Why Canada’s White Media Advance Black Lives Matter, 3rd World POWER IN CANADA

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For Cultural Action Party of Canada, certain observations tend to stick a perpetual “bee in our bonnet.” Leaving behind the inherent “grandmother” image, we hereby speak of one of the most ironic, absurd observations regarding present-day society.

 Globe & Mail As A Media Microcosm:

“In 2014, the then-publisher Philip Crawley announced the recruitment of a former staffer returned from afar, David Walmsley as Editor-In-Chief.

A mere six years back this is. The point being that these names are very much Anglophone in etymology– the history of names. Turns out there are few media entities in Canada that are as fervently dedicated to what CAP refer to as “Anglo-Bashing” as the G & M.

Fact is, an analysis of G & M social and political positioning find their publishers, editors and leading journalists to all be decidedly pro-Black Lives Matter. When covering off news issues related to Islamic Canada, once again G & M are on-board with advancing the “3rd World” agenda within the equation.

Sikh-community Komagata Maru racism? The Globe pushes it in full effect. Chinese Head Tax in the year 1905? Racism at its pinnacle, states a team of Anglo-Canadian G & M writers.  In other words, a comprehensive system of media support for a plethora of Anglophone-Trashing “multicult” not-for-profits and refugee-pushers.

Top journalists “in the house?” A certain John Ivison, of Irish ancestry. John Ibbitson, Christian name of early medieval English origin. 

Salient Question Of National Seduction:

Why on earth is this happening? Why would a top Canadian media corporation controlled by 1st World Canadians place the communities from which they derive on the “hot seat” by branding white Canadians racists and bigots?

Why would this most curious media entity back BLM rather than WLM?

Don’t you know, fellow patriots? White Lives Matter is racism–while Black Lives Matter is “multiculturalism.”

How insane. What difference should it make in this regard? WLM does NOT suggest a single iota of racism–in objective terms.But course, logic and objectivity are nothing to the Liberal-Globalist posse of Justin Trudeau.

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Theirs are socialist and communist tactics–therefore based 100% upon emotion and rhetorical political propaganda–just as it is done in Cuba, China, and other communist societies.


There you go, fellow patriots– not a 3rd World individual in the entire lot. Truly, the list is “Anglophone City”— so why the malevolency toward their OWN PEOPLE?

Darn good question, eh? And for certain one which will never be addressed by government, media, academia, corporate Canada, or any other of our country’s fundamental institutions.

Why not? Simple as Nova Scotia Apple Pie— because this SPEAKS VOLUMES– that’s why.

From Globe & Mail, March 28th, 2018: “Systemic Racism? There’s Plenty To See Here” says  the headline.

Is is through this Canadians can come to understand a profound incongruity within to Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” society.

Canadian media are fully dedicated to the trashing of the communities from which they personally derive. A natural, “organic” development? Not on your Grandma’s life. Only by way of a program of calculated political seduction can such a result be produced.

Now for the “bad news”— this is our Canada, ladies and gents. The situation is one of covert post-modern warfare.

From CAP’s perspective, this is an affirmation of an agenda of political subterfuge designed to steal Canada from its rightful ownerswhile transitioning our country to a quasi-socialist dictatorship.

End of Story.

— Brad Salzberg, Founder of CAP(Est. 2016)



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