Why Christianity MUST HAVE A Religious “Revitalization” Within Justin Trudeau’s Canada

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This September will mark 25 years since a group of Sudbury parents had the Lord’s Prayer removed from Ontario public schools.

Philip Zylberberg and two other Sudbury parents won a decision saying the reciting of the prayer — and non-Christian children opting out by sitting in the hallway — violated Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms(Pierre Trudeau, 1982).

Zylberberg remembers being five years old in England and sitting outside his classroom listening to his friends say the Lord’s Prayer.

In 1985, he and two other parents, among them a Jew, Muslim and a non-believer, filed a lawsuit in 1985 under the Charter of Rights, which was new at the time.

Three years later, in September 1988, they won a decision against the Sudbury school board which had the Lord’s Prayer removed from all Ontario public schools.

Although a “dated” story, this situation gets CAP’s gears moving. What do we think of this Zylberberg fellow and his associates?

In caustic terms—they are fools. Why? Because they are attacking the religious institutions from which they personally derive. 

For CAP, this is quintessential “liberal-globalism.” The catalyst, of course, is ex-Prime Minister and communist enthusiast, Pierre Trudeau.

“The debate over the separation of church and state continues today, with the proposal by the Quebec government to ban the wearing of religious symbols in public workplaces.”

In 2020 Canada— in the capital of our nation— government has just made a decision to broadcast Islamic Ramadan prayers in the “city square.”

Presumably, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and others will all be privy to this. 

How does this “mesh” with the will of individuals to push to ban Christian prayers within society? 

Quick Answer: It doesn’t. Welcome to “post-modern” Canada—where privilege has trans-itioned to specific identifiable communities of a religious persuasion.

In the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, a mother started a petition in an effort to remove mandatory religious prayers from public schools in the province. 

Should prayers be included in classroom time in public schools? 

“I’m concerned that it really doesn’t have respect for the individual beliefs of the students,” said Hennenfent.  “I don’t understand the purpose of having religious worship for one religion at a public school.”

Tell us, Ms. Lady of Logic, regarding Ottawa blasting Islamic prayers into the streets of Canada’s capital city where over 90% of residents are non-Muslim.

Does this “honour” your moral judgement upon the situation? So you don’t agree with privilege and favouritism for one specific religion in Canada?What then does a person like yourself have to say about Mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson subjecting the majority of citizens to the Ramadan broadcast?

It could be that Ms. Thang is opposed. Only problem is, even if she as well as is general society stand inn opposition, this will never be posited by CBC.

Being “in-bed” with Justin Trudeau’s liberal globalism(read multiculturalism) is virtually every mainstream media publication in Canada will side with Mayor Watson’s decision.

For CAP, this is 2020 Canada. It will also be 2030, and 2040 Canada—and it will be far more extreme as time passes.

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Let us utilize this social dynamic to illustrate a vital point:

In Justin Trudeau’s Canada, Islam is good, and Christianity is bad. In truth, CAP could list 20 examples of King Justin’s punitive measures toward Canadian-Christians. 

Meanwhile, Trudeau & Co. are advancing the “full flowering” of the Nation of Islam in Canada,—while the Christian element of our nation is going straight downhill.

Abortion. Euthanasia. Transgenderism, Pride Parades— all anti-Christian, all backed to the hilt by the Trudeau government.

On the flip side, we have the Liberal-Globalist government of Canada’s ubiquitous approval of 99% of what myopic “multicultural” non-profits request from government.

How odd-ball. Or it would be— if CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star revealed this amazing hypocrisy resulting from our nation’s political “inversion.”

So what to do? For dedicated Christians, the answer is obvious. Canada must have a resurgence in Christianity, or government will continue on with dynamic until the Christian faith is meaningless—not to mention powerless.

Non-CBC Food For Thought:

It is a stone-cold fact that within communist nations, Christianity is not welcome. China is like this. Iran as well—along with pretty much every fundamentalist nation of the Middle East, as well as Africa.

More Hypocrisy: PM Trudeau refers to himself as a “Christian” and a Catholic. At the same time, the ruling Liberals have taken $2 Billion Canadian tax-dollars from our workforce, and shipped it over to Afghanistan, Somalia, Chad, Burkina Faso, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria and dozens more.

Turns out every nation listed has persecuted their Christian populations. Did you know? In Pakistan—home of half-citizen GTA MP Iqra Khalid, a Christian MUST pay an extra tax—simply due their their religion.

Degree of condemnation from Ms. Khalid? Not a peep. Seems only Canadians are “good enough” to be on the receiving end of racist accusations in this regard.

Let Canadians patriots become crystal clear on what is transpiring from all this globalist malarky:

Christian-Canada is seriously “down on its luck.” China-enthusiast Pierre Trudeau began this with his “Charter.” This effectively transferred power away from Parliament, and toward his liberal lawyer friends, as well as ideologically aligned Supreme Court judges.

To “double-down” on the matter, Pierre Trudeau forced “multiculturalism” upon society. Simply stated, CAP believe this ideology—and therefore legislation—promotes racism against “Old Stock” Canada.

Let us get a tad more dramatic here: if Christianity does not get off its butt, and proactively work toward a national revitalization, this religion will in time be decimated. 

The Trudeau Dynasty are for this. Communism calls for it. The Liberal MP contingent in the GTA—arguably the most powerful “committee” in federal politics—have little problem with this—none of them are Christians.

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Use it or lose it, brother and sister patriots. Just as Justin is in the process of eroding democracy in Canada, the erosion of Christianity’s presence in society is rolling forward.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Executor, Justin Trudeau.


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