“Wexit”– Western Canada Pushes For SEPARATION From Trudeau’s Globalist/Third World Canada

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With the incredible polarization resulting from the victory for Justin Trudeau, the concept of a separate nation for the western provinces of Canada appears to be growing, viable concept.

One look at the “colour map” which details the MP wins and losses provides tangible evidence of a near-total split between political sentiment in Eastern and Western Canada.

CAP are not here to espouse the break-up of Canada. In some respects, we find this irresponsible. What we will attempt to do is offer an interpretation of this growing phenomenon, and its place within the political narrative of our country.

First of all, the entire province of Alberta went blue conservative. This is itself is symbolic of a comprehensive dislike of Trudeau and his Eastern-Globalist cultural assassins. Therefore, the wise thing to do–along with an actual exercise in true democracy(Trudeau doesn’t indulge), is for Alberta Premier Jason Kenney to hold a province-wide referendum on his province abandoning federation, and establishing an independent nation for themselves.

Good idea? Possibly.  We happen to believe that Justin Trudeau will never call a referendum during his entire tenure as PM. After all,  this would be an exercise in populist politics, based upon the political will of the people. Since Justin Trudeau has zero interest in the will of the people, CAP maintain we will never see a Trudeau-led referendum under his tenure.

Would a separation from Trudeau’s eastern globalist-third world nation-state be the best move for Alberta, or western Canada as a whole? Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and much of B.C. went Conservative after the recent election.

From the CAP-Patriot perspective, what would western Canada gain? A great deal, actually.

For starters, Justin Trudeau would not be our prime minister. This would be fabulous–a joy in-and-of itself. The Liberals would no longer have an ability to lord it for Alberta oil and energy industries- another bonus.

A serious, but poorly understood benefit– Western Canadians may well be freed from King Justin’s agenda for power to trans-fer from Anglophone Canada to Third World Canada. This is would be one of CAP’s greatest joys.

Just imagine: No Somalian religious supremacists as immigration minister. No M103 permitting the Nation of Islam to lord it over the nation of Western Canada. Pure bliss, no?

No MP Iqra Khalid, and the rest of the ethnocentric Middle Eastern MP’s empowered by PM Trudeau. Perhaps no dual citizenship MP’s. Goodbye Maryam Monsef, Iqra Khalid, Ahmed Hussen, Omar Alghabra and the rest of the dual-loyality half-Canadians- excellent!

Yet, economically, we must be careful. The Trudeau-derived break up of Canada may well result in unstable financial markets. Volatility is never good for a national economy.

Yet, if the west could withstand these potential problems–most obviously by a re-generation of the energy industry Justin worked to decimate for the past four years, perhaps we would emerge at least unscarred enough to make the thing work.

Nationalists must keep in mind, however, that Trudeau Globalist-Liberal media will fight this to the death. Why? Because the top priority of Canada’s “three-headed hydra” of Third World globalism are interested in one thing only–the retention of the status quo of the current agenda to eradicate 152 years of Canadian identity.

So just as patriots have to push-back against the Third World assault upon our nation, we would also have to push-back against media’s subordination of a western Canadian nation–just as we see with “Brexit.”

See the parallel?  This is globalism, after all–similar patterns exist whether in Canada, Britain, Australia or France. So again, western Canadians, patriots, nationalist and Old Stock Canadians would be fighting a similar battle.

This fight is not simply against Justin Trudeau, Gerald Butts and refugee pit-bull, MP Ahmed Hussen. Rather, it is a monumental battle agains globalism–Liberals, media, political Islam, political Sikhism, as well as our Marxist-infused academic world.

A big job, to be sure–yet it can be done, CAP do believe. To succeed, western Canadian must understand exactly who our enemy is. Our media are tasked by government to muddy the waters, obscuring who the actual foes are.

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CAP Crystal Ball: As this movement progresses, the Liberal and media puppets will do their usual thing–blame everyone other than those truly responsible–the Trudeau government. Once again, in a most tedious manner, “Wexit” supporters will be branded like Alberta Beef with the racist and bigot tag.

“Separators are bigots,” says Somalian citizen/MP Ahmed Hussen.  “These western Canadians are racists, states King Justin. In other words, the usual malarky intended to keep our people in a political prison. To succeed, we must trans-cend these labels.

On Oct. 20,2019,  the Facebook group VoteWexit.com had just over 2,000 members. By Tuesday evening, the group’s membership had skyrocketed to more than 165,000 members. According to Storyful, the group’s membership grew over 8,000 per cent in a 36-hour period.

The group is calling for the separation of western Canada from the rest of the country.

“We’re going to be free from the blood-sucking, parasitic relationship we have with eastern Canada right now,” Wexit Alberta founder Peter Downing said.

CAP Comment: Of course its a blood-sucking, parasitic relationship– Canada has a blood-sucker for a PM. For the past four years, Mr. Trudeau has been sucking the life our of English Canada, and its Anglophone peoples.

We have been bled dry by taxation which provided the Third World with multiple billions of dollars. A billion to Africa for abortion here, a billion to Syria to help their citizens improve their lives–not a damn thing to do with a benefit for Canadian citizens.

Beyond this, Trudeau is bleeding Anglo-Canada dry of its identity, history, and heritage. In its stead comes Third World, Sikh and Muslim heritage and identity. Media breathe not a word about this.

At the end of the day, the election results tell the true story. Regardless of ideology, political orientation, changing demographics and religious community empowerment, the “colour code” election results map tells the true story.

Western Canada as a whole rejected Trudeau and his Liberal-Third World Party of Canada– excellent news.  Now, work is required to overcome the great globalist push-back against Wexit.

Can this be done successfully? CAP believe it can. If the circumstances are right, and the plan is well thought-out and projects well into the future, the agenda may well be a success.

It begins, however, with a referendum, or some other serious exercise in democratic process. –something our pseudo-dictator Justin Trudeau will never agree with in a million years.







6 thoughts on ““Wexit”– Western Canada Pushes For SEPARATION From Trudeau’s Globalist/Third World Canada”

  1. Very well said. We cannot afford to become complacent about this.trudeau has milked the west for far too long. He should be facing mile charges right now instead ,hes sitting at the head of the table. He is not my PM and I hope zero respect for the entitled brat.

  2. I’ll ignore the general bloviation that constitutes this article in favour of pointing out that you started with an inaccuracy: Alberta did not go totally conservative. The NDP won a seat in Alberta.

  3. This is exactly what I’ve been saying as well. It’s not only about building the pipelines and the energy industry, it’s also about our ever decreasing freedoms, the globalist agenda, unvetted immigration, unbearable taxation and debt, scandals and law-breaking, pandering to the U.N., Islam, and certain other groups…the list goes on.

  4. I am really disappointed that Trudeau could be that low, and pick a Terrorist and killer as a Minister. In my life time, I’ve never seen sure a very coward wimp PM in Leadership of Canada. PM should be getting direction from the truth Canadian citizens so those issues and recommendation PM and Ministers pass through Parliament. But the majority of Canadian voters want him out, Trudeau already lost the war and battles, he is defeated government, only sour agenda, and when he speaks there is no truth in what he say, can not be trust in a very weak negative government. So we as concerned Canadians our duties are to Trudeau to step down the worse weak PM. The people will appoint interim PM, in the mean time, Trudeau has relinquish his position as government leader, bye bye


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