, Or Not A Fact?

While the provincial Health Officer of British Columbia, Dr. Bonnie Henry, delivers  daily death statistics in a banal manner not unlike a local weather report, oddities linger in the shadows:

While the elderly form the lion’s share of Covid-related deaths, establishment media in Canada de-emphasize this factor. Check for yourself–randomly choose a Canadian media pandemic “death report.” Try a CBC article for good measure.

Next, scan the article for a reference to elderly Canadians comprising the majority of deaths. If you experience is similar to CAP’s, the “old age” element is omitted.

Why? Cultural Action Party would so love to understand this. Seems to us that the role of government and post-modern media partners is to minimize fear and anxiety as related to Covid.

An effective way to do this would be to emphasize the golden years” aspect of the equation. Media does not do this. Applying logic to this social dynamic, a salient question emerges:

Is the purpose for government and media to maximize stress, worry and anxiety among Canadians? Is there any reason why this could be the case?

No surprise–CAP has a theory. When considering the pandemic from a sociological perspective–something media never do– a fair conclusion can be drawn. The pandemic has usurped 88% of all other contentious social issues in Canada.

Within contemporary society, Covid is the “be-all” and the “end-all” of issues. Think about the “freedom” this provides to Justin Trudeau and his Liberals.

A lack of accountability for myriad societal issues. An ability to work behind-the- scenes without investigation. Free of the chains of answering to the pesky Canadian public. Suspension of Parliament without push-back. Truly, the advantages are endless– that is, if your government is working toward a  transformation of society.

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On this basis, astute Canadians who bust through media propaganda will see how over-emphasizing China’s pandemic dissemination upon the world fits neatly into Justin Trudeau’s Great Reset experience.

CAP Conclusion: Government and media no longer work on behalf of Canadian citizens. Rather, they are laser-focused upon a nation-transforming agenda. From democracy to dictatorship is the way CAP describe this political goal.

One thing Canadians can hang their collective hats on– if what we are describing is in any way factual, never will Canadians hear about it from Justin Trudeau’s mainstream media team.

— Brad Salzberg,CAP Founder(est. 2016).


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