What Patriots Will Remember About Justin Trudeau

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‘Seven Arrested During Pro-Palestine “Sit-in” At Justin Trudeau’s Office’

Nov. 10th, 2023: “We will not leave until these demands are met.”

Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] take them at their word. Why not, when the timeline of PM Justin Trudeau’s tenure as Canadian prime minister contains a clear demarcation.

For eight years running, Trudeau has been an avatar of degenerative woke globalist policy. His political resume reflects a litany of social division, community favouritism, and religious community bias.

That his entire ouevre is one devoid of concern for “traditional” elements of our society has never been reflected by mainstream Canadian media.

Within the polyglot structure of contemporary Canada, our Liberal government play a nasty game of “winners and losers”  Within the dynamic, media consistently obfuscate the reality of community privilege.

Between the lines of press presentation is found an ominous consistency. An elevation of 3rd World community presence and power, contrasted with a trashing of one identifiable Canadian community.

Irony springs forth as we recognize the woke liberal paradox: government and media position white Canadians as privileged, while leveraging “Islamophobia” and other concepts of prejudice to depict Anglo-Europeans as bigoted racists.

Conveniently left out of focus is Canada’s French-Canadian component. This is because the Liberals are, in reality, a Quebec-centric political force.

Tallying up the tactics results in a salient observation. Anglo-European Canadians have been systemically transitioned to our national doghouse. This, while academic self-haters and the foreign “visiting professor” contingent speak of “white privilege,” Critical Race Theory and other examples of Marxist-derived propaganda.

Media say nothing. They’re fully on board, likely motivated by funding from the Feds required to keep their organizations from filing for bankruptcy.

Among the general population, there are likely millions of citizens who recognize government’s tacit attack on Canadian society. We never hear from them, because media eschew an entire spectrum of those who share these feelings.

Founded in 2016, CAP know the type well. These are the people who “like” our posts, agree with our sentiments, and provide daily positive feedback on our articles.

By now, we have a good feeling for the mentality of Canadian patriots. They’re conservatives, most are Anglo-European in heritage. Many are Christians entirely unimpressed with Justin Trudeau’s promotion of immorality via abortion, Euthanasia, transgenderism, all of which impact “old school” Canadians far more than they affect our new arrival contingent.

We empathize with them as we recognize their omission from the “multicultural banquet feast” that government promote in ubiquity. Media want nothing to do with us, preferring to position these citizens as racists, bigots and xenophobes.

Sound like “social equity” to you? What a farce this is. In truth, it sounds more like an example of the “systemic racism” that Trudeau and back-up quarterback NDP leader Jagmeet Singh claim affect Canada’s suffering “racialized” communities.

And what of the so-called suffering? Just this week, Statistics Canada delivered data proving there are five ethnic communities that out-earn whites.

“White Canadians are at the middle of the pack, earning $1,530 for men and $1,120 for women.”

See that, woke warriors of the academic variety? “Middle of the pack.”

Not privileged, not superior— just average. But not to worry, woke contingent. These findings will in no way alter our national destiny. Pourquoi? Because Canada is no longer an authentic democracy.

Today, our country is a post-modern experiment. Arguably the most pertinent point of all, media have refused to mention it. It’s called “our future.”

It was as a 15 year old high school student born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia when I first heard the term “multiculturalism.” My immediate thought was that one day, this will tear our society into pieces.

That was 47-years ago, and I feel the same way now. Only today, we experience tangible evidence of a fracturing of society resulting from federal immigration policy, and what leftists refer to as “diversity.”

To which CAP retort. How can authentic diversity exist at the same time that white Canadians are prohibited from joining the multicultural dance party?

“Go ask your mother,” says Catherine Tait at the CBC. There’s no answer, because the question has never been asked in the first place. The Liberals now have all their ducks in a row.

Quebecois nationalism, Sikh-Khalistani nationalism, China election interference. Ethnic non-profit groups like National Council of Canadian Muslims with a tight connection to ethnic Liberal MP’s in Ottawa.

Abortion, Euthanasia, anti-colonialism, LGBT, transgenderism, immigration, refugee intake– the entire nine-yards. Breaking down the dynamic, we uncover a common thread.

Every bit of this is damaging to Anglophone communities. Media remain silent as the lambs. Kind of incredible, seeing as at this point in time, the lion’s share of journalists in Canada are Anglophone, along with a Francophone contingent.

We draw our conclusion: something is “rotten in a Denmark” called Canada.

Out of those promulgating these unfortunate social developments, the most vehement is current PM Justin Trudeau. This man put all of it– every element– on steroids when seizing control of society back in 2015.

In no manner are these beliefs exclusive to Cultural Action Party. Unlike a head-in-the-clouds, silver spoon fed Trudeau, our ear is firmly planted in the streets of Canadian society.

For years we have been hearing from Canadian patriots disgusted by the degeneration advanced by Trudeau and the Liberals. These are the “silent types”— for one good reason.

There exists no outlet for presentation of their beliefs. Crafty backroom schemers surrounding the Liberal-Trudeau fortress have surely nipped this one in the bud.

As they have all aspects of patriotism, nationalism and belief in country. This is what occurs when a pre-meditated plot of national implosure is unfurled on an unsuspecting Canadian society.

It began with Pierre Trudeau, and if Canadians are not careful, the seed of Multiculturalism will grow into what the woke liberal globalist doctor ordered. The demise of our country as known from its founding in 1867 to 2015.

The latter marking the year a cultural destroyer named Justin Trudeau was appointed prime minister of Canada.

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  1. Damn, that is one offensive picture, he so glaringly obviously fake.
    A traitor who has spent his entire political career shitting on the sacrifices those men made. As did his traitor of a father figure. Those men fought and died to defend the world from the very evil that he is rabidly promoting. Trudeauism is a severe mental illness and should be treated as such.


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