Why ANY Conservative Party Candidate Who Runs For Canadian Prime Minister WILL LOSE

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The reason it makes no difference which Conservative Party of Canada candidate for prime minister is simple: no matter who they select—they will lose.

The main reason for this is because Canadian politics has undergone its greatest transformation in history since the day Justin Trudeau became leader of our nation.

Only problem is, 95% of Canadians are NOT recognizing the transition. Our national transformation is not easy to perceive. Because establishment media in Canada—CBC, CTV and those like them(all of them) choose to obscure these political permutations, it is likely the majority of our population have difficulty picking up on the agenda.

This is intentional—it is meant to be this way. Think about it—if your life was filled with social chaos— as Covid-19 epitomizes— wouldn’t you be less inclined to notice the political changes the Trudeau government has delivered to Canada?

Take the average Canadian family. If they were stressed to the max over their employment, their taxes, their daily bread and their children’s future, how much time would they spend recognizing, for example, an erosion of democracy within society?

If what we hear by way of government, media, and economic analysts were forecasts of “doom and gloom,” to what extent would one focus on the a decimation of  our basic democratic rights as Canadian citizens?

Exactly when was the last time a ruling government of Canada took into consideration the “desire of the people” when making a political decision fundamentally affecting society?

How about during the War of 1812? The night former Prime Minister MacKenzie King consulted a ouija board to get a direct connection to his deceased mother?

No, not quite that far back. For CAP, the answer resides in the general time period when “liberal-globalism” began to creep into Canadian society.

It is irrefutable that the  founder of liberal-globalism, also known as Multiculturalism or “Diversity,” is ex-Liberal Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau.

Wanna know a truism never once alluded to by CBC and Canadian media? Pierre Trudeau is the founder of multiculturalism PERIOD. As in, this man is the worldwide political prototype of what is known in 2020 as a “globalist.”

Degree to which anyone has pointed out this idea? You know it— a giant zero. The result of all of this is simple: one day in the coming future, Canada will cease to exist as a democratic nation.

When will this occur? We have no idea. But one sign of this agenda will speak volumes about the fate of governance in Canada:

If the Liberal Party of Canada win election after election after election. If this occurred indefinitely—which CAP believe it will—then an astute Canuck may conclude that democracy is dead in Canada.

Andrew Scheer? Peter McKay? Erin O’Toole? The Conservative MP who trashed Dr. Teresa Tam? Here is what Cultural Action Party of Canada perceive as the collective media approach to the 2023 federal election:

Media already know in advance that the federal Liberals will win. The sole reason why media pretend the CPC is a viable contender  is because it is important to them— and of course Trudeau’s Liberals—that a “semblance” of legitimate democratic process appears to still exist in Canada. This fellow patriots, is what CAP refer to as a “pig circus”— an exercise in futility—and nothing more.

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There are myriad reasons for this. Just one example—the Liberal-3rd World MP powerhouse in the Greater Toronto Area(GTA). Man, are these MP’s ever “locked-in-tight.”

GTA MP Omar Alhagbra won bis third term straight in 2019. As far as CAP can perceive, this fellow qualifies as one of the most hated MP’s in Canadian history. There are several others cut from the same cloth.

It is here that informed Canadians, patriots, nationalists and conservatives will discover the truth regarding the destiny of Canada as a free and democratic society:

It doesn’t exist. Pseudo-socialism rules within Justin Trudeau’s 2020 Canada.

Cherish your freedom while it lasts– for it is fleeting. Democracy does not thrive on stagnation. It must be maintained. A certain vigilance is required for its maintenance—something entirely antithetical to Justin Trudeau and his Liberal-Globalist political cabal.


19 thoughts on “Why ANY Conservative Party Candidate Who Runs For Canadian Prime Minister WILL LOSE”

  1. I feel this is no longer my country! I helped build it now that doesnt count for anything in Liberal world! The 3rd world freeloaders dont build, dont work, dont create anything but misery! We are doomed as a country if you are right Brad! Add todays totalitarian announcement into the mix and Im feeling powerless and insignificant and sad! My country is disintegrating!

