White Canadians Excluded From Being Hired At Canadian Universities

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“The University of Calgary posted a job opening for a professor at its Haskayne School of Business. However, the position is only open to “qualified Black scholars.” 

Canada’s centres of “higher learning” refer to this as “racial equity.” Cultural Action Party refer to it as racism against Caucasian Canadians.

Degree of expected fall-out? Absolutely nothing. Don’t you know? Contemporary Canada is systemically prejudiced against Anglophone citizens. All of it perfectly acceptable— the targets are Caucasians.

Imagine the scenario: an advertisement for an English Professor at a Canadian university reads like this:

This position is open to “qualified White scholars.” Upon which all hell breaks loose. Witness as a plethora of outraged professors of colour slam Canada as bigoted, racist, and xenophobic.

See the double-standard at play? Hands up those who believe that Canada’s federal government– or provincial/municipal–  stand in opposition to Haskayne School Of Business’ racism against white Canadians.

Blink, and you missed it:

“While assumptions and stereotypes about white people do exist, this is considered racial prejudice– not racism.”

“Racial prejudice refers to a set of discriminatory or derogatory attitudes based on assumptions derived from perceptions about race and/or skin colour, but is not considered racism[when applied to whites] because of the systemic relationship to power.”

If one believes these tenets of anti-Anglophone prejudice against our communities come from our university campuses, it’s time to think again. What we have here is text lifted from Liberal government training materials for new employees.

Translation: Racism against white citizens is an impossibility. What a trap it is. Not that astute Canadians should expect anything different. Animus toward Anglophones and other citizens of European heritage is today a standard of Liberal government policy.

According to Liberal-funded CBC Corporation, by 2021-2022:

From which CAP extrapolate the following. White Canadians are to be refused employment based on the following criterea: they are white.

One has to wonder where all this is leading. To protect the agenda, media refuse to view these developments on an historical continuum. It is done intentionally, with the goal of limiting general understanding of Canada’s historical trajectory.

It’s one thing to maintain this form of prejudice when a majority of Canada’s population consists of the “Old Stock” variety of citizen.

‘Vancouver Transitions To Canada’s First White-Minority City’

“New data from the census released Wednesday shows that 54 per cent of the people in the region identified as a visible minority, up from 49 per cent in 2016.”

“That increase was predominantly due to 154,820 new immigrants who settled in Metro Vancouver between 2016 and 2021, most of them coming from India and China.”

How many Canadians are aware of this development? By way of mainstream media, very few. That’s the way government want it to be. Pourquoi? Because it is to become the status of every major city in Canada by the year 2038. By that time, whites will have transitioned to a minority community in Canada.

Now, let us re-assess the situation. The year is 2033. University of Calgary place a “no whites permitted” ad for a new professor. Remember, the tables have turned, and now Anglophones constitute a minority community.

Bottom Line: Legal, socially accepted racism against an Anglophone minority sanctioned by our ruling Liberal government. No wonder CBC, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star never speculate on Canada’s future social conditions. It looks incredibly bad for Canadians of European origin.

Frankly speaking, PM Justin Trudeau wants this structure to become a standard in Canada. The PM is Francophone. What does he take about Anglophones? Try nothing at all.

Fact: Over the course of his seven-year tenure as prime minister, PM has made one–and only one– verbal reference to English Canada, and its Anglophone peoples.

It occured when he stated that we should be “less racist.” Apart from this, our communities have transitioned to a “silent majority.” One day to become a silent minority, it appears government, media and academia will continue to step all over us till the cows come home on an Alberta Beef farm.

3 thoughts on “White Canadians Excluded From Being Hired At Canadian Universities”

  1. “Racism against white citizens is an impossibility.” Pondering this Bizzarro World attitude; My head hurts. This drivel is driven by pure hatred–By mostly Woke Caucasians; against “Old Stock” Canadians, and Westerners in general. Full of sound and fury; signifying nothing. (Except an irrational hatred of the unwoke.) Truly the world has “gone to hell in a handbasket.” The aforementioned is a well worn expression that accurately sums up our situation. Google: “Going to hell in a handbasket means deteriorating rapidly, a situation when a complete ruin or failure is inevitable. If someone uses this phrase, they want to say the situation is getting quickly out of hand and going downhill rapidly.” Apart from feeling anger–indeed; rage–our situation evokes more sadness than anything. After one-hundred and fifty odd years of Confederation; Our former country lies in ruins….likely never to rise again.

  2. “One day to become a silent minority, it appears government, media and academia will continue to step all over us till the cows come home on an Alberta Beef farm.” Slight revision: “One day to become a silent minority, it appears government, media and academia will continue to step all over us till the cows come home on an Alberta [Insect] farm.” Turdo is gunning (pun intended) for the Western farmers. Beef will also be verboten in Trudopia. Cattle; cows; wheat, and the White man. We have a target on our backs.


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