Why Cultural Action Party Invented Anglophone-Canadian Political Advocacy

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It’s an odd feeling to believe one has founded something unique— in addition to being truly post-modern. We speak of a social innovation — an unprecedented founding of a socio-political movement in Canada.

Not that the messaging has permeated our general citizenship. For the record, CAP has  never made even one dollar in profit. Rather, the point is that we believe our political party has innovated something unique within Canadian society.

It can be referred to this as “Anglophone-Canadian” activism– the advancement of civil rights for Canadians of Anglophone, Francophone, and European-Canadian heritage.

Thoughts On This:

When CAP first began to espouse these ideas, we were met with— no surprise—virulent accusations of racism and bigotry. 

Immediately we recognize the hypocrisy of our critics. Multicultural advocacy— conceptualized by ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau— has granted a degree of  of social privilege toward Canada’s 3rd World communities.

Pride in 3rd World identity, religion,culture and language has been socially acceptable since PET’s unilateral enforcement of “diversity” politics. Conversely, doing the same for European-Canadians has been branded racism.

Extent to which mainstream media has pointed out the hypocrisy inherent in so-called diversity ideology? It equals a total of nothing.

From an historical point of view, it is easy to understand why Anglophone Canadians fell behind in the prototype “woke globalist agenda” Pierre Trudeau introduced to Canada.

When multiculturalism began in the early 1970’s, there was no reason for Anglo-Canada to organize based community identity. In the year 1965, these folks comprised 95% of our population. Until Pierre Trudeau came along and changed its structure, 95% of immigrants to Canada came from Europe.

Pierre Trudeau changed all this—without a shred of buy-in from the Canadian people. Fast-foward to the era of PM Justin Trudeau, and Anglophone Canada is a shrinking demographic headed toward minority community status in Canada. 

Statistics Canada recently released demographic information which speaks to the future of our nation. Based on demography, immigration policy will transition white Canadians into a minority population within three decades.

Media are staying clear of this inevitability. Not once has CBC or Globe & Mail made reference to this reality.  CAP can see why. In 2022,  specious terms, the CBC is Justin Trudeau, Justin Trudeau is Pierre Trudeau, and by all rights, Pierre Trudeau is the founder of the demise of English Canada.

As a result, CAP did one thing that legacy media refuse to do regarding the social make-up of our nation—we thought ahead.

What have we visualized? How about…the day when Anglophone Canada transition to a minority community in need of social activism currently accorded to “racialized” communities.

Anyone know what government and media label such thoughts? Same thing as what Canadian universities call it— they call it RACISM.

The majority of Old Stock citizens permit PM Justin Trudeau to successfully brand our people “bigots, “xenophobes” and the like. We see the purpose in doing so: this way, human rights advocacy is exclusively held by Sikh, Muslim, Chinese and other “new arrival” communities. 

In colloquial terms, this is referred to as “a rip-off.” Within an authentically pluralist society ingrained with the diversity ethos, all communities must become part of the “multicultural banquet feast.” It is not the case, as Canadians of European heritage are excluded from Justin Trudeau’s post-modern party.

Media Overlook The Most Relevant Issue Of All:

Pierre Trudeau’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms(1982). One will not hear it from government or media, yet a salient fact exists:

Charter Rights can apply to “Anglophone Canadians, as well as 3rd World communities. Hands up those who have even once witnessed this expressed by our media. 

It has never happened, and there is a good reason for it. 

Since its inception in1982, Pierre Trudeau’s Charter has transitioned to a  political weapon to disempower Anglophone Canadians.  

For the past 40 years, Canada’s “multicultural” industry have leveraged the Charter to disparage and marginalize Old Stock Canada. They have been wildly successful.

We pose a question: within contemporary society, which person is most responsible for the ebb and flow of the sinking of English Canada?

CAP will go first: the answer is Justin Trudeau. Is this fellow an Anglophone-Canadian? Was his father? No and no. 

