Why Democracy DIED THE DAY Justin Trudeau Became Prime Minister Of Canada

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“The Greatest Story Never Told”— apart from being the title of one of those old school religious films of the 1950’s, this wording applies to a more contemporary dynamic–the installation of Justin Trudeau as prime minister of Canada.

CAP called it from day one. That’s fine–it doesn’t matter who came first–what matters is that as many Canadians as possible become aware of the truth behind the Trudeau–despite media’s obfuscation of the entire sordid affair.

We begin at the beginning: the election of Liberal Pierre Trudeau as PM in the year 1968. In retrospect, insightful Canadians can see how this moment was the “beginning of the end” for a style of governance which threw Canada off its natural trajectory, and into a one-way path of national and cultural decimation.

It began with a hater of English Canada, and it may well end with a second hater of English Canada. Both come from the same family, the Trudeau clan of Quebec. Throughout the decades, brother Alexandre Trudeau has played a critical, yet covert role within the agenda. Media has buried all of this away from the consciousness of society.

Over the course of Pierre Trudeau’s tenure as PM--while the largest deficits in Canada were building under his leadership, PET spent his energy on social engineering tactics. Some historians  say these techniques are actually lifted from the Communist Party of China— a theory CAP believe to be factual.

Brief Synopsis: Pierre’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms–

  • Disempowerment of Parliament and MP’s, empowerment of Trudeau’s globalist legal lawyers, judges and Court System.
  • Empowerment and billions in funding for 3rd world immigration, multicultural and refugee organizations. All funds drawn from Canadian tax-payers.


Multicultural Act of Canada(1988)–

Although passed by Parliament under Conservative PM Brian Mulroney, history shows that the true originator is Pierre Trudeau, who forced this socialist-derived policy upon society in 1971.

What else was Trudeau Sr. up to at this time? Try meeting three times with China’s Chairman Mao Tse Tung— a murdering communist if there ever was one. Did you know? Eight months after Trudeau initial visit to China, Mr. Pierre unrolled the anti-Anglophone “multicultural” agenda upon the dying Great White North.

Of course, the socialist engineering program includes one more destructive component– mass Third World immigration to first overwhelm–and then over-throw “traditional” Canadian society.

Then came spawn Justin Trudeau in 2015. Once we fast-forward to the present-day, we find that Trudeau Jr. exists to fulfill the globalist agenda originated by Papa Pierre. CBC say nothing–not one word of a connection in political goals and ideology between this father and son “tag-team” for the end of democracy in Canada.

majority Canadians oppose reinstatement of citizenship for returning ISIS terrorists--Trudeau does it anyway. A majority of Canadians polled informs government that our citizens oppose illegal refugee border-jumping into Canada– Trudeau does it regardless.

majority of our citizenship oppose increases in immigration quotas to Canada. A majority oppose increased refugee intake by way of Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen’s modus operandi to fill Canada within as many of his African co-religionists as possible.

Sound like true democracy to you? For CAP, these and countless other examples provide proof positive that Justin Trudeau and his Liberal cultural assassins have zero respect for fundamentals of democratic process.

HIDDEN BY MEDIA: Trudeau Pushes “Exodus” To Canada From Africa DESPITE Covid-19 Epidemic

Will of the majority? Forget about it–this is all so “2014” by way of King Justin. The true agenda here is one of comprehensive deception– fool the people of Canada by way of the following:

Control major media content in order to trick 37.7 Million Canadians into believing government activity is rooted in civil rights, human rights, dedication to the poor of the world, and all the rest of the globalist jive.

While exercising this propaganda campaign, in the back-rooms of government  Trudeau & Co. are at present importing copious numbers of African migrants–despite the Covid-19 virus running rampant in Nigeria and other African nations.

By way of stealth and subterfuge, Trudeau, MP Bill Morneau, oily Foreign Minister Francois Philippe Champagne-– not to mention Minister of Demographic Disaster, MP Ahmed Hussen are working a shadowy agenda for the erosion of our national sovereignty.

Media hide it all away as Canada is morphed by government and globalists into a form of governance not a single Canadian citizen asked for.

What a wicked game they play. Government, media, as well as Pierre Trudeau-inspired Marxist academic institutions within our dying democracy.

This is the true story of the decimation of freedom and democracy within the dying Great White North.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau.










6 thoughts on “Why Democracy DIED THE DAY Justin Trudeau Became Prime Minister Of Canada”

  1. This POS has to go, not sure why he isn’t in jail already. He’s a traitor if there every was a PM that is. I’m not sure why nobody will arrest him. All his friends are Paedophiles. And he does nothing for his own country except raise taxes and spend our money on other country’s. Taxes by the way are against the law. But us Canadians we just continue to bend over and take it. Poor poor Canada. It makes me very sad.

    • A serious question, and one CAP cannot answer. Govt and media are in 2020 a united socialist force within society. Witness how COVID-19 is trans-forming Canada into a socialist nation-state like what occurred in Venezuela. All planned in advance with Justin Trudeau as primary puppet.

  2. Don’t forget the changes to the Bank of Canada Act. in 1974 to change our dollar into a DEBT note, yep, about now, after this weekend, we’re close to 100% of GDP with provincial and federal debt, Bank of Canada isn’t printing extra money onto Canada’s balance sheet, which would devalue our $, we’re borrowing it from others, and that bill will come due, and then they will sell resources in our ground, all our oil.gas, coal, minerals to pay the debt. Why is there any debt in this land, it’s nuts. and where is it borrowed from and who would have this to lend, it doesn’t exist, but just a balance sheet, but the interest in bears is real!!!!!!!!!!, Today, after the new funding budget, talk on Bloomberg TV about downgrading Canada’ s Bond Rating, so interest rates will now go up. This bill will come due one day, look at Argentina, in 1930’s it’s GDP was equal to USA. now they are bankrupt, and IMF has the screws to them for 40 years. so, it’s starting to look like their job is almost done, a new order out of chaos. Chairman Joseph Stalin once said, “death of one man is a tragedy, Death of 10,000 is a Statistic” and Canadian philosopher, and wise man, Stephan Molyneux said ” you can vote in socialism, but you have to fight to the death to get out”!


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