Why “Anglophobia” Must Join Islamophobia As A Designation For Racial Prejudice

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Political leaders in Scotland are calling for what they term “Anglophobia” to be recognised as a form of prejudice rooted in racism:

“We need to recognise along with Islamophobia, Anglophobia. We would all agree any form of discrimination is completely unacceptable. It’s a particularly insidious form of abuse.”

While the context may vary, the concept is critical to race-relations in Canada. As recently tabled by Ontario MPP Laura Mae Lindo, Bill 67 calls for vilification of Anglo-Canadians to be integrated into our education system. Beneath the surface of a mandate for “racial equity” is an attack on an identifiable community.

Bill 67 advances an inverted form of racial prejudice. It contents are derived from Critical Race Theory, a post-modern agenda quietly working its way into our public education system. The concept of Critical Race Theory emerged in the mid-1970s from of the writings of a collective of American legal scholars. It’s fundamental tenet espouses that white supremacy exists and maintains power through law.

In 2021, the Trudeau government embedded CRT into federal government training materials. Within the pages, “whiteness” is defined as “specific dimensions of racism that serves to  elevate white people over people of colour.”

Let us come to terms with what is presented: Critical Race Theory purports that the use of the word “whiteness” is in itself a racist act. The result is nothing short of racism against an identifiable community– known in Canada as a breach of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Patriots stand witness to the irony. For decades, Canadians have been inundated with the idea that racism against “minorities” is intrinsic to society. To remedy the issue, the geniuses on campus are now promoting racism against white Canadians. In Waterloo, Ontario, a Black Parent Council has been formed to deal with racism in the school system. “The council also welcomes families of Indigenous and racialized students.”

Translation: no non-racialized parents permitted. Welcome to racial equity in Canada. Bill 67 describes “anti-racism” as a “policy of combating racism, such as anti-Indigenous racism, anti-Black racism, anti-Asian racism, anti-semitism, and Islamophobia.”

Which community qualifies as oppressor of the above? The answer is Canadian Anglophones— every one of them. The vengeance-thirsty neglect to distinguish between historical and contemporary citizens. The behaviour is not without purpose.

In Ontario, an Ottawa police officer caught on video saying the “white man’s day is done” has been charged with disciplinary offences under the Police Services Act. Not only has “Anglophobia” permeated society– Canadians are prohibited from disliking its onslaught. An officer delivers his personal opinion. There is no breach of the law. His comments are made in a private discussion— a distinction referenced in Section 319 of Canada’s hate-laws.

Visionary author George Orwell wrote of these circumstances in his dystopian novel “1984.” His iconoclastic ideas are now a reality in Canada.

Cultural Action Party expect this situation to get far worse before it gets better. That is– if it gets better. If not for media obfuscation, a majority of citizens would understand the social transformation of which CAP speak. For so-called oppressors of racialized Canadians, “pay-back time” has come to Canada. This is the true nature of Critical Race Theory, of which Bill 67 is a derivative.

And what of the momentum? In this regard, our nation’s “oppressed class” have everything going their way. Government, media, universities, health care, in addition to Canada’s corporate world. You name the institution, and “Anglophobia” is in the house. Over in Scotland, we can witness a shared mindset among educators: “It would be not be appropriate to amend a motion on Islamophobia to include Anglophobia.”

The chance of such a thing being advocated by Canadian politicians range between zero and nothing. It will never happen. While citizens spent the past 50-years asleep at the wheel, Multiculturalism morphed into a political weapon.

The outcome is quintessentially Canadian. By the time the general public come to understand what took place, the agenda is too deeply entrenched to reverse the process.

4 thoughts on “Why “Anglophobia” Must Join Islamophobia As A Designation For Racial Prejudice”

  1. I recognized this happening in a secondary public school that I was employed at more than twenty years ago. I only recently hear anything about a “Critical Race Theory; I assume from your information I heard nothing of it because I did not attend and “higher education” knowing that such institutes were practicing racism in spite of the Constitution and Rights and Freedoms. And in my opinion back then, those who practiced racism with impunity were evidence that the authorities were just crazy.

    The kids in public schools (at least the one I worked at) often spoke with me because I empathized with their plight under ‘crazy authorities.’ And I hope I was able to help those few kids see through the fog at their school so that they might be prepared for adult and working life once they graduated. Then I saw the results all over the city streets, especially after I quite working in the public school system – and what I saw them acting like showed me that their ‘crazy’ school authorities had succeeded big time in training the kids to be just as ‘crazy’ as those authorities were.

    A few years later, one student I had taken under my wing to teach him some classical guitar came up to me at a gas station and asked me if I was who I am – he had not become a professional guitar player, but rather was employed in the movie industry. He then introduced me to his wife and small child and chatted about me being very right about school authorities. He made my day because I quit the school system out of rejection of what they were doing to everyone elses’ children behind the backs of their parents.

    In my opinion then and more so now, if parents are not involved directly with the educating of their kids, their kids will turn out ‘crazy’ at graduation.

  2. From the article….”Translation: no non-racialized parents permitted.” ‘Non-racialized’–Translation: White. Therefore; eliminating the doublespeak; “No White parents permitted.” The political snake certainly has multiple heads. One doesn’t need to be a herpetologist to see what’s transpiring in this Trudeau run jungle.

  3. I’ve been trying to get a meeting with my local MP Doug Downey for about 6 weeks now to discuss Bill 67, nothing but the run around. Conservatism needs to get a backbone, the centre has moved so far to the left that all those who considered themselves moderate left are even on the right now. The left has gone too far… hound your MPP’s if you’re from Ontario and demand their attention.


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