When Charities Turn Evil: Globalist Non-Profits Working To CONTROL Western Nations

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“The children are innocent” appears to be a fair and reasonable statement for most people. Often, however, such innocence can transition into malevolency as a child grows toward maturity.

Such is the condition of the contemporary non-profit world controlled by billionaire media and business moguls. The Clinton Foundation for one. The Trudeau Foundation. George Soros’ Open Border Foundation, the Kielburger’s WE Charity, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and others.

In 2020, not-for-profit organizations have lost much of their original benevolence, and have morphed into globalist power-playing forces that work toward an accumulation of power, money and control of society.

It is in this environment where PM Justin Trudeau loves to roll. Gates, Bono, the Clintons— this is where our PM wants to be. If not found rubbing elbows here, Trudeau cab be found pushing himself upon 3rd World Canada in order to capture their votes. As for our “Old Stock” communities– not so much.

It was the WE Charity scandal which really brought these ideas to the forefront. Witness the uber-wealthy Trudeau Dynasty walking away with some $400,000 in payment from a international children’s charity.

What Media NEVER Point Out:

These foundations serve as tax-write offs for Mr. Gates and Mr. Clinton. Therefore, they balance off the giant profits from their private corporations, thereby resulting in a giant reduction in taxation. Such a simple concept–yet one never reads of such a thing within Canadian media.

In other words, the Charity organizations are every bit as important– and therefore POWERFUL to the billionaires then, for example, Microsoft or Amazon.com.

Media hide all this away. One good reason is found in another critical element of globalist seduction. It is known that George Soros, a man who achieved infamy for making one billion dollars overnight in the U.K. stock market, is the owner of some 300 media publications around the globe.

Rumoured to be part of this– Toronto Star, as well as all those local Metro Papers we see around our urban centres. In terms of content, both are 100% leftist, globalist publications.

Quick Analysis: George Soros and his Open Border Foundation not-for-profit are known to bankroll the following:

Illegal migration, refugee distribution, LGBT rights, transgenderism, Pride, abortion, euthanasia, and Black Lives Matter.

Trudeau/Liberal government support of the above: 100%— every darn bit of it. Think about it, fellow patriots. From 2015-2019 did Justin Trudeau NOT promote every entity listed above?

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GTA Powerhouse MP Ahmed Hussen says “It was good to see PM Trudeau take a knee at the recent BLM event.” Wanna know what CAP think about this? It makes total sense–because MP Ahmed Hussen wants ALL OF CANADA on our knees, prostrating ourselves before Hussen’s precious 3rd World element of society.

Truly, the entire situation is  one giant power-grab. Charity organizations have indeed “matured” over the years–just as Canadians recently witnessed with the charade that was an “interrogation” of Justin Trudeau regarding the WE debacle.

Speaking of things media will never expose–here is one intended to get the blood boiling for us patriot types– the Bill Gates power-play charity is not unlike the Islamic Charity Industry. In fact, CAP believe this serves as the “foundation” for the initiatives.

The globalists took hold of the “pity-party” style delivered by non-profit groups suxh as Islamic Relief. All the imagery– thin, hungry children with large eyes calling out for sustenance– is dubious at best. Much–or most of the money–does not reach the intended recipients.

Billions of Canadian tax-dollars have been sent or allocated to Middle Eastern and African Nations, yet mainstream never speak of a misappropriation of the funding.

Canadian Aid To Afghanistan:

“Phantom aid is aid that never reaches the intended recipient countries. It is aid that gets looted in many ways such as tied aid and domestic refugee spending in donor countries.”

One of the countries affected by phantom aid is Afghanistan. It has received approximately $35 billion of international aid between 2002 and 2009. However, much of this aid has not helped ease poverty or improve economic and living conditions, as originally intended, in the nation.

In the meantime,  the nation of Afghanistan is the second least-indebted nation on earth.

When Pity Pays:

See how they roll? Billionaires, Microsoft, Hillary Clinton, Bono, Open Border Foundation, WE CHARITY--all based upon the “suffering children” model originated by the Amnesty-type charity model.

Gates and Soros lifted this as part of an agenda many describe as a New World Order. In puppy dog-like fashion, Trudeau and his shaggy hair wanna be part of the club. Seems our PM’s billionaire aspirations outweigh an insignificant little thing called working for the benefit of ALL Canadian citizens.

— BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder(est. 2016)








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