“White Privilege, Systemic Racism” BUILT INTO Society: Canadian Human Rights Commission

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Canadian Human Rights Commission:

“The roots of anti-Black racism and systemic discrimination in Canada run deep. They are historically embedded in our society, in our culture, in our laws and in our attitudes. They are built into our institutions and perpetuate the social and economic disparities that exist in everything from education, to healthcare, to housing and employment.”

“Now is the time for all Canadians, but especially non-racialized Canadians, to listen, learn and reflect on how white privilege and systemic racism contribute to injustice and inequality in this country.”

CAP Translation: When it comes to debate or dialogue within Canadian society regarding racism, there is to be no questioning of Liberal government positioning:

Canada is a racist nation stepped in perpetual white privilege. The descendants of the colonial founders of our country have racism and bigotry “built into their brains.”

Canadian society is intrinsically anti-black, not to mention anti-Muslim, anti-Sikh, anti Jewish, as well as haters of homosexuals. PM Justin Trudeau has informed society that white Canadians are genocidal toward First Nations peoples.

Let the punishment begin. What CBC has buried away is the fact that the punitive measures toward our people has been in place for some forty years. The catalysts was Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau and  two pieces of governance which exist to transfer power away from Canadians of Anglophone and European heritage.

The process has been incredibly effective. Much of the reason for this accomplishment resides in CBC and corporate Canadian media supporting the anti-Anglophone agenda of the Trudeau government.

Interesting observation: One white cop in America kills a black man. The result “north of the border?” All caucasians in Canada are branded racist, and a nation-wide demand for punitive damages toward our people is issued by our ruling Liberal government.

Sound rather grim to you? It certainly does for CAP. Our senses capture Justin Trudeau on his knees in typical fashion. Try locating the biggest “beggar-boy” in world politics. Begin with PM Trudeau, and save your self a great deal of time.

Justin Trudeau is the kingpin of “political begging”–you name an opportunity to prostrate himself in front of a community of social justice warriors and multicult-mongers, and King Trudeau  is the “belle of the ball.”

Canadian Human Rights Commission:

“Racist comments and racist acts, no matter how subtle, must no longer be ignored or tolerated in Canada. Even the most subtle forms of racism contribute to the conditions that permit overt racism and violence to occur. When we are complacent, we are complicit. When we are silent, we are complicit.”

“It is not enough to say that we embrace diversity and human rights as the foundation of our democracy. Racism violates human rights. Whether conscious or unconscious, subtle or overt, it diminishes human dignity and it erodes democracy.”

First of all, when it comes to an erosion of democracy, the leading purveyor in Canadian history is Justin Trudeau and his Liberal pseudo-dictatorship. Nothing even comes close.

Beyond this, watch and witness:  Because plain, “old-fashioned” racism is not a strong enough “globalist potion,” MP Ahmed Hussen and his anti-Anglophone “multiculturalists” have ramped up the post-George Floyd rhetoric:

It is no longer racism which is the problem– it is “systemic racism”–a much more potent variety for the cultivation of punitive damages toward European-Canadians.

Salient Question:  What is an obvious take-away from this “steroids-induced” accusation?

Salient Response: What CBC will NEVER tell you— if the “malignancy” is systemic, and therefore the malevolent globalists have a collective right to “change the system.” Sound ominous enough to you?

So what type of changes may be coming? This CBC does not inform the millions of Canadians who fall into the category of the European-derived, nor anyone else.

Like everything by way of government and media regarding a “silver bullet” for the eradication of racism,  an answer is conveniently omitted. Why would this be? Could this be because our people will not like the answer when it comes?

Let CAP take a wild guess at the outcome: there will be no successful remedy to racism. Yet, what will trans-pire that systemic racism will be leveraged to drive European-Canadians deeper toward their status as our country’s singular vilified community.

From here, Canada can successfully be stolen away from our people, and transitioned over to our new boss-men: those who hate English Canada. Conveniently, the current prime minister of Canada is one of them.

Otherwise, a total lack of projection regarding Liberal solutions could for a very basic reason: the Liberal-Globalists working to steal Canada away from our people have no answers. Rather, they will simply continue to corral Anglophones into the social prison set up for us.

“It is time for change. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr: “there comes a time when silence is betrayal.” That time is now.”

Check it out fellow patriots–see what it’s all about:

According to the government of Canada, if a citizen remains silent about racism as subjectively interpreted by Trudeau, Hussen, Liberal Party and establishment media partners, it is a BETRAYAL of our nation.

