Why Canadian Media Ignore World Wide ANTI-HIJAB Movement

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Ordinary Iranians are mounting protests that refuse to go away, despite a sharp response from the authorities.

The demonstrations began to make news last year, focusing largely on economic hardship. As those protests continued in cities around the country, another movement emerged:

Young women standing up against the enforcement of conservative Muslim strictures on their dress and behaviour.

“These types of protests have gone on for years, mostly unnoticed outside Iran.”

No kidding. CAP cannot recall a single article from CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest of the Liberal-Puppet media in Canada which even alludes to the “anti-Hijab” movement. Regardless of location, as in within oppressive fundamentalist Islamic nations or within non-Muslim nations, Canadian media eschew this decidedly “feminist” movement.

Why? The ruling government of Canada, along with Liberal PM Justin Trudeau, have consistently positioned “feminism” as a core social issue within their approach to governance.

And yet, enforced Hijab-wearing-– a misogynist, repressive measure of anti-female ideology, has never been addressed by Canadian government, media and academia.

How odd-ball this is. So what can be learned from this ubiquitous example of social hypocrisy?

CAP will go first: For Justin Trudeau and company, this means that Islam is more important than feminism. In fact, CAP boldly state the following: Islam is more important to Justin Trudeau than any other aspect of Canadian society.

“Atefeh Ahmadi, a 29-year-old freelance translator from Tehran, says she was intrigued when she started seeing the resurgence of images and videos of women standing on electrical boxes in public squares and removing their headscarves.”

Then on March 8th — International Women’s Day she tried a new kind of protest.

“Me and two of my friends went to the subway,” she says. “We sat in the women-only car and sang a well-known feminist song. We also handed out pamphlets promoting women’s rights.”

In the song’s chorus, the trio repeated the words: “I am a woman.” Ahmadi says they were almost arrested that day but managed to escape.

How sweet. Welcome to the anti-female Iranian regime. Degree to which CBC and the rest expose this anti-hijab social phenomenon– 0%.

Under Iran’s strict interpretation of Islam that’s melded with government since 1979, women and girls over the age of 9 are required to cover their heads and everything but the face and hands. Offenders face fines or jail time.

And not one word of condemnation from Trudeau, Minister of Status of Women, MP Maryam Monsef, or any other Liberal MP. CAP can understand why.

For one thing, MP Monsef is a migrant from either Iran or Afghanistan–no one knows for sure. Turns out Monsef is a fundamentalist, Sharia law-supporting Muslim.

What kind of choice is this person to hold the “Minister of Feminism” portfolio? Justin Trudeau selected a person who follows archaic, backward and misogynist Sharia law. What an incredibly poor choice!

That’s Justin Trudeau for you–always ready to play hypocrite for the purpose of advancing his new globalist order within the dying “Great White North.”

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In late 2017, police said they would stop arresting people for dress code violations. But harassment of women by the “morality police” continued.

“Ahmadi says public awareness of the issue has grown, however. Some of the arrested women were forced to make televised confessions, which Ahmadi says only incensed the public more, and generated more debate around the issue.”

Stone cold silence from CBC.  Not a word in Globe & Mail. Exactly who are these people working for?

Ah, yes–the billion dollar question. Based upon all that has transpired since Justin Trudeau seized control of the consciousness of Canadian society, one could easily surmise that it is international forces which are now controlling Canadian mainstream media.

United Nations, Nation of Islam, George Soros global banking and media monstrosity, as well as his “Open Border Foundation.” Ever heard of this Soros character? He is yet another component of the new globalist order that our media entities refuse to expose.

In 2014, a social media campaign spread rapidly, featuring images of Iranian women photographing themselves in public without their hijab. In 2018 public protests against mandatory veiling swept the nation, with women standing publicly without headscarves in protest.

Yet in their infinite wisdom, the Trudeau government washed their hands of the entire affair. Again,the tenets of Islam take precedence over the democratic principle freedom of choice.

In a related capacity, please consider this reality: our ruling government and media puppets not only stear clear of any form of anti-Hijab push back, they also ignore the practice of Sharia law in totality.

Ever hear Justin or a Liberal MP condemn Sharia law? Yes–on the 12th of Never. Ever see MP Maryam Monsef speak negatively or critically regarding any element of the Islamic faith?

Sharia Law. Female Genital Mutilation.Child Marriage. ISIS, Islamic terrorism or any other element of Islamic ideology. Never–not a single word. And this is the person Justin Trudeau appointed as Canada’s leading “feminist.”

How bizarre the man is. What else can sensible Canadians conclude regarding the Liberal government’s relationship with geo-political Islam? Not one word of criticism from Trudeau.

Rather, Canada’s global-boy is sending billions of Canadian tax-payer dollars to selected Middle Eastern/Islamic/African governments. The total pay-out is in the area of $2 Billion Dollars.

Nations Justin Trudeau Is Giving  Hundreds of Millions Of Canadian Tax-Payer Dollars:

Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey, Somalia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Mali, Jordan, Sudan, Lebanon, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Chad, Yemen, Pakistan, Uganda, Burundi, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso.

Notice a common theme here, fellow patriots? Obvious as heck, isn’t it? Or is it? Fact is, Canadian media hide all this and much more away from 37.7 Million Canadian citizens.

So whose side is Canadian media on? Simple as heck–the same side Justin Trudeau is on–that of the Nation of Islam.

Now, following this along in a logical manner, what message does this deliver to sensible Canadians? It’s really not that complicated– it is obvious that “international” forces are controlling media content in Canada–not the actual publishers.

CAP Red Flag Time: Guess what, fellow patriots–Justin Trudeau has trans-formed Canada into a “puppet-nation.” Within this “post-modern” puppet dynamic, Trudeau has transitioned our nation into a globalist entity.

Those controlling our nation come from beyond our borders. This is PM Trudeau’s true contribution to Canada. From sovereign nation to globalist nation-state. From freedom of the press to communist media slavery. From Christianity to Islam.  From freedom of speech to socialist government media crackdown.

Meanwhile, media play their part by obscuring these axiomatic changes in social policy. As it happens, the Hijab dynamic functions as the perfect microcosm for the hypocrisy of Justin Trudeau, as well as providing tangible insight into a fundamental truism:

Democracy as it was known for the first 153 years of Canada’s existence is dead. The death began with Pierre Trudeau becoming Canadian prime minister, and our ultimate burial has been institutionalized by son Justin Trudeau.









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  1. Easy to see how this is going. It was demanded of me to remove my baseball cap or be refused my flight or worse at Toronto Int airport after arguing my point. A woman or man who could say was in front of me and without hesitation waved through to boarding. I approached and was told to remove my cap. I refused and said the person who just passed through in some sort of headgear that covered her/his head and most of the face didn’t have to remove theirs so I am not removing mine. It escalated to the point where warnings were issued so my wife encouraged me to back down. What a joke if this is for safety of passengers etc this is completely wrong, not hard to see where this country is headed.


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