Why Canadian Media COVER UP Justin Trudeau’s Assault On English Canada

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“Obsessive.” This term is thrown around a lot within the world of CAP. We have been accused of extreme paranoia, spreading hate and generally being awful and nasty “right-wing” zealots. Fair enough– this we can live with.

What is infinitely more challenging is accepting and/or understanding the following:

Why does the collective Canadian media–CBC, Globe & Mail and others– cover-up the globalist assault upon“Old Stock” Canada, when the publishers, editors and major journalists of these media outlets are themselves Old Stock Canadians?

What a giant question in CAP’s opinion. What a mere speck of dust within society as a whole. To illustrate, one example– unprecedented , giant immigration quotas are impacting society in a nation-changing manner. Third World immigration will within three decades trans-sition White Canadians to a minority community.

Pretty dramatic stuff–and media say nothing about it. In fact, CAP has yet to see a single mainstream news article which opines on this demographic inevitability. Is this supposed to be some kind of benign, meaningless development?

The answer, of course, is yes. Media refuse to write about the future of Canada from a perspective of future community demographics. Why would they do this?

The only answer can be that media want 37.5 million Canadians to never think about our pending transition to a minority–yet Andrew Coyne, John Ivison, Chantal Hebert and Terry Glavin are part of the community designated for minority status. What’s up with that?

Globalism, that’s what. Justin Trudeau, Gerald Butts, MP Ahmed Hussen--that’s also what is up–a triumvirate of anti-Anglophone globalist warriors out to deceive the good people of Old Stock Canada.

Why would this scenario exist within a so-called “liberal democracy?” What does it say to our people when media back a government agenda of social manipulation and trans-formation?

For CAP, it means elements of communism have infiltrated the former “Great White North.” An alignment of political goals between government and media suggests one simple scenario–that communism has arrived in Canada.

How does media function in Trudeau family-hero nations of China and Cuba? Simple–government control all media. This enables the successful manipulation of the minds of a nation’s citizenship, and this is exactly what Trudeau and Butts now have in place in Canada.

The cover-up works something like this: fool 37.5 million Canadians into believing the top priority social issues in Canada are the topics published in the Toronto Star and National Post.

Run down all institutions which fall outside the desired goals of the Liberal-Globalist agenda. Climate Change. Andrew Scheer’s “anti-abortion” position. Present Wexit as unfeasible. Conservatives are racists, white Canadians are bigots. Continue until sensible Canadians become sick to their stomachs.

What is this accomplishing? For one, the cover-up of a demographic and ideological war against 152 years of Canadian identity and cultural heritage. Remember “The Mountie Always Gets Their Man?” 

Does this not seem like an ancient artifact of history? Sure it does–and this is not merely a coincidence– government is out to destroy all traditional elements of Canadian cultural identity–Communism 101 in CAP’s books.

When’s the last time you read a serious article which analyzes the impact of forty years of multicultural policy in Canada? How about the impact on Anglophone Canada by way of multiculturalism?  How about how Old Stock Canadians actually feel about these transformations?

Answer: “Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.” Zilch-not a single word. Now, please do tell– why would the most significant societal developments in over a century be tossed aside in this manner?

CAP Response: Because all of this is calculated, and pre-meditated. Meaning there are forces working this agenda on behalf of nefarious globalist institutions pushing for the dissolution of English Canada.

Who are some of these characters? Why, this would be the prime minister of the nation under assault–Justin Trudeau.  Also, commie-advisor Gerald Butts. Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen. Beyond these people, United Nations, George Soros “Open Society Foundation” as well as geo-political Islam,and Sikh Nationalism.

These are the entities Justin Trudeau works for–and thereby, the forces CBC and establishment media also work for. What does this mean for English Canada, Anglophone Canada, and Christian Canada?

T-r-o-u-b-l-e-– that’s what it means. Unless, of course, one is a snowflake Liberal who either desires their cultural decimation, or is a victim of the globalist propaganda lies of Trudeau, Butts and the rest of the Liberal cultural assassins.

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This, fellow patriots, is Liberal-Third World-Globalist Canada. It is the reality of the state-of-our-nation under the pseudo-communist government of Justin Trudeau. What form of governance is a Trudeau family favourite?

