Why Democracy In Canada Will Be Destroyed If Justin Trudeau Remains Prime Minister Indefinitely

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“To understand who controls a nation, just look at who you are not permitted to criticize”

Informed Canadians should be able to smell the down fall in the air.  Many would-perhaps millions– if  establishment media in Canada were in 2020 delivering truth to the people of Canada.

Away from the public eye– establishment media have trans-itioned from a conduit for topical news delivery into a propaganda arm of government.

Why are Canadians unaware of this profound development? Simple– have trans-itioned from a conduit for topical news delivery into a propaganda arm of government.

CAP Opinion: A pre-conceived cover-up has existed for decades. This is manifest in a geo-political agenda to transfer Canada from a liberal democracy to a socialist society.

The first sign occurred in 1968, when Pierre Trudeau became prime minister. By way of pressure from the United Nations, Trudeau’s predecessor Liberal PM Lester Pearson swapped out Canada’s existing immigration in-take critereon, moving to a “points-based”  system.

What transpired as a result? Over subsequent decades, immigration intake shifted from 90% European to 90% Third World derived. Do tell– has any reader ever witnessed this truism articulated in the mainstream press?

 Fact is, exposure of this axiomatic transition has been kept out of the public eye for the past four decades– on purpose.

As CAP opine incessantly, fundamental tenets such as freedom, truth and democracy have been under a program of erosion ever since Pierre Trudeau became prime minister in the year 1968. In 2015, Justin Trudeau became PM, accelerating this process into the stratosphere.

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One reason Justin Trudeau has established the highest immigration quotas in a century is so that these people will enter Canada, and vote for him. As a by-product, immigration policy has resulted in the Greater Toronto Area(GTA) being transferred into a Liberal political powerhouse. Media say nothing.

CBC and corporate media speak of  immigration to Canada as if maintaining the largest per-capita intake quotas on earth are as natural as rain in North Vancouver. Never do they speak of the long-term social impact of the phenomenon. They all fail to mention that the bulk of these migrants are sourced from non-democratic nations.

What does this mean to Justin Trudeau, and the rest of the Liberal-Globalist cultural assassins? It tells us that hundreds of thousands–millions over the long-term, will remain wholly unaware of Canada’s transition from democracy to dictatorship.

Why? Because these new Canucks cannot distinguish between true liberalism– what political science refers to as “classical” Liberalism — and the political sham Trudeau espouses as true democracy.

Would this, or would it not, enable Trudeau and his backers to use these migrants as political weapons? At the same time, PM Trudeau has spent the past five years ignoring and alienating “Old Stock” Canadians.

Why? Because these folks were raised within an authentic democracy, and therefore recognize the insidious global agenda currently at play. 

Yet another by-product of immigration to Canada remains under wraps by media. The policy is hereby filling up Conservative Party-held risings with imported Liberal voters. Again delving into our nation’s future, it is entirely possible that by the year 2038, ninety percent of  338 ridings in Canada will be Liberal controlled.

What the heck is then the point of democratic governance? Quick answer– nothing at all. Bingo– Canada dies as a democracy. Is any federal party about to pump millions upon millions into campaigning when there is no chance to win? Highly unlikely, no?

Slam Dunk– there you have it, fellow patriots– an eventual one-party state, coupled with a one state media dynamic. Ringing any bells here? Can you name another country that is structured in this manner?

CAP can– the communist nation of China. When asked which nation most impresses King Justin, his answer is China. Papa Pierre Trudeau travelled to China to meet with Chairman Mao Tse Tung in 1970. Less than one year later he forced  Multiculturalism upon society.

 Vote debate, no public approval, no referendum– NO DEMOCRACY. Oh, and before we forget–no media exposure.

 — BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder(est 2016)



5 thoughts on “Why Democracy In Canada Will Be Destroyed If Justin Trudeau Remains Prime Minister Indefinitely”

  1. How has Canada functioned up to now without a sure-proof method of preventing a PM from running amuck as Trudeau is presently doing? Negligence? Incompetence? Or purposely avoided due to instructions? Our times have increased healthy skepticism yet some are oblivious to anything but the MSM narrative much to the detriment of everyone.

  2. This piece of “sh*t” called Justin Trudeau seriously is tickling my nose. This filth should be “Pitched Out” from his High Pedestal.

    He never lived in a Socialist or rather Communist country, where they come knocking at your door in the middle of the night and tell you to follow them, then you never return home because your life expectancy has expired.

    He seriously needs to be disconnected from his high Pedestal of “Pretension” and shoved into a potato bag and thrown in the fire of Eternal Hell where he belongs!

    I am Hungarian and I will do all I can to sabotage his Communist/Liberal Agenda. I am ready to fight!!!!


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