Why Canadians CANNOT Differentiate Between True Democracy and Trudeau’s Pseudo-Dictatorship

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As students of political history realize, there are nations which over time will change from one form of governance to another.

The transition may be understood by the general public. However, in other instances, this progression takes on a more “subtle form.”

There are examples where said political change is forced upon society—for example, by a despotic ruler.  Military “coups” have also had this result. In other cases, the changes difficult to recognize. Changes in recent legislation, or new laws created by incoming governments.

Sticking with political theory, there is a demarcation between two inter-related styles of government— communism and socialism. Within a communist country, a citizens clearly understand that their ruling government is  communist—for example, in China.

In other cases, the citizenship may be unaware, or has been “coerced” into believing their ruling government is democratic, while reality suggests some thing different.

In this regard, it makes reasonable sense that when a democracy is in its beginning stages of transition, the general populace lack an awareness of the orientation of the ruling government. This leads to the  “socialist” stage within the historical continuum of a nation.

As mentioned, the methodology applied is subtle and incremental. It takes a great deal of pre-planning. Indeed, the variables for success are many. For example, if government did not have “partner” in the media component of the picture, it may be nearly impossible to have a successful result.

For CAP, this is the condition Canada is in right now. A number of traditional freedoms seem to have dissipated into thin air.

How about democratic accountability from government ? When was the last time a federal government of Canada remained cognizant of the will of “the people?”

By way of Trudeau government and media partners,  it appears that some people count, and others do not. But the interpretation of such a thing varies from person to person, and from community to community.

CAP believe Anglophone-Canadians are pathetically “low priority” for our ruling government. Conversely, others believe that “white privilege” is endemic within society.

Others appear to want to decimate what Canada has always stood for, and usher in a post-modern society. CAP believe this is the goal of our current Liberal government.

Within an authentic democracy, the “people” actually mean something. They are not simply a number, an ideology, political pawn, or a tool utilized to establish a pseudo-dictatorship.

Likewise, state and corporate media are not designed to be political “missionaries” out to seduce the psyches of our citizenship.

Perhaps some day our stressed out, distracted populace may pick up on the fact that within Justin Trudeau’s “No Core Identity” Canada, only one singular form of democracy remains:

This occurs for 24 hours every four years—federal voting day. For the remaining 1459 days within a four-year term, the general public are “shut ins”— we couldn’t influence the decision-making of the Trudeau Liberals if we were a reincarnation of Clark Kent.

Through this interim, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals control every aspect of society—even as a “minority” government!

CBC say nothing.  As it happens, there must be a cool 20 million Canadians or so may have otherwise “tuned-in” this wicked game.

They do not. Even passive Canadians would become alarmed at these nefarious developments.  Imagine our citizenship comprehend how the immigration policy in Canada is facilitating government’s move toward pseudo-socialism.

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Does this mean new migrants are bad people? No. As an aside, I am observing large numbers of new arrivals from Iran, Africa, and China walking the streets of Vancouver, Canada.

From what I can tell, these folks have absolutely no idea what is going on politically, or how they are being used by government to achieve total control of Canada by the Liberals.. After all,  how many brand-new immigrants to Canada truly understand the political dynamics at play?

Here we reference one of the few pieces of Canadiana that liberal-globalism has not yet decimatedHockey Night in Canada(well, Don Cherry is toast– ) it is the government and media’s “powerplay” that is winning the game for the globalists. This relationship is critical to the political transformation of which we speak.

True or False? Within communist nations, the ruling government has full control over the nation’s media. The messaging government wants delivered to the public,  is delivered to the public. There is no choice here—do it,  or risk trouble from authorities.

For CAP, the jail time may not be here yet, but the “pseudo-communism” element has surely arrived.

Consider thus: Justin Trudeau’s immigration policy may in the long-term result in the Liberal’s winning every seat in parliament.

What is the reason to hold federal elections if the Liberals control 98% of federal ridings? How much funding will the Conservatives, NDP or Greens pick up on this basis?

How about Corporate donations? Union donations? Environment monies for the Greens. Tax-deductible private citizenship donations.

Why do it when the entire process is futile? There you go, Canada—the end of democracy in Canada.

Media are silent. CBC allude not one iota to this potential outcome.

Why? Because the success of pseudo-socialism  relies on a full cooperation with a nation’s media enterprises. Without this, Trudeau would fail.


4 thoughts on “Why Canadians CANNOT Differentiate Between True Democracy and Trudeau’s Pseudo-Dictatorship”

  1. FOR THE GOOD OF THE COUNTRY Canada must replace and get rid immediately of this hipocrat arrogant ignorant PM AND HIS USELESS LIBERAL GROUP! Let us vote DOUG FORD FOR PRIME MINISTER! ANDREW SCHEER DID NOT SHOW LEADERSHIP!

  2. FOR THE GOOD OF THE COUNTRY Canada must replace and get rid immediately of this hipocrat arrogant ignorant PM AND HIS USELESS LIBERAL GROUP! Let us vote DOUG FORD FOR PRIME MINISTER! ANDREW SCHEER DID NOT SHOW LEADERSHIP!

  3. Even the dumbest Liberal must realize that Trudeau is out to destroy Canada, but still stand by and watch him without raising a voice to stop him. Why?

    • When government and media are united in presentation it is a sign of communism infiltrating a society.

      Alexandre Trudeau, brother of PM Justin Trudeau:

      “I could be very harsh[on China], and you could find stories that are disgusting, but in a way I’m HARSHER ON CANADA.”


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