Why Canadian Media Do Not Report NEGATIVE OUTCOME of Immigration Policy Upon “Old Stock” Canada

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If one were to accurately comment on the current state of Canadian media in political terms, it makes sense to first attempt to describe mainstream media’s political orientation.

Anyone who reads our articles knows that CAP believe media to be skewed toward Liberal-Globalism. The basic feeling is that CBC indulge in delivering a brand of political commentary that aligns with the Liberal-Globalist government ideology of PM Justin Trudeau.

As do CTV, and others. This suggests a certain form of influence, widely known as propaganda. Didn’t Canadian leftist Marshall McLuhan preach such a thing?

Within contemporary Canada, a curious paradox exists. Perhaps some readers can relate to the idea that Canadian media is—ostensibly anyway— controlled by Canadian entities.

For example, if you look at the names and titles of publishers and editors for the Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and National Post, one would conclude Canadian media is owned by domestic entities.

Immigration policy informs us that massive changes in society will occur between 2020-2030. These are the years designated by the ruling Liberals to import the largest quantity of migrants since our nation was founded in 1867.

What CAP really want to understand: Why is it that Canadian media stalwarts never speak the future of our nation as it relates this development? 

How many prognostications are delivered regarding, for example, Canada’s Anglophone-Christian percentage of our population in 2035? For a government that currently maintains the highest immigration quotas on earth, Justin Trudeau’s government has nothing to say about the following:

Which nations does Canada receive the most migrants from? Is it China, India, or Iran?

How this impacts “the rest of us”— will our “traditional” communities thrive under these circumstances?  How about a breakdown of current and future birth-rates?  Are Old Stock Canadians having less, or more, children these days?

In terms of federalism, how many ridings out of 338 are today majority population 3rd World ridings? Are there constituencies at present  in which white Canadians are currently minority communities? Indeed there are many. What are the related projections in this regard for the year 2038?

All of this without exception is diffused by our ruling government. Has CBC ever presented these demographic destinies in terms of what they truly are— unilateral, non-democratic ordinances from King Justin Of Canada, as well as previous federal governments?

Once upon a time, Statistics Canada would issue the odd prognostication of the demographic destiny of the dying Great White North.

Then suddenly, our ruling government concluded Canadians were not worthy of this information. Justin decided not to give us a choice in the matter, in the same way Papa Pierre Trudeau never gave Canadians a choice in his enforcement of what the globalists call “multicultural policy.”

HIDDEN BY MEDIA: Canadian Billionaire Barry Sherman Murdered DAYS AFTER Trudeau Fundraiser Investigation Launch

Yet another state of reality within Trudeau’s Liberal-3rd World-Globalist government tossed aside by media: Is it really a falsehood that 2020 Immigration policies are devoid of an element of social engineering?

Seems to CAP that if StatsCan once informed us that Caucasian-Canadians will transition to a minority community in due time, this qualifies as a political act of social engineering— in true socialist fashion.

Stone-cold silence from establish media. What’s the deal here? Are common sense Canadians to believe that our country’s leading journalists cannot deduce the points expressed within this article?

Are these Canadian-educated not the supposed “intelligencia” of Trudeau’s “post-modern society? If so, why do they refrain from entertaining the notion of the FUTURE of our nation from a demographic perspective?

True or false—Canada has the highest per-capita immigration intake policy on planet earth. Yet—incredibly— CBC, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star lend more credence to the outcome of Hockey Night In Canada’s scorecard for Saturday.

CAP Conclusion: The must be a reason for this. With an attempt to stick to logic, one may conclude that media in general are fully aligned with the Trudeau government in general.

Ask yourself— why wouldn’t Justin Trudeau, ex-Immigration Minister MP Ahmed Hussen and current Liberal Immigration Minister MP Marco Mendicino want 20 Million Old Stock Canadians to comprehend what is going on?

Simple as Maple Syrup: because we would NOT like it. Therefore, a complicit media bury the entire affair.

Fair for millions of Anglophones, Francophones, Christians, First Nations and Conservative citizens of Canada? How about for the elderly, veterans, and those remaining alive who fought for the maintenance of democracy within western nations?

Of course not. Conversely, the entire agenda is what media will never allude to in any capacity— the agenda is, in truth, punitive toward our people.

Naturally, there must be a goal, or long-term vision by government for the outcome of this social dynamic.

CAP Opinion On The Goal: For everyday Justin Trudeau remains prime minister, Canada incrementally transitions from a true democracy to a pseudo-dictatorship.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Executor, Justin Trudeau.


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  1. I will repeat what I have said many times since he was elected. Welcome to the communist country of Canada brought to you by our corrupt leader Justin Trudeau. By the way,Justin suffers from a very debilitating disorder called LBMS. Little Big Man Syndrom. My wish is that he will burn in hell for all eternity.


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