Why Cultural Action Party Invented Anglophone-Canadian Political Advocacy

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It is indeed an odd feeling to believe one has founded something unique—as well as truly post-modern.  We speak of a true innovation within society—an unprecedented discovery which gains traction within a nation.

Not that CAP’s messaging has permeated our general citizenship. CAP has never made even one dollar in profit. Rather, the point is that we believe our political party has innovated something unprecedented within Canadian society.

One may refer to this as “Anglophone-Canadian” activism. It is an advancement of political organization of civil rights for Canadians of Anglophone, Francophone, and European-Canadian heritage.

Thoughts On This:

When CAP first began to espouse these ideas, we were met with—no surprise—virulent accusations racism and bigotry. No surprise here.

Think of the inherent hypocrisy of our critics. Multicultural advocacy— institutionalized by ex-Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau— awarded a certain form of social privilege to Canada’s 3rd World communities.

Pride in 3rd World identity, religion, culture and language has been socially acceptable since PET’s “diversity” enforcement.  Doing the same for European-Canadians was branded racism. 

Extent to which mainstream media in Canada pointed out the hypocrisy inherent in so-called “diversity” ideology? Nothing at all.

From an historical point of view, it is easy to understand why Anglophone Canada fell behind in prototype “globalist game” Pierre Trudeau forced upon our nation.

In these times, there was no reason for Anglo-Canada to organize based upon their identity. These folks comprised 95% of our population in the year 1965. Furthermore, until Pierre Trudeau came along, 95% of immigration to Canada was European-based.

Pierre Trudeau changed all this—without a shred of buy-in from the Canadian people. Fast-foward to the era of PM Justin Trudeau, and Anglophone Canada is a shrinking demographic headed toward minority community status in Canada. 

Media say nothing. Not have they ever once made reference to the community they mainly derive from. This is why Anglophone rights are essential for the continuation of our communities.

Degree to which CBC reference this social development? Zero. Extent to which Toronto Star, National Post, Globe & Mail and Montreal Gazette allude to this “post-modern” social development? Zero—nothing at all.

CAP can see why— because in specious terms, CBC is Justin Trudeau, Justin Trudeau is Pierre Trudeau, and Pierre Trudeau is the founder of the demise of English Canada.

Therefore, CAP did one thing that CBC Corporation  NEVER do regarding the future of Canada—we thought ahead.

What was it we visualized? The day when Anglophone Canada trans-ition to a community which require social activism in order to survive. 

Know what Canada’s “multicultural” institutions call this? Same thing as what Canadian universities call it— RACISM.

CAP see the trap government, media and academic Canada have laid out for us. Because of CBC etc, most Canadians buy it. 

The majority of Old Stock folks permit Justin Trudeau and his Globalist Liberal cultural assassins to successfully brand our people “bigots” and “xenophobes” in order to control us like cattle.

But not CAP. We say that Anglophone Canadians should be playing the very same game as the power-players in Sikh Canada and Muslim Canada— of which dozens derive from Liberal MP’s in the globalist stronghold of the Greater Toronto Area(GTA).

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Media Overlook The Most Relevant Issue Of All:

This is Pierre Trudeau’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms(1982). One would never know it by way of government or media, yet it is a fact that Charter Rights apply to “white Canada” as well as 3rd World Canada.

Hands up those who have even once read this within any Canadian media outlook in the past 40 years—or ever?

The answer is never. There is a very good reason for this:

The Charter is a social and political weapon for the purpose of disempowering Anglophone Canada, and transferring this power to 3rd World Canada. 

For the past 40 years, Canada’s “multicultural” industry have leveraged the Charter to disparage and marginalize Old Stock Canada. They have been wildly successful.

Within contemporary society, who would you say is the number one advocate of this disturbing phenomenon?

CAP will go first: PM Justin Trudeau. Is this fellow an Anglophone-Canadian? Was his father? No—and no. 100% overlooked, underplayed and shunned by every media organization in Canada.

Wanna know what white Canada’s basic problem is? When we attempt to develop community pride in the same manner as 3rd World Canada, we are immediately branded racist.

This informs CAP that our communities are under attack. Multiculturalism in Canada is not a policy or an ideology— it is a WEAPON. CBC bury all of this, as they have done since the day this “reverse-racist” policy was forced upon society.

Only thing is, when “they” do it, it is benevolent multiculturalism, and when “we” do it, it is malevolent racism.

What a sham. Talk about a “lose-lose” situation for our people. This is the real Canada of Justin Trudeau and his Anglo-Christian bashing posse of Liberal “cosmopolitian” members of Parliament.

As the years pass, Anglo-Advocacy will become essential to the maintenance of our communities. Justin Trudeau’s immigration policies are ensuring Anglo-Canadians transition to a minority community within a generation.

If our communities are not prepared when the time arrives, we may well fade into the social “sands of time” within Trudeau’s former Great White North.

Degree to which CBC and corporate media reference this ominous future social dynamic? You got it, fellow patriots—zero percent.


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