Why Canada Will Cease To Be A DEMOCRATIC NATION Within 50 Years

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Frankly, an informed Canadian should be able to smell this in the air. Many would-perhaps millions– if only establishment media in Canada were at present delivering truth to the people of Canada.

Away from the public eye, and in traditional communist fashion, establishment media have trans-sitioned from a conduit for relevant, topical news delivery into a propaganda arm of government.

Why are Canadians unaware of this profound development? Simple– establishment media have trans-sitioned from a conduit for relevant, topical news delivery into a propaganda arm of government.

Indeed, there is much more being sublimated in favour of a geo-political agenda to transfer Canada from a liberal democracy into a pseudo-socialist nation–and in time, a fully socialist society.

The first sign occurred in 1968, when Pierre Trudeau became prime minister. By way of pressure from the United Nations, Trudeau’s predecessor Liberal PM Lester Pearson, swapped out Canada’s existing immigration in-take criterea, moving to a “points-based”  system.

What transpired as a result? Over a period of two decades, immigration intake shifted from 90% European to 90% Third World. Do tell– have you ever read these words within a Canadian mainstream media publication? How about this one–based upon current migration policy and quotas, Anglophone-Canadians will be transformed into a minority community within 30 years.

Remember that fascinating documentary on this topic CBC News aired the other night? Blink, and you missed it. In fact, one doesn’t have to blink at all— exposure of this axiomatic development is being kept completely out of the public eye.

As CAP opine incessantly, our nation is presently being morphed away from a nation based upon democratic fundamentals of freedom, truth and democracy. The program is, in fact, multi-faceted.

One reason Justin Trudeau has established the highest immigration quotas in a century is so that these people will enter Canada, and vote for him. To facilitate, immigration policy has resulted in the Greater Toronto Area(GTA) being flooded with Third World migrants.

This has resulted in dozens of Third World MP’s  being locked-in within their ridings– a fact CBC and media have never exposed to Canadians.

CBC, CTV and the rest speak of immigration, but never do they speak of the long-term social impact of the phenomenon. Here is what media fail to tell 37.5 million Canadians– the bulk of these migrants are sourced from non-democratic nations.

What does this mean to Justin Trudeau, and the rest of the Liberal-Globalist cultural assassins? It tells us that hundreds of thousands–millions upon millions over the long-term, will remain wholly unaware of Canada’s transition from democracy to dictatorship.

Why? Because these new Canucks cannot distinguish between true liberalism– “classical” Liberalism— and the political sham that the Trudeau government and media partners espouse as true democracy.

Would this, or would it not, enable Trudeau and his backers to use these migrants as political weapons? Ask yourself–why has Trudeau for four-plus years ignored and alienated Anglophone Canada, and “Old Stock Canada” in general?

Simple–because these folks were raised within a true democracy, and therefore recognize the insidious global agenda of the Trudeau government. What to do? Erode this segment of our demography, and replace them with Third World migrants from non-democratic backgrounds.

Now, let us switch gears for a moment. Any Canadian who follows our mainstream news on a regular basis should recognize the current attack upon Conservative Party Leader, Erin O’Toole. Working on behalf of Liberal-Globalism, CBC, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star consistently run down this man within our media.

No surprise, CAP has a theory on this development. Media’s goal, is in fact, not destroying the credibility of Erin O’Toole The true target is the CPC as a whole.

Pourquoi? Because they are the only serious political contender apart from the Trudeau Liberals. The purpose is to massage our nation into a “one-party” state. The party leader could be anyone--and media would do the very same no matter who it is.

Globalist Goal: Destroy competing federal party’s to facilitate Canada’s ultimate move from democracy to a dictatorship. Justin Trudeau becomes the “Fidel Castro” of Canada. The goal is achieved subtly and incrementally— just as fascist government’s of modern history achieved in 20th century history.

Did the U.S.S.R. have media 100% under their control. How about China or Cuba? Of course–and this is exactly where Canada is headed under the iron-clad grip of King Justin Of Canada.

Speaking of media, let CAP introduce a theory on the future of media in Canada. As most are aware, in terms of print media, revenue from advertising is down by a mile. Market share continues to shrink for CBC, Torstar and other major media players.

CAP Salient Question Time: Is the government of Justin Trudeau pleased, or unhappy about this development? Yes, they state publicly they are working on behalf of democracy to bolster media revenues through giant financial hand-outs.

But is this really the case? Or is it possible that Justin Trudeau is, in fact, pleased about this development. 

READ MORE: Pre-Meditated Propaganda– Why Justin Trudeau Has NEVER ONCE Referenced Canada’s Anglophone Community

Slam Dunk– there you have it, fellow patriots– an eventual one-party state, coupled with a one state media dynamic. Ringing any bells here? Can you name another country that is structured in this manner?

CAP can— the communist nation of China. When asked which nation most impresses King Justin, his answer is China.  His brother, Alexandre Trudeau published a book glorifying the “Motherland.” Papa Pierre Trudeau travelled to China to meet with Chairman Mao Tse Tung in 1970. Less than one year later he forced an anti-Anglophone, anti-Christian social policy upon our nation– his dreaded “Multiculturalism.”


As commonly understood, nations which have been systematically transitioned from democracy to dictatorship tend to establish a designated “nemesis” community. After four-plus years as PM, which identifiable community in Canada qualifies for this unique “distinction?”

You got it– Anglophone Canada, as well as Christian-Canada. How do communist governments fell about Christianity? Simple–they hate it–and so do the globalist forces working to take over Canada as we speak.

What is a basic tenet of the Christian faith? They oppose abortion, for one thing. What is Justin Trudeau approach to abortion in Canada– a wide open, no term-limit “non-policy” of fetus destruction. Consider this concept– while Trudeau, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and other leading politicians march around Old Stock Canada pushing abortion in New Brunswick and Manitoba, no one– government, health care industry, physicians— speak of the identity of those who receive the lion’s share of the aborting–which most obviously, is Anglophone and Francophone Canada.

Getting the picture? Frankly, one would have to be “thick as a brick” not to recognize a consistent theme throughout all of this malarky. Canada is being stolen from its rightful owners.

Continue for the next thirty to forty years to hide the truth from the people of Canada,  the while making incremental decisions which prepare Canada for its political transformation. Control media, and control education. 

See where all this is leading? Hope so, because then at least more than zero percent of our citizenship would recognize Trudeau’s “master-plan” of our national transformation from a western liberal democracy to globalist pseudo-dictatorship.

“To understand who controls a nation, just look at who you are not permitted to criticize”

— BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder(est 2016)






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  1. He has no other intention but to turn Canada from a centuries old Franco/Anglo Western nation founded by Europeans into a brown, black, yellow polyglot of “diversity” shit-hole refugee BS…His self-hatred is being showered on a nation of hard-working, tax-paying, honest people who have fallen under the spell of the DIVERSITY LIES of the past 60 years. He IS the evil spawn and he will not stop until he IS stopped!!! In the U.S. they are rebuilding America the damage our own race-baiting, race-dividing, race-stoking 1/2 Kenyan fraud inflicted in only 96 months and that he is STILL pouring gasoline on as he flicks matches from his KAZILLION DOLLAR mansions…let that sink-in and GET HIM OUT…he is KILLING Canada!!!


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