Why Canada’s Weak Covid-19 Response? Trudeau WORKS FOR CHINA

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“A small, specialized unit within the Canadian military’s intelligence branch began producing detailed warnings about the emergence of the deadly novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China in early January, 2020, CBC News has learned.”

For at least one of the country’s leading intelligence experts, the fact that the unit was tracking the COVID-19 outbreak and reporting on it [in January, 2020] raises serious questions about information-sharing within the federal government — and its possible failure to heed early warning signs.

Fascinating information, no? Now what can a political media outfit known as CAP glean from this discovery?

First of all, an astute political observer must point out what CBC News never will–an affinity between the communist government of China’s approach to Covid-19, and that of the Trudeau government of Canada.

It is well understood that the Chinese government control media output. Therefore, if said institution wants to protect their culpability in Coronavirus, they instruct their media to do this very thing.

Underplay, deflect responsibility, procrastinate, delay, propagandize. Minimize the numbers, deliver “fake news”–the whole nine yards.

Is it happens, there was a time when Canadian society–specifically government and media, did not emulate this form of social manipulation. Then Justin Trudeau became prime minister, and bang zoom–  CBC and the rest trans-itioned to media propaganda outlets.

Canada “dragged its feet” on properly responding to China’s latest biological epidemic. Heck, even the top military brass in our nation says so.

“We can confirm that CFINTCOM started to report on COVID-19 starting January 2020,” Lt. Hrayr Karageozia, a spokesperson for the military intelligence branch, said in an email.

So why didn’t the Trudeau government engage in  socially responsible behaviour, and warn 37.7 Million Canadians that Covid could be coming our way?

Is this not the prudent decision for PM Trudeau to make? Darn right it is. It is an irrefutable fact that a top priority of government is the safety, security and good health for all Canadians.

So why didn’t King Justin take this path? Quick Answer–CAP has no idea. Rather, we are forced to speculate. Government won’t tell us. CBC, CTV and Globe & Mail will be prevented by Trudeau from disseminating the rationale.

CAP Speculation: Because Justin Trudeau, Liberal Health Minister Patty Hadju and the rest do not work for Canadians. These forces do not place the health and welfare of those who pay them billions in taxes, only to have these billions shipped off to Africa and the Middle East to please their despotic dictators.

Instead, Trudeau & Co. work for China. CAP has maintained this attitude since the day King Justin placed the Canadian crown upon his head. And not only China– Saudi Arabia(killing Alberta Oil Sands), Sikh Nationalism( GTA 3rd World political powerhouse), and George Soros, the billionaire banker and founder of the giant “non-profit” Open Border Foundation.

“Outrageous!” claim tax-payer funded multicultural organizations. “Paranoid as hell!” bellow mainstream media organizations.

Degree To Which CAP Care: Nothing at all. Frankly, fellow patriots–we couldn’t give a damn. Our position is an “written-in-stone” as the Liberals agenda to transform our nation from a democracy to a dictatorship.

On a specious level, if the government of China asks Justin Trudeau to jump, his perpetual response is “how high?”

 Warning To Patriots: Justin Trudeau Pushes Nation-Wide Covid-19 Injections As “SOLUTION” For Pandemic

Think about it–to what extent has the CBC held China responsible for a worldwide destroyer known as Coronavirus? To what degree has Globe & Mail done likewise?

How many articles have you read from leading Canuck journalists Andrew Coyne, Chantal Hebert, Chris Selley, John Ivison and John Ibbitson which hold China RESPONSIBLE for Covid-19?

Try zero--because this is the accurate response. Conclusion? Justin Trudeau and his Liberal culture-killers, along with Canadian establishment media, “work for China.” That is, they are controlled by globalist forces.

Trudeau tows the China line by procrastinating on the exposure of the deadly virus. Thereby, the protection of the health of the people of Canada is jeopardized.

Should sensible, non-snowflake citizens conclude what CAP is articulating here? Perhaps there is truth in this after all. Perhaps puppet-Justin sat by the phone awaiting instructions from Beijing on exactly how to handle Coronavirus. Just speculation, of course.

But is not Justin’s response in-line with China’s approach? Should anyone be surprised? After all, every decision made by Comrade Justin does appear to be aligned with the forces of globalist politics:

Open Borders, Mass 3rd World immigration, Billions shipped to Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and dozens of other United Nations-sanctioned, anti-Christian nations.

Massive federal deficits–interest payments for international banking, greatest average household debt in history, Carbon taxation, Abortion in Africa, Transgenderism in Tanzania.

You name it, and Justin Trudeau has bought into it. Not with his personal multi-millions, of course–but rather with tax-payer dollars– a majority of which are lifted from working Old Stock Canadians.

Media say nothing. The globalist brigade rolls on. Corona or no Corona, nothing prevents the Trudeau-Liberal-Globalist assault upon traditional Canada.

On this basis, CAP give the dying Great White North perhaps thirty more years as a true democracy. Next up will be socialism, followed by communism–just as Karl Marx taught within his “communist manifesto.”

When government and media function as a single unit, a nascent communism has arrived in Canada. Expect much more as the covert transition from a free and democratic society continues its path toward the globalist goal– Canada as a socialist nation-state, in perpetuity.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Executor, Justin Trudeau.


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  1. CAP is right..The Small Patate and his Commie Symp cabal are guilty as hell. Now I hope something can be done about them..


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