When Political Correctness CONTROLS NHL Hockey Canada Is In BIG Trouble

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Within the spectrum of contemporary Canadian politics under the rule of PM Justin Trudeau, myriad examples of our nation’s trans-sition away from a free and democratic society exist.

This is the very reason Canadian media has also undergone a dramatic transformation. Once a reasonable medium of news and political objectivity, those days are long gone--not that 90% of Canadians have an ability to recognize this profound change.

Within Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada, media are now “protectors of the faith”– their job is to obscure, sublimate, and spin these societal transformations into media pablum.

Recently, CTV’s “The Social” caused major controversy on social media a couple weeks ago when another guest co-host, Jessica Allen, suggested children in hockey have “white privilege,” which spurred the Twitter trend #FireJessAllen.

Also on CTV, “The Social’s” guest co-host Meredith Shaw was discussing a story about a mayor in a U.S. town changing the Christmas parade to the “Winter parade”, when she argued people who don’t celebrate Christmas shouldn’t have to live somewhere that has a Christmas parade.”

Seems our post-modern Canada has delivered a most curious side effect-– Old Stock Canadians who attack the heritage from which they personally derive.

Over at Hockey Night in Canada--controlled by Sportsnet, partially owned by Canadian media giant Rogers Communications, they enjoy self-flagellation in the form of the firing of Old Stock Canadian “champion” Don Cherry.

CAP often speak of the lack of focus on our  “Old Stock” communities– Anglophone, Conservative, western Canadian, Christian, et al. One good reason for this is no one in politics or media ever write about this segment of society. Indeed, at present we are Canada’s “invisible people.”

So let’s talk hockey. Growing up in Halifax, Nova Scotia in the 1970’s, the sport of Hockey was front-and-centre within our communities. It served as a fundamental identifier of Canadian identity. Indeed, the sport functioned as a source of Canadian nationalism, as well as pride in our collective cultural identity.

Fast forward to 2019 Canada. Justin Trudeau is beginning his second term as prime minister. During term number one–despite media presentation– Mr. Trudeau thrashed our communities  in no uncertain terms.

Anglophone Canadians are racists against Sikhs(Komogata Maru propaganda story). We are bigots against Islam(Islamophobia, M103). Our people hate the Chinese(Head Tax, 1905). Also, our people are genocidal toward Aboriginals(Trudeau’s verbal affirmation in 2018).

Holy Cow– talk about an awful group of Canadians–by way of pseudo-dictator, King Justin of Canada. This is part and parcel of the globalist attack upon English Canada, and its Anglophone peoples.

Yet even after this punitive madness, the globalist road show does not subside. There is a chance it never will.

OUR DYING NATION: Canadian TV Host Pushing For Word “Christmas” To Be Eliminated From Celebrations

Frankly, CAP see the anti-hockey movement as another branch of liberal-globalist assault upon our society. Indeed, the anti-Canadian assault is truly multi-faceted.

Government. Media. Our academic world, as well as  other social institutions fundamental to our identity as a nation. But hockey?Surely this is a tell-tale sign of Canadian cultural degeneration at the hands of Trudeau, Morneau, Mckinnon, Freeland, and the rest of the Liberal cultural assassins.

Given the history of hockey in Canada, shouldn’t this sport fall  “outside the pale” of political correctness? Is there not even one  Canadian institution which remains sacrosanct in terms of political correctness within the fading “Great White North?”

There should be–but obviously, there isn’t. How should this situation be interpreted by informed, non-snowflake Canadians? CAP will inform: The exact opposite way of the manner in which Trudeau’s media salves are presenting the situation.

CAP Conclusion: There is no element of Canadiana which is insulated from the globalist agenda to transform our nation from democracy to dictatorship, as well as to establish Anglo-Canada as the official nemesis community of our country.

With the Don Cherry NHL Hockey incident, this becomes right as rain–the very reason CBC, CTV and the rest obscure this profound truth. Politically astute Canucks are aware of these elements of social seduction– which account for perhaps 10-15% of our population.

A word CAP like to throw around is “ubiquitous”– the phenomenon is all-encompassing, and omni-present. Not true of Trudeau’s globalist seductions? Of course it is. Marxist Theory informs that a successful hi-jacking of a society needs to be everywhere at once–a holisticassault upon all fundamental institutions within a democratic society.

Shortlist of Canadian institutions: Government, Media, Academia, Legal system, Courts, Legislation– and Hockey! Now, consider the degree to which the global parasite ideology has permeated these institutions:

Government– 100%; Media– 100%, Education– 100% Hockey– 50%. But of course, the liberal-left cultural destroyers are not doneyet. By the time media, social justice warriors, multicult-mongers and Third World advocates are finished with it, hockey may well become as tainted as the rest.

What is truly happening in this regard in that the “globalists” are today in the process of tarnishing Canada’s most cherished sport. Did the snowflake CTV host not associate Canadian hockey with white supremacy? See the game-plan in action?

This is it, fellow patriots– Canada is presently being seduced by way of socialist political methodology. Control media. Control education. Control SPORTS. Add to this the Canadian family(LGBT, transgender), our courts( Pierre Trudeau’s Charter) and on and on.

Simply put, this situation is a grand-scale seduction of society. Now for an even more ominous truism: Rather than protect our nation from the erosion of freedom and democracy in Canada, the prime minister of our nation is leading the charge.

How insane is this? Nearly as insane as a gang of Old Stock Canadian media publishers, editors and leading journalists covering up the entire affair. 

True, or not so true: When government and media work in collusionto propagandize a citizenship into conformity, what form of governance is “in the house?”

Simple–communism. As it happens, this is the preferred form of governance with the Trudeau family– Justin, brother Alexandre, as well as Pierre Trudeau before them.

How obvious is it that there is a common thread within this entire dynamic? Obvious as heck–the very reason why 90% of Canadians have no clue what is occurring within their nation. In 2019, media exist not to deliver the news, but rather to hide the truth from 37.5 million Canadians.

Don Cherry? Hockey Night in Canada? Come on, fellow patriots–is this not a warning sign of the highest order? Of course it is.

Want a socialist nation controlled by the United Nations, Sikh Nationalism, Nation of Islam and communist government of China?Simple–just sit back and do nothing while accepting the “slings and arrows” of the globalists “racist” accusations, and all this can be yours.



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