All three Trudeau boys–Justin, brother Alexandre and Pierre before them have expressed their preference for communism over democracy. Pretty much hammers the final nail into the coffin as far as CAP is concerned.

English Canada— you have been hoodwinked. As we speak, your nation is being stolen from you. The reason it is being done so effectively is because Canadian media work for Justin Trudeau.

The result is an obfuscation of what is presently occurring within Canadian society– our government and media are transitioning our nation from democracy to dictatorship. The designated villains are Anglophone Canadians.

One more generation of this social and political reality, and English Canada is finished as a living entity within Canadian society.







7 thoughts on “Why Canadian Media COVER UP Justin Trudeau’s Assault On English Canada”

  1. It won’t take 8 years to destroy Canada, he has done a great job of that already . Maybe the tax payers, the bosses of this what was our great country will have to take back the power, the say . When farmers have vultures & other animals destroying their lives , animals, livestock they get rid of then or train them to behave or go away or put up with the consequences.

  2. Brad you are absolutely right with all your statements written in this article. Excellent job Brad. I wish ALL Old Stock Canadians would read this article, understand, comprehend it and realize the consequences of what is happening in our country and hopefully take up arms and fight back against this atrocity against the values and beliefs of the REAL CANADIANS. Let us ALL work together to stop this heinus path we are being led down. First we must take down the media that is spinning this narrative, this atrocity and hopefully relieve Justin Trudeau, Butts, Hussen, Soros and the UN of the power they are asserting against Canada and US the REAL LOYAL CANADIANS and all the past PATRIOTS OF CANADA!!! I believe these actions and agenda are the most disloyal and traitorous actions in Canadas history and should be delat with using the Rule of Law in Canada.

    • thanks so much for your thoughts on the CAP writing–Old Stock Canada is getting hoodwinked by the Trudeau Globalists who are stealing Canada from Anglophone Canadians as we speak…

    • My comment is still waiting for moderation. I believe that is because of the statement in my post about taking up arms and fight back. That comment isn’t advocating violence or picking up guns. It means to inform as many Canadians about this atrocity and show that legally we can make a difference. Inform, educate old stock Canadians and lobby the government to stop this nonesense and become loyal Canadians. Stop pandering to the UN and all the world and leaving Canadians on the hook to “SAVE” the world. It is not our responsibility. We have many of our own problems in Canada to take care of. We cannot afford to pay hundreds of thousands of migrants bills or support them. We are having enough trouble supporting ourselves. Stop immigration for a while and let us recuperate from all the taxation, support and donations to foreign countries. I say boycott all the leftist media, remove ourselves from the UN and get Trudeau and the Liberals out of government. They are the architects of Canadas demise.

  3. I cannot understand how this evil PM can get away with all his wrong-doings.
    Andrew Sheer is an honorable man while JT dosnt know the meaning of the word. How can all this horribleness go on in our Canada? What is happening is shades of Hitler.
    God help us all.

  4. We need to take Trudeau ,his party and all these media giants to court for crimes against our Constitution/Human rights/and using Communistic methods of governing us. We need successful lawyers to help us take back our country NOW! ( My gut instincts since November, ever since watching what PM Scott Morrison was doing to Australia, selling out all the resources and land to China , including all the water reservoirs , needed to fight fires with, instead China conglomerates draining them and selling the water back to China.)..I knew then that since Trudeau and his predecessors had already let China infiltrate BC and the realestate market, when it was at a all time low, that this would happen…Is this not Treason ? Why he is hiding in his cottage. Why is he building a Chinese army along our borders. Is he afraid of the Canadian people rising up in arms, even leaving Canada for the USA, to be under an old stock ruling system, since he plans on taking ours down!!! Or is it to keep the USA from helping us fight him and his plans for a CCP regime ruling here??? He needs to go , and it needs to be now before election. He is allowing these multinationals in here now, as they have run out of land with any good resources, and so that there will be enough of them to form another party like the CCP , and they will win the next election…and they will, we are screwed, unless we get him out now! He is a coward and he has criminally torn our country and the Constitution apart.


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