Why Anti-Anglophone Prejudice Is The ONLY Accepted Form Of Racism In Canada

Of all issues Cultural Action Party of Canada has focused upon during our five-year existence, none burns at the heart like the issue of anti-Anglophone prejudice.

For CAP, this social phenomenon is the great overlooked issue of modern times. As it happens, the year of 2021 marks 50 years of multicultural history in Canada.

Though only half way through the second month of our calendar year, not a single statement in recognition of the 50-year “celebration” has come forth from Canadian media.

This makes sense– the fact is that not a single media analysis of multiculturalism has emanated from media within the 50-year history of organized “diversity.”

Considering this reality, Canadians know for certain that an analysis of the top by-product of multiculturalism has never been addressed within society.

Here CAP speak of the concept that institutionalized diversity is, in fact, a policy steeped in prejudice against Canada’s Anglophone peoples.

Multiculturalism was first established in 1971 by non-Anglophone Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. In the year 1988, diversity legislation was entrenched into law with the Multiculturalism Act of Canada.

It was through these years that the policy’s intentions began to morph away from its original ideology– ethnic community equality within society.

Along the way, multiculturalism shed its egalitarian skin, and emerged as a political weapon. One key result was the transformation of Anglophone Canadians into being branded a racist community.

While malevolence toward a specific identifiable community had become a reality, it wasn’t until Justin Trudeau came along that the weaponry began to damage Anglophones in a seriously malevolent manner.

Under Justin Trudeau’s leadership, Canada transformed into an anti-Anglophone society. This we see manifest in endless accusations of “systemic racism”–a term which did not exist until PM Trudeau’s political ascendency.

What an interesting phenomenon this is. While “slings and arrows” spring forth on a daily basis, government and media have not once mentioned the perpetrators by name. So obvious it is that said community is “white Canada.”

In terms of media, the leader of the pack is the Toronto Star. If CAP didn’t know better(we don’t), we would state that this media outlet hate Anglophones.

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Try this on for size, published on February 15th, 2021, in an article focused upon American politics:

“The Democratic Party in the U.S. has stars ascending of all races, genders, ethnicities and faiths.”

“The Republicans have a whole bunch of ageing white guys who couldn’t find their moral rectum with two hands.”

Generalize much? This specious, puerile piece of journalism seems more likely to come from an 8th grade social studies essay than a leading Canadian media organization.

CAP Translation: Within contemporary Canada, all are free to trash white people at will. Throw “whitey” in a collective garbage can, nothing and no one will stand in your way.

But just write a single sentence of criticism of Trudeau’s chosen 3rd world communities, and watch the racist fur fly.

This is, without question, the most hypocritical development in modern Canadian history. The foundation for this social injustice is multiculturalism.

No political figure in history has advanced this palpable example of “reverse racism” on the level of Justin Trudeau.

Multiculturalism in Canada is promoted as a policy of “inclusiveness.” CAP call this pure folly. Organized diversity has resulted in the vilification of an identifiable community–the Anglophone peoples of Canada.

Hypocritical as the day is long in a Nunavut summer, this social dynamic is a tangible breach of Canada’s ultimate human rights legislation, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Not a word regarding any of this springs both from establishment media–ostensibly owned and controlled by “Old Stock” Canadians.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

3 thoughts on “Why Anti-Anglophone Prejudice Is The ONLY Accepted Form Of Racism In Canada”

  1. The anti Anglophone racism coincides with the derogative comments we often see about the old stock white people ( British and central and northern European stock) that settled Canada. This anti attitude towards the old white stock in Canada began with the new vision and policies of Pierre Trudeau.

    Canada in the 1960;s and 70;s looked very different from the Canada we know today so the question is how did the face of the country change so quickly. The answer rests with P Trudeau’s significant change to our immigration patterns and his invention of multi-culturalism for everywhere except Quebec.

    Trudeau knew very well that the Quebec nationalists would keep a very close watch on immigration to Quebec and would not allow the apple cart to tip there. He also knew that government policy in Quebec would promote one language ( French) and one culture so immigrants would melt into the existing cultural pot.

    Trudeau’s policy of multi-culturalism would insure the opposite would occur in the rest of Canada with programs and tax dollars encouraging new comers to retain their languages and cultural practices rather than melt into the pot like some many hundreds of thousands of immigrants had done before.

    This policy was drilled into Justin who has expanded and intensified the program coming up with new slogans like our differences are our strengths. Many of these new immigrants come from places where true democracy, religious tolerances etc do not exist and without melting in here those differences and intolerances take root.


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