Why Dual Citizenship For Canadian Politicians Must End

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‘As Australia Ousts MPs With Dual Citizenship, Canada’s Parliament Embraces Many In Its Ranks’

“At least 56 foreign-born members, 22 with dual or triple citizenship, hold seats in House of Commons, Senate.”

If there was one wish granted to Cultural Action Party upon conclusion of a future federal election in Canada, it is thus:

All Members of Parliament must be full citizens of our country. Eight-years of PM Justin Trudeau’s “mini-United Nations” Liberal cabinet and caucus elucidates our messaging.

Maryam Monsef  (Persian: مریم منصف) (born Monsefzadeh; November 7, 1984). She first was elected to represent the riding of Peterborough—Kawartha as a Liberal member the House of Commons in 2015.

Monsef is a former Minister for Women and Gender Equality, and Minister of Rural Economic Development. Previously, she served as Minister of International Development, as well as Minister of Democratic Institutions.

How many portfolios does a Liberal Cabinet member have to fail at before being turfed from their position? Answer: a heck of a lot. Monsef failed at every one thrust upon her by boss-man Trudeau.

Can you imagine? In 2015, his woke highness placed Ms. Monsef in charge of democratic reforms. Residing in Canada for less than 10 years, the former Liberal MP was born-and-raised in a non-democratic country.

Age 32 at the time, as a first-time MP, Ms. Monsef flopped spectacularly in her initial role. After which our PM rotated her through a series of Cabinet portfolios.

Why was the prime minister so hot on this Middle Eastern import? Nothing to do with competency; everything to do with capturing the rapidly growing Muslim-Canadian vote.

Lady Monsef was voted out of office in 2021. Reason why? By all media accounts, it occurred as a result of her referring to Taliban terrorist organizations as “her brothers.” She didn’t lose by much.

Current Liberal MP Iqra Khalid, half-Pakistani, half-Canadian citizen, remains an additional political curiosity. Founder of M103, the Liberal’s “Islamophobia” motion, MP Khalid has little if anything good to say about Canada.

Khalid has won three elections in a row in the riding of Mississauga—Erin Mills, one of a plethora of ridings in which half-citizen MPs win in abundance.

In 2017, the Liberal MP who tabled the “anti-Islamophobia” motion said she was bombarded with hate mail and death threats.

“Mississauga, Ont. MP Iqra Khalid told the House of Commons Thursday she received more than 50,000 emails in response to M-103, many of them with overt discrimination or direct threats.”

“I have asked my staff to lock the office behind me as I now fear for their safety,” she said. “I have asked them not to answer all phone calls so they don’t hear the threats, insults and unbelievable amount of hate shouted at them and myself.”

After which Ms. Popularity won her third consecutive victory. Something fishy about this development? If there is, Canadians didn’t hear about it from the CBC, who back the “international” Liberal MP regala with aplomb.

Nor did they mention a relevant fact. When Christian and Jewish community representatives attempted to add these faiths to M103, both were rejected, leaving Khalid’s personal faith in a position of privilege– something that general society tends to abhor.

Our next example really sticks in CAP’s craw. We speak of  Liberal MP Salma Zahid, triple-citizen holder of passports in Pakistan, U.K. and Canada.

In a vote last month regarding an extension of Euthanasia legislation to encompass Canada’s mentally ill, every Liberal MP voted in the affirmative. What mainstream media cast aside constitutes a vital point.

CAP would love to know: why should an MP who is technically 1/3 Canadian maintain an ability to vote on legislation which approves assisted suicide for full Canadian citizens?

Let us be clear: we speak not a trivial bill presented before Parliament. It’s not an eco-law or some carbon tax derivation.

This is a matter of life-and-death, and under this circumstance, it is wrong for half-citizen and triple citizen members of Parliament to have a full vote on legislation.

In a million light-years, Canadians will never witness CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail or Toronto Star point to this concept.

It comes as no surprise that MP Zahid is a leader in the “whining about Islamophobia” department. Wearing her Hijab in the House, looking angry and exasperated, Zahid rails against the wrong party.

No, we’re not referring to the Conservatives or Bloc Quebecois. The wrong party CAP speak of is the general citizenship of our nation, which continuously get blamed for a lack of successful integration of ethnic migrants into Canadian society.

It is our Liberal government which establish immigration policy. If you have a problem with racism, speak to Justin Trudeau. He’s the person who is packing our country with foreign new arrivals at lightning speed for the purpose of retaining political power. It is Trudeau and the Liberals who have placed Islam on a political pedestal above other religious communities.

Not “the people.” But these types don’t work this way, preferring to run down innocent Canadians devoid of responsibility for colonialism, “systemic racism,” and the rest of the woke globalist jive.

Then again, some people just like to complain, thinking that the more they do so, the better will be their place in society. Add to this incessant demands for more education[ message, we are stupid]– followed by countless requests for more money.

All of which cultivate anger and resentment throughout general society. Some people never change, a trend which typifies ethnic non-profit group’s contingent of ungrateful newcomers.

Twenty-two dual citizen MPs from countries such as Iran, Pakistan, India, Lebanon, Syria, Afghanistan, as well as the U.K., Portugal and Poland.

This is Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Canadian model, and frankly, it sucks. Patriots want politicians who display complete dedication to Canada, not those such as Liberal Cabinet member MP Ahmed Hussen, current citizen of the African nation of Somalia.

Speaking to the CBC, MP Hussen told a reporter that if boss-man ever lost an election, he would return to his native land , and push immigrants toward Canada from there. The statement has since been retracted by Liberal-funded CBC Corp.

In 2019, another commonwealth country called Australia got wise to this malarky, and promptly cancelled political positions for dual citizens of that country.

Justin Trudeau? He won’t follow suit for all the tea in China.

3 thoughts on “Why Dual Citizenship For Canadian Politicians Must End”

  1. I have to agree 100 %, any member of Parliament MUST be a Canadian and ONLY a Canadian. These muslim immigrant MP’s are laughing all the way to the bank on the backs of hard working Canadians.
    Racism was something we barely spoke about until Canada was invaded by muslims who keep pushing an agenda that blames white people for everything and then they create make work projects by handing out millions across this country to their own kind so they can continue the push that is destroying this country.
    These immigrant MP’s are only concerned about helping their own kind and are crafting all kinds of new laws and taxpayer funded programs to keep new arrivals employed and in many cases into a new home thanks to a community of relatives that are helping many commit fraud so any money they have goes into a mortgage and not rent.
    These immigrant MP’s and their supporters are the real racists in Canada but as long as they keep lying and blame white people, tax dollars keep flowing to them disguised as fighting ” islamophobia ” and any other issue under ” colonialism ” that has ruined their lives. Can you imagine that. Their lives are in danger so they move to Canada and their lives are still in danger ? Go figure.

    At the same time. real Canadians need to send a message to Ottawa that we DON’T want protests shutting down cities for some idiotic issue in another country.
    If all we need to do, to get the ball rolling is to get rid of Justin/Jagmeet…………………….. I’m in.

  2. If we need to see an example of a multiplicity of religious based parties we should take a long hard look at Lebanon. The country of Lebanon is in such a bad state because they have, for years, tried to please and appease multiple factions to the point they can’t form a government to run the country. Canada may well be heading in that direction!


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