  2. Actually I would move the clock slightly further back on liberal-globalism to the government of Lester B. Pearson when he started the removal of our British Heritage with the replacement of the Red Ensign with whatever that red and white meaningless banner we today call the Canadian flag!
    At the same time, Pearson brought in a communist from Quebec, named Pierre Trudeau as his parliamentary secretary and subsequently made that same communist, minister of Justice in 1967!
    That is where it started, in my opinion.

  3. I tried to tell people what was going to happen to our beloved country back before Trudeau was elected. The majority laughed at me and some said I was out of touch with reality. I will likely be dead by the time the full effects of Trudeau’s destruction is evident but a lot of people I talked to back then will still be alive to see the terrible effects it will have on your children and grand children. All I can say is I tried to warn you.I am so sorry for the life you will be forced to live.May God have mercy on you because the communist liberal regime will not!

  4. This is complete craziness. Why are there not more protests. We need someone to stand up and get the ball rolling before its too late. What is the matter with this frigin generation. God help us all.

  5. You need Nigel Farage – the man who won Brexit from the Elites in Gt. Britain. The rich and the powerful were no match for him. Canada needs him or someone like him, now.

  6. Its all good. The west will WEXIT and the East will most definitely awaken to the error of their alienating ways.

  7. Canadians are experiencing the same demise as a lobster put in cold water and slowly cooked. But the lobster has no thermometer to see. Everyone needs to check their “thermometers” i.e. look back 10 years and see which freedoms are no longer available. That is our only hope. I am not at all optimistic though.

  8. Unless you change this voting system from FPTP the most corrupt to PR the least corrupt nothing will change The best-run countries are PR, Sweden builds its own jets and submarines, Canada buys used junk subs and used fighter jets, Norway has 1 trillion in its rainy day fund from oil revenue Alberta 18 billion and the list goes on…Australia is creating about 1000 jobs a day and has GDP over 3% Canada just over 1% and they have had dental and pharma care for years …remember Trudeau got elected PM with far less than 50% of the vote, in some ridings 40% are not voting…CON/LIBS same party… check these vids…https://youtu.be/s7tWHJfhiyo https://youtu.be/uif249ZoaEg https://youtu.be/o5PtXrjdYTQ https://youtu.be/3L8vJVe_MLI https://youtu.be/xPpTnHaemDY Support Fair Vote Canada https://www.fairvote.ca/

    • It is irrelevant what voting system you have in a corporatocracy. You are still voting in their box. They run the box, remember? There is a huge difference between a corporate de facto authority and a government ruled by the People that is given a very strict Rule Book to follow by the People.

      Stop beating your head against the wall…people have tried to change this corporate corruption for 225 years at least…best to withdraw your involvement (as in dissociate) and get on with building a system of government that works for everyone who can be bothered to stay vigilante enough to correct the government when need be through recalls, referendums, etc.

  9. All Canadians need to look Up ‘The Myth is Canada’ They have web page, they are on YouTube and Brighteon. But when you go their page on YouTube, view the videos on the bottom of the page first, it there they tell the facts as they stand and what the solution is. and it is legal to do. And when we get Constitutions written in all 10 Provinces and maybe the 3 Territories, we will have no more Federal Government and 10 to 13 new Countries.
    This is going to happen, you can sit on fence and say oh well, but when the day come there is no more Federal Government and you get mad, do not blame us, the ones who were awake enough to know we have a Defacto Government ruling over us.

  10. We must organize and fast. Organize and negotiate the split of the nation into two parts. Use their hatred of us to convince the left they don’t want to reside near us. Yes it would be disruptive initially. But better that than to lose the entire nation to Canuck style communism, and other nations which are invading today.


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