What’s With The Liberal’s Obsessional Focus On Canadian Children?

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The Toronto School District Board’s new educational mandate, “Facilitating Critical Conversations,” arguably qualifies as the most racist piece of educational propaganda  produced in Canada.

FIRST READING: ‘Education Is White Supremacy, Toronto Teachers Told In Official Guidebook’

“Teachers were told to focus on the race of their students above all other considerations.”

Even on this basis, it’s shocking to discover that TDSB has actually pulled the plug on the program. But not to worry, oh ye haters of Canada– it’s only a temporary situation. Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce has branded the educational mandate “divisive,” and as a result, it’s going back to the drawing-board for revision.

Naturally, the thing is not dead-in-the-water. After all, we now reside in PM Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada, where it’s open season on systemic attacks against white Canadian communities.

While Canadian media dip their globalist-infused pens into woke ink, they steadfastly refuse to entertain examples of history in which an unnatural focus on the youth of a nation was integral to government propaganda campaigns. Such a schematic was fundamental to social revolutions which took place in the previous century.

“Teachers were told to focus on race, says the TDSB “anti-racism” instructional manual. Glancing back at the previous century, we discover that:

“The Nazi government attempted to control the minds of the young and thus, among other means, intruded Nazi beliefs into the school curriculum. The Nazis aimed to indoctrinate the younger population was through reforming the education system.”

“They aimed to de-intellectualize education: they did not want education to provoke people to ask questions or think for themselves. They believed this approach would instill obedience and belief in the Nazi worldview, creating the ideal future generation.”

Is it possible to pinpoint parallels between this bit of “education” and systemic propaganda  institutionalized within Canadian public schools?

“Meritocracy” is a system which expresses the idea that people should be rewarded based on their efforts and abilities. Woke political correctness espouses an inversion of the process. Rather than intellect and ability, an individual’s racial identity must be the key consideration when selecting candidates for employment.

Just because the tables have been turned does not negate the parallels between fascist educational systems and provincial educational programs in Canada. Back then, it was simply a different form of “undesirables.”

In both instances, an unnatural focus on society’s youth existed as a core social condition. “Get ’em while they’re young” being the name of the game.

In this regard, Canadian academia’s “Diversity, Equity & Inclusiveness” is just what the neo-communist doctor ordered. The children of our country are to be treated to such gems as:

White Supremacy is a structural reality that impacts all students and must be discussed and dismantled in classrooms, schools, and communities.”

“Education is a colonial structure that centres whiteness and Eurocentricity and therefore it must be actively decolonized.”

Animosity toward Anglophones oozes from the pages of the anti-white propaganda campaigns targeting the most innocent– and more importantly, the most impressionable segment of society.

It’s always been like this in times of historical social revolution. Mao Tse Tung’s Communist revolution in China; Josef Stalin, Leon Trotsky and the Russian Revolution in the early part of the 20th century.

All share a commonality– the desire to politically program the minds of youth, indoctrinating them toward government’s particular brand of supremacy, be it racial, political, or otherwise.

For CAP, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government are working out of the same bag. The goal of government is to inculcate our children into their weltanschauung (world view). Thinking a generation ahead, when “Old Stock” Canadians have been reduced to a powerless minority, Canadian youth will be blindly on board with whatever policies government choose to enforce upon society.

The hot-buttons the haters push: racism, bigotry, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, genocidal tendencies.

But of course, the agenda wouldn’t be complete without an unhealthy focus on human sexuality. Moving from race to the bedroom, the woke warriors establish a corollary condition:

LGBT, and transgenderism in particular. In this case, the ticket is sexuality rather than race. As propaganda ministers of the past understood, touching on fundamentals of human emotional life is critical to successful authoritarian state takeover.

In this regard, there’s nothing better than a passive population to get the job done. Why do you think government, media, and academia run-down national identity and heritage in ubiquity?

Cultural Action Party[est.2016] will take a crack at it: because it lowers the collective self-esteem of our country, making us so much more malleable to the covert revolution being forced on Canadian society.

LGBT serves a similar function. Transitioning our student body into passive, Liberal-voting puppets is a great way to achieve political success. Thus, another “unnatural” focus on the youth element.

We stand aghast. At least, the slender volume of Canadians who transcend CBC and corporate media propaganda campaigns to comprehend what is really going on in our country.

It doesn’t like Albert Einstein to understand establishment media’s embracement of Liberal government propaganda wars. Without billions in tax-payer dollars funnelled to CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and myriad others, these organizations would be out of business.

“It[DEI training] instructed educators to interact with students based primarily on their identity group, states a recent article from The Epoch Times.

Yes, the Liberals have come for our children, parsing them racially in an inverted fashion to what existed in Europe during World War 2.

In truth, there’s a bit more to it than this. What Justin Trudeau and his crew of neo-communists really want to capture is the next generation of Canadian children.

This way, after the likelihood of a decade of forthcoming Conservative Party rule(if it actually occurs), the Liberals will be back, and this time, Canadian youth will surely be putty in their diabolical hands.

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