While Canadians Struggle, Liberals Take Giant Pay Raise

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No one can dispute the fact that, for the average Canadian, money is tighter today than it has been in decades.

As if intentionally sticking it to our citizenship, a contrast with federal government salaries couldn’t be greater. In light of the fact, CAP has to wonder why our prime minister and members of Parliament continue to grant themselves lavish increases in salaries.

Why the systemic slap-in-the-face, particularly at this point in time? An article published this week in the Toronto Sun speaks to the discrepancy between money-in-hand for average Canadians, and money being thrown at the prime minister, MP’s, Senators, as well as the Governor General:

“This year’s estimated pay raise will range from an extra $8,100 for a backbencher to $16,200 for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, based on contract data published by the government.”

“This year’s raise is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, this year’s raise will be MPs’ fifth pay raise since 2020.”

Does this not play into the concept of “elitism” among a governing class which colours the portrait of leftist politicians at present? It surely does, but Trudeau approved it anyway.

For CAP, the move is entirely ignorant. While Canadians struggle with rapid inflation and carbon tax increases, Team Trudeau continue to luxuriate among themselves. Champagne and caviar all around on government flights to Davos to attend elitist-oriented World Economic Forum think-tanks?

Not a problem for the Liberals. Can there be a reason for this insult to Canadian voters apart from pure monetary benefit?

“The salary for Canada’s Governor General got a $40,000 pay bump during the COVID-19 pandemic, as millions of Canadian workers faced uncertainty, unemployment and economic hardship.”

Seems that it pays well to be a legislation-passing puppet for the Liberals, which in truth, constitutes Mary Simon’s entire role as Governor General.

“That carbon tax will cost the average family up to $911 a year more than they get back rebates, according to the Parliamentary Budget Officer.”

Merci, Liberal Minister of Environment Steven Guilbeault. Did you know? The Liberal’s hero-nation of China produces 26% of world-wide Carbon emissions, while Canada produces 1.6%.

Ever hear Quebecois-centric Liberals Like Guilbeault and Trudeau reference the fact? How about Canadian media pointing out that China has no carbon taxation. Meanwhile, in fanatical fashion, MP Guilbeault flies around the planet ranting and raving as if a carbon apocalypse is entirely imminent.

Yes, Cultural Action Party[est. 2016] continuously rant about Canada’s conversion to communism. Once again, the theory comes into focus. We consider the structure of society in nations like China, Cuba, and the former Soviet Union.

Marxism encourages a dichotomous structure of “elites,” and “everyone else.” Communism erodes the middle class, morphing society into a configuration of a tiny elite class controlling a large “peasant class.”

Can it be that this dynamic serves as a vital element of the Liberal government neo-communist road map for Canada?

“On April 1, Trudeau is hiking his federal taxes on alcohol by another 4.7%. Even worse, Trudeau made the alcohol tax hike automatic so MPs won’t even vote on it.”

No vote– no democracy. Political perfection it is for our PM. In addition to another example of government “sticking it to the little guy.” Liberal MPs like Ahmed Hussen and Arif Virani may not be affected, but average citizens certainly will be.

“You could be forgiven if the upcoming MP pay raise and carbon tax hike drive you to drink. But there’s more bad news: Trudeau will reach deeper into your pocket whenever you go to the liquor store or bar.”

“Canadians pay five times more tax on a case of beer than our friends south of the border.”

Oh, the little pleasures in life. In post-modern Canada, Trudeau and team put the squeeze on this “avenue of pleasure” for the peasant-class.

Another feature of authoritarian rule comes a’calling:

“Nearly 8 Out of 10 Canadians Are Against MP Pay Raise’

What Canadians want, the Liberals refuse to deliver. Most of the time they do the exact opposite. What form of governance adheres to this structure? The move is antithetical to democratic governance, therefore you know Justin & Company will be in favour of it.

“It’s wrong for politicians to pocket bigger pay-cheques while the people they represent suffer through a pandemic, pay cuts, job and business losses,” said Franco Terrazzano, Federal Director of the Canadian Tax Federation.

“It shouldn’t be rocket science for MPs to do the right thing and stop taking bigger salaries during the pandemic.”

It isn’t rocket science– it’s our Liberal government’s brand of neo-communism.

“It doesn’t have to be this way. The federal government stopped the automatic pay raises between 2010 and 2013 in response to the 2008-09 recession.”

The ruling government at the time? PM Stephen Harper and the Conservatives. In what seems like centuries ago, the Feds actually did the conservative thing: they self-froze their salaries.

In 2023, Trudeau and Liberals drive an elitist dagger into the heart of day-to-day living for average-income citizens. Meanwhile, politicians get fat off the fruits of their labour.

All of which fits snugly into the school-of-thought that, in reality, our PM is in charge of a conversion of Canada to neo-communism. To be followed one day by the real thing.

3 thoughts on “While Canadians Struggle, Liberals Take Giant Pay Raise”

  1. Show me the household where the servants set their own salaries, show me the company where the employees set the pay rate………Our servants in government are completely out of control, they have chosen to ignore their place in a civilized society and pretend to be lord god almighty over the people, hmmmmm….. that does have the septic stench of communism don’t it.

  2. Vote them out at the first opportunity and vote in a PM that makes a campaign promise to roll back ALL of their recent salary increases.

  3. According to a letter I received on this on last years raise from my own MP, there is a parliamentary rule that states they have to take it. The only way to not, is they have to vote to have it paused. Apparently it was for a few years but reinstated a number of years ago by the Liberal government.


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