Why Anti-Anglophone Prejudice Is The ONLY Accepted Form Of Racism In Canada

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Of all issues Cultural Action Party of Canada has focused upon during our six-year existence, none burns at the heart like the issue of unspoken anti-Anglophone prejudice.

For CAP, this phenomenon is the great overlooked issue of modern times. As it happens, the year 2021 marks 50 years of multicultural history in Canada.

Though only half way through the second month of our calendar year, not a single statement in recognition of the 50-year “celebration” has come forth from Canadian media.

This makes sense– the fact is that not a single media analysis of multiculturalism has emanated from media within the 50-year history of systemic “diversity.”

Considering this reality, Canadians know for certain that an analysis of the number one by-product of multiculturalism has never been addressed within society.

We speak of the idea that institutionalized diversity is, in fact, a policy steeped in prejudice against Canada’s Anglophone peoples.

Multiculturalism was first established in 1971 by non-Anglophone Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. In the year 1988, diversity legislation was entrenched into law through the Multiculturalism Act of Canada.

It was throughout these years that the policy’s intentions began to morph away from its original intention– ethnic community equality within society.

Along the way, multiculturalism shed its egalitarian skin, eventually emerging as a political weapon. One key result was the transformation of Anglophone Canadians into being branded a racist community.

While malevolence toward an identifiable community had become a reality, it wasn’t until Justin Trudeau came along that the weaponry began to damage Anglophones in a truly malevolent manner.

Today, we see this manifest in accusations of “systemic racism”— a term which did not exist until PM Trudeau’s political ascendency.

An interesting phenomenon it is. While “slings and arrows” spring forth on a daily basis, government and media have not once mentioned the perpetrators by name. So obvious it is that said community is “white Canada.”

In terms of media, the leader of the pack is the Toronto Star. If CAP didn’t know better(we don’t), we would state that this media outlet hates Anglophone Canada.

Try this on for size, published by Torstar in an article focused on American politics:

“The Democratic Party in the U.S. has stars ascending of all races, genders, ethnicities and faiths.”

“The Republicans have a whole bunch of ageing white guys who couldn’t find their moral rectum with two hands.”

Generalize much? This puerile piece of journalism seems more likely to come from an 8th grade social studies essay than a leading Canadian media organization.

Translation: Within contemporary Canada, all are free to trash white people at will. Go ahead– throw “whitey” in a collective garbage can. Nothing and no one will stand in your way. But just write a single sentence of criticism of Trudeau’s chosen 3rd world communities, and witness the racist fur fly.

It’s the most hypocritical development in modern Canadian history. Media say nothing of the sort. The foundation for this social injustice is Multiculturalism, as forced on Canada by ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau.

Some 40 years later, another Pm named Trudeau–this time Justin– put the phenomenon on overdrive, branding Canadians racist, bigoted, homophobic and xenophobic. No political figure in Canadian history  has advanced the promotion of reverse racist anti- Anglophone sentiment like Justin Trudeau.

Multiculturalism in Canada is promoted as a policy of “inclusiveness.” CAP call this pure folly. Under the guise of so-called “social equity,” organized diversity has resulted in the vilification of an identifiable community– Anglophone peoples of Canada.

Truth is, this social dynamic represents a tangible breach of Canada’s human rights legislation, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Media say not a single word about it. Together with Trudeau and the Liberals, the running down of white Canadians continues unabated.

5 thoughts on “Why Anti-Anglophone Prejudice Is The ONLY Accepted Form Of Racism In Canada”

  1. The anti Anglophone racism coincides with the derogative comments we often see about the old stock white people ( British and central and northern European stock) that settled Canada. This anti attitude towards the old white stock in Canada began with the new vision and policies of Pierre Trudeau.

    Canada in the 1960;s and 70;s looked very different from the Canada we know today so the question is how did the face of the country change so quickly. The answer rests with P Trudeau’s significant change to our immigration patterns and his invention of multi-culturalism for everywhere except Quebec.