Wanna know what government and media claim is not a betrayal? The railroading of white Canada into a second-class, demonized community. Nor is the ruling Liberals attack upon freedom of speech in media.

How about re-instatement of citizenship for convicted ISIS terrorists?  What do you think of a give-away of $10 Billion Dollars to Christian-persecuting Islamic and African nations. Is this a betrayal.

Mass abortion with no term limit has resulted in millions of abortion for Canadian-born citizens. Is this not a betrayal to millions of Canadian-Christians? 

How about a betrayal of democracy itself? The lie that Justin Trudeau is working for “all” Canadians when only 3rd World Canada really counts to our government.

The attack upon Canadian of European heritage is the biggest betrayal of all. This began in 1968 with Pierre Trudeau, and has been brought to its apotheosis in the year 2020 by Justin Trudeau.

When haters rule. For CAP, this is the essence of our downfall– as well as the “core identity” which has transferred Euro-Canadians into a social trash bin. 

Expect nothing more than a ramp-up on the attack as Liberal-Globalists await yet another George Floyd-like incident to rocket their malevolent aspirations into the social stratosphere.

16 thoughts on ““White Privilege, Systemic Racism” BUILT INTO Society: Canadian Human Rights Commission”

  1. I have to wonder when the ‘system’ of racism started. Was it before Canadians risked their lives to fight slavery in the USA, was it before Canadians took in thousands of blacks through the Underground Railroad?

    They need to tell us when our systemic racism started. I can tell them when the systemic racism of whites started and no one can tell me the blacks are building an underground railroad for us.

    Even intelligent blacks are having a problem with the globalist ‘systemic racism’ narrative and are speaking out.

    These HRC must be disbanded…they are top heavy with globalist shills and Soros funding.

    The tail is wagging the dog in this country and we need to change the ‘dog’ to one with teeth.

    • How many times has Trudeau or pit-bull MP Ahmed Hussen concemned the internment of one million Muslims in work camps in China? Racism against Christians in Pakistan and Afghanistan? Try the 12th of NEVER.

  2. Canada is one of the least racist countries in the world, we have many programs to help racial minorities even though they are becoming the majority thanks to Pierre and Justin Trudeau’s open borders and multicultural policies except for Quebec which was deemed a ‘distinct society’. The federal government has had ‘visible minority’ hiring preferences in place for decades. Canadian’s whose parents fought in world war II to save Canada get no such preferential treatments. Queen Elizabeth and her family get special privileges for their inherited lineage but regular Canadians do not, one rule for the top and another for the people that built modern Canada and yet the establishment pushes the ‘white privilege and systemic racism’ lie. An example is that First Nations members working on their Native properties do not pay income tax but they benefit from the taxes that regular Canadians must pay, oh but Canada is such a racist country according to the left.

    • Wow you are so ignorant what BS your spewing Natives do not benefit from Canadian taxes asshat There are moneys set aside by Crown Corporations for all the resources extracted that portions of the money goes to First Nations people across Canada Frigging Get educated Racist Troll

      • You cant be that dumb. It was always the ruling class controlling things not the little people living around them! Heck 100 years ago everyone was poor in Canada like my Acadian grandmother who made 45 cents a damn hour working 16 hour days 6 days a week!

    • Yes my people came in 1610 and fought in 2 world wars yet I am not being hired for 7 years because I am white! Yes our taxes pays for ethnic groups and all the benefits they get.

    • You are absolutely right Russ..Canadian’s white, black, asian, muslim…can’t get any more inclusive or tolerant. Trudeau doesn’t give a sh** about inclusiveness, it’s just another scene in the Great Reset play.

  3. The only way out of this, it seems, will be when we can vote this gov’t the hell out and bring charges against “Son of PET”!! He and his cabal MUST be eviscerated at the polls and, for that to happen, we need a STRONG Conservative leader!! We need to turn ALL of Ontario and Quebec into Tory Blue much like what happened in the Western Provinces last election! Trudeau needs to be investigated thoroughly for treason and every other crime most of us know he’s guilty of! That’s a very tall order to fill but, we need to not only kick him to the curb..we also need to make sure he, nor his descendants, ever regain power again!

    • Not! The party political system is a fraud…all parties belong to the corporation and are intended as distractions and to keep us hoping for change. The fact is that Conservative leader Stephen Harper had told us twice on TV that he had sold our our sovereignty to get the trade deals.

