What Right Does Trudeau Have To Remake Canada In His “Woke” Image?

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Returning to the roots of democracy delivers a poignant declaration on governance:

Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s(1712-1778)  social contract theory put forth the proposition that “a people is free when it is governed by its own laws.”

“This is accomplished through the general will, which is like a collective idea of the common good, and through the election of members of government.”

To apply the principle to contemporary Canadian society is a sad joke. It’s been this way for the past half-century. Beginning with former Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau in the late 1960’s, politics in Canada began to morph away from western democratic principles. Trudeau Sr. served up two fundamental breaches of true democracy:

Multiculturalism, unilaterally implemented by a Liberal government, contained not a shred of public input or buy-in. Placing the nascent re-orientation on steroids is the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a piece of social weaponry designed to transfer power to the political fringes, special interest non-profit organizations, and “minority” communities.

The collective impact threw Canada off its democratic axis, and in truth, the Liberal Party of Canada has never looked back. To ease the transition, mainstream media spent the past 50 years eschewing the transformative nature of Pierre Trudeau’s personal brand of politics.

That said, nothing can touch the degree to which current PM Justin Trudeau surpassed the arrogance of so-called father. What Trudeau Jr. has done is to circumvent democracy to the point in which it exists today as a hollow shell of its former self.

An article this month from The Print elucidates the transition:

“A Global Jihadist Movement Continues To Grow In Canada—Beyond Khalistan”

“The immigration officer knew the passport was fake. Even then, Ahmed Ressam soon walked out of the airport onto the streets of Toronto. Even though his asylum application was rejected, Ressam was allowed to continue living in Canada.”

“Even when Canadian intelligence learned he was providing stolen passports to al-Qaeda, nothing happened.”

A microcosm for Canadians society under control of Trudeau and the Liberals, we witness the reorientation of our country– entirely devoid of public input.

The list of shortcomings is extensive. An article published this week in the National Post offers an ominous example:

“Canada has now earned the unwanted distinction of becoming a hub for Islamist terror financing. A March report by the online publication Focus on Western Islamism noted that five groups with Islamist ties in Canada received at least $42 million in taxpayer funds from government departments between 2018 and 2022.”

Trans-lation: the federal government of Canada has knowingly transition our nation to a pro-Islamic society. It would be one thing if that was “all she wrote.” In truth, it’s far from it.

Justin Trudeau’s reorientation of society is multi-faceted. In addition to acceptance and advancement of Islamic and Sikh nationalist militancy comes  government’s post-modern distinction as an anti-Christian, anti-Jewish society.

First, the running down of the Christian faith in the form of genocidal claims from Trudeau and New Democratic Party leader, Jagmeet Singh, who made this public statement back in May, 2021:

“215 Indigenous kids were found in an unmarked mass grave. Anytime you think of unmarked mass graves, you think of a distant country where a genocide has happened. This is not a distant country, this is here in Canada, and the genocide was against Indigenous people.”

To this day– three years later– not one piece of evidence has been discovered to verify Singh’s claim. What did go down was a burning of some 60 Christian churches in retaliation, for which Justin Trudeau stated that the arson attacks were “understandable.”

Turning to present-day, we discover this gem as published this week in the National Post:

“Ontario Mom Pulls Jewish Daughter Out Of High School”

“I live in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, and my child is not in school because she’s Jewish. That’s insane,’ says mother of Grade 11 student.”

No, it’s not insane– it’s Trudeau’s Canada. And if anyone thinks the “trend” will subside, consider a decision made this week by our federal government:

“Canada said on Monday it will issue visas to 5,000 Gazans, more than it originally pledged.” 

“The visas for Canadians’ relatives living in the enclave represent a five-fold increase from the 1,000 temporary resident visas allotted under a special program that Canada announced in December.

CAP want to be clear in this regard. The death of the innocent is wrong. No one is claiming that these people should not receive assistance. Wonderful it would be if their brethren co-religionist governments in the Middle East took them in.

What concerns Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] are the social ramifications of such a move. Canadian campuses are already rife with protests. Will this not add fuel to Canada’s “social fire?” More than likely it will exacerbate an already tense and difficult situation.

Trudeau and Immigration Minister Marc Miller do it anyway. After which we move toward a “conspiratorial” stance. Are they doing this with an understanding that social chaos will be the result? The concept is not as absurd as one may imagine, and here’s why:

The more social chaos, the greater the justification for government to intervene. With the Liberals spending nearly a year down in the mouth in the polls, could this be a method for the Feds to continue with its plot to remake Canadian society?

The concept comes in the form of what is called “martial law”-– the right under certain conditions for government to intervene to the degree to which a federal election could be postponed, or possibly cancelled altogether.

These ideas speak to the vehemence by which PM Trudeau and team desire to extend Canada’s journey from free and democratic society to a “no core identity” socialist nation-state.

Through a reorientation of identifiable community priority, they’re getting the job done. Christians, Jews and Anglophones to the back of the social bus. Islam, Sikhism. LGBT, China to the forefront.

And none of it– not even one shred– emanating from 41 million Canadians desire for such a transition to occur. If this is true democracy, Osama bin Laden should have been appointed Pope.

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  1. it doesn’t come from trudeau, it comes from UN and WEF and international banks, look up the system ESG

    …. derp

  2. In Trudeau’s Canada, Chinese, Francophones, LGBTQ, Muslims and, Sikhs, like American Express cardholders, go to the front of the line.


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