    Trudeau knew very well that the Quebec nationalists would keep a very close watch on immigration to Quebec and would not allow the apple cart to tip there. He also knew that government policy in Quebec would promote one language ( French) and one culture so immigrants would melt into the existing cultural pot.

    Trudeau’s policy of multi-culturalism would insure the opposite would occur in the rest of Canada with programs and tax dollars encouraging new comers to retain their languages and cultural practices rather than melt into the pot like some many hundreds of thousands of immigrants had done before.

    This policy was drilled into Justin who has expanded and intensified the program coming up with new slogans like our differences are our strengths. Many of these new immigrants come from places where true democracy, religious tolerances etc do not exist and without melting in here those differences and intolerances take root.


    I’m from Quebec and I can tell you that the anti western civilisation, anti french Canadian sentiment here is very strong. We are also considered systemically racist and blablabla victim hood leftist bullshit. This woke disease is spreading everywhere. Also, even if French is being slightly pushed by law 101, Montreal is more and more English speaking. Furthermore, most Québec residents from outside of Montreal do not feel at home in that city. People who come back after 10 or 15 years do not recognize it at all. It’s now politically Montreal against the rest of the province.


    They were able to fill the Olympic stadium, they filled empty retirement homes, they built military style camps in Boucherville and more to house a constant flow of people. I like that my country can help people around the world. Can we help ourselves for a little while? They say they are refugees from the US. Please! Their life wasn’t in immediate danger! That is just Trump derangement syndrome. No one was going to hurt them! Still, you have to pay up you white French Canadian scum! That’s without counting the 20k illegals that the Canadian liberal multicultural illegal loving border patrol lets right through at Roxham Road with a slap on the wrist and the best benefits they have ever had!


    The left said the “great replacement” was a crazy far-right conspiracy theory for a long time. A study has shown that in 2035 French Canadians will be less then 50% of the population of Quebec. Now, islamic BLM activists are boasting about it in Amnesty International zoom calls about “systemic racism and Islamophobia”. “C’est les “demographics” qui vont gagner”. Demographics will win she says and the secular French Canadian Quebec is a thing of the past. It doesn’t seem that far back to me, it still looks like it where I live, I am not in Montreal. She goes on to say that law 21 witch forbids religious symbols for state employees is going to be overturned. Basically, we are going to take over with our numbers and we will make our own this society that has graciously accepted and helped us. I listen to her and I hear “who cares about those white people anyway”? We will get what we want. We will make Quebec exactly like the rest of Canada starting with Montreal. The vote is already going liberal because of that!


    My generation and many others to come have to pay for the golden days of the baby boomers who spent money carelessly, had low housing costs, less taxes and more job opportunities. They hadn’t sent all the factories to China yet! They gave themselves crazy pension plans that were implemented when there were 7 workers for 1 retiree compared to the 2 workers for 1 retiree now. They are selling us their houses they bought for a really low price at close to 5 times the price. So less opportunity, higher cost of living and the quality of services is going down even if we are the most, or one of the most, taxed provinces.

    Our health care system is complete bullshit, it’s old and overloaded. We constantly need more nurses and other health care workers because they have shitty working conditions even if they are unionized. Waiting lists for minor operations going from weeks to years, elderly not receiving adequate care in retirement homes or long terme care facilities where they cannot give them more than 1 bath a week! Mental health issues are becoming more and more prevalent.


    Education is no faring so well either! The level of reading, writing and math has been constantly going down one school reform at a time. Public funded universities educate students to hate their own culture, history and ancestors. Yea, they also do it in French. If you think our language has protected us in the era of video games, Hollywood movies and internet. Guess again! Our tuition fees are as low as the quality of education given in our schools.


    So after all that, we just went through the 2008 economic crisis and now COVID. Our population is rapidly aging and it seems my province, like yours, is an all you can eat buffet for the third world. These population are not assimilated in the slightest, they do not participate willingly in our culture they call racist and xenophobic. I wonder if immigration at that level was ever a good idea. We are stretched thin and I don’t see any good feasible solutions to build a better futur for Canada without riding ourselves of the stowaway weight we have been asked to carry without consent.



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