Witness as our communities arrive at a conundrum.  When we attempt to develop community pride in the same manner as 3rd World Canada, we are immediately branded by government-media as bigoted racists.

This informs CAP that our communities are under attack. Multiculturalism in Canada is not a policy or ideology so much as it is a weapon of attack. CBC bury all of this, as they have done since the day this “reverse-racist” policy was forced upon society.

What a trap it is– a veritable a “lose-lose” situation for our people. This is the real Canada of Justin Trudeau and the “cosmopolitan” posse of half-citizens and neo-communists in the Liberal Cabinet.

Justin Trudeau’s immigration policies are ensuring Anglo-Canadians transition to a minority community within a generation. As years pass, Anglo-Advocacy will become essential to the maintenance of our communities. 

Upon  which we pick holes within Trudeau’s concept of “progressive” governance. If the Feds were truly progressive, they would acknowledge a basic fact:

Times have changed. Canada’s current and future demography will find Anglophones joining “racialized” communities in a “minority status” designation.

We ponder this for a moment. When the time arrives–30-40 years, will minority rights suddenly transition to white Canadians? For CAP, it’s the question of a lifetime. For Toronto Star and National Post, it means nothing.

It is here we uncover what CAP call the “Great Globalist Trap.” Over the course of seven years in office, Justin Trudeau has successfully corralled “Old Stock” Canadians into a designation as hateful bigots. Will this change upon our transition to a minority community.

If readers believe so, we have a bridge to sell you called the “Lion’s Gate” in Vancouver. Mark our words–it will never happen.

Anglophone Canada is being set-up as the “fall guy” of Canadian society. Institutional Canada– government, media, academia, corporations– have been advancing the phenomenon for decades.

If our communities do not recognize these phenomena, and push-back accordingly, one day English Canada as it is known will fall.

These are the reasons why Cultural Action Party advocate for the very same rights as Muslim and Sikh Canada. It has nothing to do with superiority, and everything to do with what 3rd World Canada are so concerned with: Cultural Preservation.

2 thoughts on “Why Cultural Action Party Invented Anglophone-Canadian Political Advocacy”

  1. if the bc and the crtc really beleived in muiticulturlisuim why do we have 4 out of five t.v. channels broadcast in french only i remember when it was canadain law that all media was transfered in both languages and the parliment debate in voivce over instead of both language colsed caption why do i even need to ask bring this up and latly the audio on utube has been turned down so low with maxium volume it is not possible to hear the audio content and the english closed caption has been removed so the goverment doesnt need to bring in sensure legislation they have done it with simple ajustments and deletions not that anyone cares not people con not give two hoots what the politios are doing apathy reins free we are privey to the errosion of everything called right and freedoms starting with the charter of rights and freedoms the discharge of tresspass laws then break and enter laws then theift then drug trafficing and now fraud in claims for ompensation for everything called entitlement to residentcail school that stoped the extiction of native communities with a 50% death rate for tuberculosis at 5years old and a further death rate of 50% by the age of twenty so 75% of the indiginous community offspings were dead by age twenty this would require that 100% of the community birth 8 children to maintain the population. and that is why the catholi church interened by providing proper nutrition this dying and extiction driven community

  2. mean while the r.c.m.p.are left pwerless as the community in the schools allow the permeation if addictive opiate and sensory debilitating drugs into our most vunerable segment our kidds in schools using their bycycle as payment for drugs in compliance or stolen by fencing ring associate drugring conspirators while in full veiw of the police and recorded in vidio survvalence sucurity cameras at commnity residencal centers and storage facilities and in broad daylight and manigeral staff observation removing bicycle serial numbers and deliveries to shipping container facilties for export of up 500 bicycle ranging in value from 500 to6000$ each with many broken into parts actually being higher in value than whole bikes.this is all occurring because of the charter of freedom and rights as the police are powerless to enforce laws that have been overturned by the courts as drug addicts are a minority and afford charter protections including violent offenders and the right to bail and house arrest under probaton suppervision these rings are fencing 50 to 100k$ worth of kidds bikes every year.


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