Why Canadians Who Recall Canada Before Trudeau’s “Post-Modern Nation” Decree Should REJECT HIS LEADERSHIP

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Interesting how certain “buzz words” within the English language can set off feelings of anxiety for some people. 

One of these words—at least for this writer—fully qualifies in this regard: the word “Multiculturalism.” It was at the tender age of 15 that I came across this puzzling term. An instantaneous emotion response followed:

“This thing will one day have a harmful side-effect for millions of Canadians.”  This was in the year 1976. 

Fast forward to the year 2015.  Decades after Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau forced multicultural ideology upon society, another Trudeau—this time son Justin— issued a proclamation in the style of Papa Pierre:

“Canada is a post-modern nation,” went his refrain. This got the old brain cells churning once again. What does this actually mean? It sounded rather ominous. Curiously, no media entity chose to elaborate on Trudeau’s commentary.

Of course, Trudeau Jr. is above articulating the actual meaning of the term. Therefore, what can a CAP do but offer our own interpretation.

Canada is absolutely “Post-Something”— but what this entails has yet to be elucidated by any media outlet. A guess from CAP– Canada is now “post-democratic.”

CAP believe that Mr. Trudeau and his Cabinet cabal are transitioning our country away from a traditional form of democratic governance. The examples are manifold. We have already delivered enough anecdotal evidence to fill a Ford 350 pick-up truck.

We offer just one more at this time: Covid-19. From our perspective, China’s virus contagion has an alternate impact: as a disguise for a globalist agenda of political transformation.

You see, CAP believe that the “days are numbered” for democracy in the dying Great White North. This we attribute to an original catalyst— ex-Liberal PM, Pierre Trudeau.

Who is the next most responsible PM in Canadian history? Simple as pie—Justin Trudeau. Degree to which CBC and the rest allude to this concept?

You got it, fellow patriots—the answer is ZERO%.

CAP find this fascinating. Think about the number of establishment media articles in the past 40 years which have critiqued institutionalized “diversity” within our nation?

Simply put—there are none. In the same capacity, we find Justin’s “post modern—as well as his “no core identity” utterance—to be completely devoid of media scrutiny.

Is our lack of a core permanent? Will another so-called core come to take the place of whatever core existed previously? Did you know that once upon a time Canada had a core based upon a bi-cultural English and French- Canadian identity?

Are Canadians aware Pierre Trudeau cancelled this by his own accord, and replaced it with Multiculturalism?

Back to this “post” business. How about a post-freedom of speech Canada? Anyone entertain the thought of a post- Old Stock Canadian Canada?

So many questions—total silence from Trudeau’s media puppets. Sick, isn’t it?

But in truth, that’s what our people now have on their hands—a tainted, globalist-dominated society devoid of concern for English Canada, Anglophones, Christian-Canadians, elderly, veterans, the Canadian-born, Conservatives, nationalists and patriots.

If this is the case, there must be some form of over-riding concern at play. For CAP, this is found in an agenda of political, economic, and national transformation Justin Trudeau is presently delivering to our dying democracy.

Who’s boss now? United Nations, World Health Organization, “Covid-Queen” Dr. Teresa Tam, Africa, Iran, China, billionaire bankers, geo-political Islam, and the rest of PM Trudeau’s priority entities.

FOOD-FOR-THOUGHT:  Why Canadian Media Do Not Report NEGATIVE OUTCOME of Immigration Policy Upon “Old Stock” Canada

In specious terms, Mr. Justin has been PM for five years, and has yet to make a political, social or economic decision which benefits Old Stock Canada.

As it happens, in general media are Old Stock Canadians—yet they utter not a single word about this concept. Strange, isn’t it?

Presently, CBC and other media outlets are hiding the fact that one day in the future, Anglophone Canada will become a bona fide “minority” community.

Now, please consider how present-day “minorities” feel about their demographic status. If you can believe their community leaders and 3rd World journalists, being a member of a minority community is AWFUL.

So why then should Anglophones, Christians and related communities put up with their demographic transformation? More than likely, for one simple reason:

They do not know it is coming there way. Who is responsible for this lack of awareness? Simple as apple pie: our ruling government, and establishment media.

Think this to be the extent of the ominous predictions? Not quite. Think of the “multicultural” dynamic at play. Consider the concept of “Pride” within our myriad communities.

Sikh-Canadian pride? Good to go. LGBT pride—for certain. Islamic, Chinese, Somalian pride—for sure, eh?

Anglophone pride—now that is racism. It is here that Old Stock Canadians can witness the punitive nature of multiculturalism, liberalism, globalism, as well as the Trudeau family in particular.

Are millions of Canadians of European heritage simply disinterested, or have they been manipulated by a long-term, incremental agenda toward community alienation?

CAP will take the latter in the wink-of-an-eye. Our people are down on their luck, and under-the-thumb of a brand of pseudo-socialism borrowed from dictatorships of modern history.

In these cases, media always play the primary roll of obfuscating the true agenda. Is this what CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star are up to at the moment?

CAP rest our case— now you be the judge.


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