Why Anglophones Shouldn’t Believe A SINGLE WORD Of Canadian Media Messaging

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An unprecedented article recently appears within mainstream Canadian media. Entitled “Challenging the Narrative: How Political Correctness in Media Marginalized the Majority,” this NationalNewsWatch article states the following:

“Prevailing liberal narratives in the age of post-truth stand virtually unchallenged in mainstream journalism.”

“Once a critical element of good journalism, and a foundational principal of democracy, dissenting opinion is no longer tolerated. Society has polarized, and become partitioned within partisan spheres that reinforce individual intuitive beliefs.”

Interesting stuff– not to mention the complete opposite of what PM Justin Trudeau says about our society.  CAP has stated a similiar narrative since the day Justin Trudeau was crowned prime minister of Canada.  Yet, we differentiate from the messaging contained within: CAP openly represent an identifiable Canadian communities–Anglophones, European and Christian-derived citizens.

For some reason, no other political party, not-for-profit organization or activist group does the same. Why? We do not know, because in truth, the rights we espouse are supported by Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Notice this related development? In the 40-plus years since Pierre Trudeau blessed the 3rd World with his Charter, not a single media entity has ever alluded to this most factual situation. Through this government-media dynamic, the Liberal Party of Canada have pushed 3rd World Canada into a position where in time the control of Canada will shift to “their ilk.”

Think about it– when was the last time CBC published a piece on the attitudes of white Canadians toward nation-transforming immigration, multiculturalism, or diversity?

Come to think of it, when is the last time CTV, Globe & Mail or Toronto Star alluded to white Canadians PERIOD? Except when to brand us racist, that is. It is within this shadowy veil that a punitive agenda toward our communities can be discovered.

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CAP Theory: Canadian media are anti-Canadian. The general “vibe” CBC, National Post and the rest emanate is best described as “disdain.” Indeed, a powerful hatred toward English Canada is palpable within Trudeau-controlled Canadian media.

CAP has been “reading between the lines” of establishment media everyday for the past five years straight. Some patriots may recall a very different state of media in the “old days.”

In 1963, media did not hate their own nation. In 1968, Pierre Trudeau became prime minister. By 1988, the Liberal-Globalist bias was beginning to permeate the picture. This is the year the Multicultural Act of Canada was established. Media have hidden the true impact for every day since.

Fast-forward to 2020, and a pre-meditated trans-ition to bitter malevolence has taken over. Whites are racist, Canada was stolen, Canadians are bigots, our nation is systemically racist.

Talk about an about-face. What a GIANT transformation!  In the meantime, no one breathes a word about this incredible social development. What are some of the key ramifications, patriots wonder?

Number one– Anglo-European Canadians are in trouble. Our populations are shrinking rapidly, while 3rd World immigrant birth-rates dwarf those of Anglophone Canadians.

In terms of abortion, it is our communities who lose 90% of babies through Canadian abortion policies–a “No Term Limit” affair forced upon society by Pierre Trudeau.

Down-on-our-luck, branded bigots and racists, things are not looking good for our people. Media bash whitey on a daily basis– even the caucasian writers are taking the stuffing out of Canada.

What can “Old Stock” Canadians do overcome our branding as Trudeau’s chosen nemesis community? What can be done to dampen Liberal Cabinet members MPs Ahmed Hussen and Francois Philippe-Champaign’s program of social retribution toward Anglo-Christians in Canada?

One thing which may help is to refuse to believe anything mainstream media tell our people regarding the social condition of Canada.

CAP will pull no punches: Justin Trudeau has established a Canada where Somalia is more important than our country. By way of King Justin and Prince Ahmed, the Nation of Islam is infinitely more important than the Nation of Canada.

Fact: Trudeau earmarked over $10 Billion Canadian tax-dollars to be handed over to African and Middle Eastern governments over an 8-year period. Then, we have this:

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Media spin this situation with aplomb so that 38 Million Canadians cannot comprehend the truth of the matter– our government and media today work for Africa, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Nations.

These entities have something in common: they want to destroy democracy, and replace this with a 21st century brand of totalitarian governance. Trudeau is leading this movement, with CBC and corporate media 100% committed to the globalist goal.

Anglophone and European Canadians need to throw mainstream media in the trash bin where they belong. They are lying to the Anglophone people of Canada. Their deception is calculated, and flows directly from our current prime minister.

Disdain--that’s the word. CAP guess this is rooted in billionaire globalist/media giant, George Soros. The Canadian element flows to  Liberal advisor Gerald Butts, who then prods and pushes Justin Trudeau to work the will of the Canada-haters.

By far his finest political skill, PM Trudeau leads the decimation of society on behalf of the United Nations. These forces want democracy dead--as well as other elements of society which would impede Canada’s journey from democracy to dictatorship.








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