      We must move from a corporatocracy to a Republic, so that there is an end to party politics, every elected represented must vote the will of their electric and of course, we have recalls, referendums, elected judges, Sheriffs and Chief of Police. Then the people can talk.

      Over 100 years of party politics should make you think twice of looking to a party in the corporate system for change.

  4. When the french first came they were dragged into the 7 year Indian Wars against their will. But the english were looting and attacking them constantly to fight in their wars they refused. They finally killed 80% of them and deported the rest across the globe! Some were made slaves in Boston!They lived with the Migmaq as both were being attacked by other native tribes across Canada and the English! We wont even get into the fact Irish were slaves for hundreds of years and fought for blacks to be free when their only choice was to be deported back to Ireland or go to jail in America! The first slave woman to be hung was an Irish woman in Boston in 1688.

  5. White Privilege exists, Im part First Nations, Still w Ignorant Article from somebody who has never experienced discrimination due to the colour of there skin, People chose to be ignorant, Still White folks in Canada are so Racist but its okay to be racist this is Canada, First Nations people were not allowed own a house off reserves till the late 1950s First Nations children were not allowed to attend white schools they were put in abusive Residential schools where they were beaten daily just for speaking there God given original languages While all this was going on First Nations were living on segregated reserves and around the late 60s were finally crawling out of the gutter many First Nations attended collage universities still you will never see any First Nations working with Corporations, If there are any I have not heard of any, Past 20 years its gotten better now its all going down the toilet again, Just Why don’t the authors of articles go and ask First Nations people what its like I saw an episode of market place basically showed the special privileges white folks give each other in this wonderful Country, Episode was about 3 friends two Caucasian and one first Nations they took a trip to various cities looking for apartment rentals using hidden cams they recorded there interactions with the land lords, made me sick to the stomach https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WjmDwWUhEpg

  6. Michael, I am sorry for your suffering, however you need to stop listening to the propaganda and start looking inside the First Nations history. It is your elected Chiefs who agreed to eliminate Hereditary Chiefs and Clan Mothers from the discussion. These government shills lined up to become ‘elected Chiefs’ in the corporate government under their Indian Act, knowing full well that thereafter, all Indians would be ‘owned’ by the government.

    There is no Muslim Act, Hindu Act, Japanese Act, Chinese Act … so why an Indian Act? Because this gave the corporate government the authority to treat all Indians like commodities and to do with them as they wish, with the blessing of their ELECTED chiefs.

    You are wrong about whites owning land…they don’t. They are merely tenants on their own properties. The titles have all been stolen by taking the given name (human name) of the rightful property owner, and distorting it to become a legal entity, close enough in resemblance to the given name that no one noticed. What happened to Indians, happened to Whites, pinks, purples and everybody else, because corporate governments never discriminate… they steal from everyone equally; they just use different tactics with each group so we don’t catch on until it’s too late.

    When I was a child in primary school, Diefenbaker was PM and he hated the French. He ensured that he knocked that french out of all of us to the point where many french folk had to change their last name to get a job. I’ll bet most of the families with the last name King were originally french named Roi (means king in french). A quick change to Roy and suddenly they became employable. Yes, I could hate all English … I don’t because looking back is a total waste of time except when we do it to learn a lesson. The lesson I learned is that corporate governments are 100% evil.

    When you folks signed UNDRIP (thanks to your elected Chiefs, the head of which is a lawyer), you gave away the rest of your lands and your rights to be controlled by the UN Charter. The UN and WEF are connected at the belly-button. Their main goal is to end all private property ownership across the world.

    I don’t know that you would be so quick to blame ‘whites’ if you knew the whole story about the role your ‘elected’ Chiefs played and still play in your life. Ask any honest hereditary chief or clan mother.

    You can spend the rest of your days being angry, or you can find out what exactly is the root of what happened to your people and to all others, and then channel that emotion into a forward thinking action. For example, it turns out that the Kamloops REsidential School mass graves were identified by a complete fraud working with media to stir up hatred.

    This expert who was used by main-stream media to promote this false story, despite the Clan Mothers explaining that it was not an unmarked grave site and all tribe members knew it was a community burial ground, claimed to be an expert in radar technology that identifies items below the surface. She was not remotely that and the University that funded her and her BS quickly pulled her bio and then promoted her to Associate Professor!

    There are real solutions out there, but nothing can be discussed when one is blaming another, just as the corporate governments want us to do and we have done for over 100 years. The problem is the corporate governments in Canada, not the People.


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