Why “Anti-Racism” Trudeau Government Programs Target Anglophones ONLY

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More curious business in the world of race-relations in Canada. And of course, more media cover-up of the truth regarding this element of society.

When considering government-funded anti-racism programs in Canada– government created, academic-oriented seminars and such in regards to addressing and countering racism in Canada, one common theme emerges.

Within coming out and saying so— social justice warriors favourite form of weaponry,– all concerns regarding racism in Canada focus upon one specific elementAnglophone upon non-Anglophone racism.

For CAP, this is a giant curiousity of significant social relevancy. For CBC, Globe & Mail, as well as Ryerson, York and other leading universities, the issue is a non-starter.

Think about it–how many programs have informed Canadians heard of which address, for example, IMAM’s preaching hatred within Canadian mosques? The total would be zero.

As an example, we reference that academic bastion of anti-white racist sentiment, Ryerson University:

Come one, come all, to the White Privilege Conference Global – Toronto.

Come and hear a variety of Canadians and foreign professors flown in from Africa and the Middle East trash white Canada at will. Can one imagine the response to a “Middle Eastern Religious Supremacy” conference in Canada?

“Racism!” Islamophobia!” bellow a gang of self-hating snowflakes at Ryerson, York and all other white-trashing so-called “Canadian” universities. As a side note, CAP believe that within Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Canada, thereis no such thing as Canadian universities. Rather, these are globalist propaganda institutions located upon domestic soil–not the same thing in the least.

Hey fellow patriots–check it out, see what it’s all about:

topics include:

  • Privilege
  • Whiteness/Critical Whiteness
  • White Supremacy
  • Colour Blindness
  • Colourism
  • Intersectionality
  • Anti-Indigenous Racism
  • Anti-Black Racism
  • Anti-Immigrant Racism
  • Anti-Semitism
  • Islamophobia
  • Orientalism
  • Oppression of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities
  • Heterosexism
  • Cissexism
  • Colonization
  • Power
  • Consciousness Building
  • Inclusive Pedagogy
  • Inclusive Design
  • Intentionality
  • Accountability
  • Eurocentrism
  • Ethnocentrism
  • Cultural Imperialsm

Ouch! Just witness the attack upon our people!  Damn, is whitey ever an awful, revolting component of Canadian society. In truth, what we have here is blatant racism against white Canada. Media expose not a word of this to the public.

Established Fact: Ryerson University hates white people. McGill, U of T, UBC, York, Concordia all follow suit. Again, media hide the entire phenomenon from public awareness.

So Academic Canada is at war with Anglophone Canada--regardless of the fact that many of these academics come from Anglophone and Christian backgrounds. How odd this is.

CAP Conclusion: Addressing racism and bigotry in Canada is a one-way street. Or more colourfully expressed, a 200 km one-way run down the Autobahn in Germany.

In Justin Trudeau’s Canada, there is no such thing as Sikh on White racism. Nor does Muslim on non-Muslim racism exist. Chinese Head Tax? Komagata Muru? The ship St. Louis?

Are these not three of the most symbolic examples of historical racism in Canada? Is the commonality not the fact that the so-called oppressors are all Anglophone-Christian in heritage? Of course it is.

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So where is, for example, the issue of Islamic militancy, terrorism and murder within these government and academic round-tables on racism and bigotry in Canada?

Nowhere–that’s where. Seems the diversity-bandits are only concerned with a singular form of racism–the brand which corrals whitey like so much cattle into a bullpen of racist stereotyping.

Such is the state-of-our-nation within Justin Trudeau’s “born again”new Canada. Patriots know the one– its a nation-state whereby Islam is righteous and wonderful, Sikhism is terrific and fantastic, and white Canada is bigoted, xenophobic and disgustingly awful. Media and academia back this to the hilt as white Canada gets railroaded into the nemesis community of our nation.

Where did all this come from? Why is it that 2019 Canada finds itself with an inverted societal trans-formation– whitey as evil, Third World as a panacea for all troubles within society.

The answer is surprisingly simple– this all began with Liberal Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau. It was this French-Canadian communist enthusiast who transformed Canada in this regard by way of “multiculturalism.”

CAP Theory states the following: Multiculturalism in Canada is racism against Anglophone Canadians, and bigotry against Christian Canadians. Fast, simple and effective.

And how, pray-tell can these Ryerson academic morons and our  general “snowflake” society deny this? Easy–they are not required to deny it at all--because the subject is 100% sublimated within contemporary Canada– no one speaks or writes about what is hereby expressed within this piece of writing.

Want more of the same, with a ramp-up of the program in perpetuity? Simply sit back and do nothing. Why not check out Hockey Night in Canada instead? Surely this will keep Anglophone Canada pacified enough for the Trudeau-Liberal-Globalist Propaganda Machine to continue to steam roll over our people until our communities lose all power within society.

This, fellow patriots, is your prime minister. It is Liberal Cabinet. It is “Canadian” academia, CBC, and the rest of Trudeau’s media slaves. This is, in fact, the destiny for Anglophone Canada if Trudeau’s globalist power players succeed in entrenching Justin Trudeau as Canada’s “dictator-for-life.”

Buyer Beware, Anglophone brother and sisters.










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