Western Canadian Alienation At ALL-TIME HIGH, Trudeau Cabinet Most “Eastern Centric” In 50 Years

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At a time when Western Canadians are feeling more alienated than at any point in modern history, Justin Trudeau has selected a Liberal Cabinet more “Eastern-centric” than at any point in modern history.

Taking into account the initial post-election cabinet appointments, Quebec now has the most representation around the cabinet table it’s seen since Brian Mulroney’s first cabinet following the 1988 election.

For Ontario, you have to go back to 1965 to find a post-election cabinet with as large a share of Ontario ministers as this one. That 1965 cabinet also was the last one to see such a low level of representation from the Prairies.

What to conclude, fellow patriots? Let CAP take a stab at this one: An agenda of western alienation is cast-in-stone within the parameters of a Liberal-Globalist-Third World assault upon our nation.

To say anger, frustration and alienation are palpable feelings amongst Albertans is the understatement of the century. Even media have caved into exposing this bitter truth.

So what does PM Trudeau do about these issues when it came time to select his 2019 cabinet? He loads it up with his brethren Quebecois MP’s while  increasing Ontario’s share of cabinet members.

Then, he stands in front of a media microphone, and announces there will be a specific focus upon the needs of Western Canadians.

Talk, and action. In this regard, Justin Trudeau is a walking and talking contradiction-in-terms. Basically, it appears he is once again lying and deceiving the people of Canada with his globalism-motivated propaganda campaign. And informed Canucks are supposed to believe boyfriend Gerald Butts is out of the political picture?

Doesn’t look this way to CAP— this deception smells familiar–the scent of commie-boy/ carbon- boy, advisor Gerald Butts.

“This reverses a negative trend line for Quebec. Since the mid-1970s, Quebec ministers have taken up less and less space around the cabinet table. Fewer than a third of Mulroney’s ministers were Quebecers. That dropped to between 20 and 25 per cent in Jean Chrétien’s and Paul Martin’s post-election cabinets, and to well under 20 per cent in Harper’s.”

Fascinating stuff, really. For CAP-– Canada’s singular pro-Anglophone political/media organization, this move by King Justin speaks volumes–the volumes you will never read within the Globe & Mail or National Post.

You see, CAP focus upon political issues relevant to English Canada, as well as Anglophone communities across our nation. The first question we have in this regard is: How does this affect Anglophone- Canadians?

Quick Answer– not good- which happens to be true of 99% of Trudeau decision-making in general. So what to conclude? PM Trudeau’s new cabinet disempowers our people.

So our PM has just empowered Quebec and Francophones within his government. Okay, so this is not Third World Canada- the demographic King Trudeau practically broke his back over after spending four years advancing, funding, indemnifying and advancing this segment within Canadian society.

Now, he turns to French-Canada, and empowers Quebec MP’s more than anytime in the past 50 years. Last time CAP checked, Francophones were not Anglophones. Furthermore, Trudeau empowers Ontario–which by “coincidence”-– includes his precious Third World/Sikh/Muslim stronghold in the Greater Toronto Area(GTA).

Getting the picture, fellow patriots?  No matter how you slice it–no matter the issue or policy— Justin Trudeau continuously works to downgrade Anglophone Canada. Additionally, this miscreant politician continues to alienate and anger Albertans, and Western Canada in general.

Why? CAP has a theory: Because this entire dynamic is a pre-planned globalist assault upon our nation.Obviously, the first component of this malevolent movement is the marginalization and disempowerment of English Canada.

Truly, in this regard King Justin has come through with flying colours. Here is the “short list”–

— Alienate Western Canada, empower Quebec and Ontario.

— Brand Anglophones racist with multiple grovelling apologies to Third World communities.

— Erode Christianity, advance Nation of Islam.

— Push mass abortion, assisted dying and transgenderism upon Old Stock Canada to deplete our numbers.

— Create the highest mass immigration quotas in over a century.

— Create the greatest degree of personal and family debt for Old Stock Canadians in the history of our nation.

— Punish Christian non-profit groups while funnelling tens of millions to Muslim non-profits.

— Push the “diversity is our strength” lie upon society when multiculturalism in reality is racism against “whitey.”

Getting the picture, fellow patriots? Perhaps a sliver of society does. But what about the 90% of Canadian who actually believe what they are reading in establishment media?

What to conclude? CAP will comment: Looking at the above bullet points, it is all but impossible to argue that the Anglophone community of Canada is not under comprehensive ASSAULT.

The singular reason tens of millions of Canucks are unaware of this ominous social condition?

Establishment media–the entity now under Trudeau’s control. Shades of communism? Of course it is–a Trudeau is PM, and pseudo-communist  Gerald Butts shaped the whole affair.

There it is, English Canada--your social and political destiny as Canada’s nascent “second-class” community. Relevant question time: Why do the Liberal-Trudeau-Globalists keep on kicking our collective Butts?

Simple, really–by accepting the yoke of the “racist” tag Justin Trudeau has placed around the necks of 25-odd million white Canadians. Unfortunately, our PM is far from the only entity indulging in this particular behaviour.

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Other significant factors: Multicultural not-for-profit organizations such as Muslimlink, and National Council of Canadian Muslims. Ever since King Justin put on his globalist crown, these organizations have grown in power exponentially.  For example, NCCM felt they have the right to demand Christian MP candidates be denied the right to run for office.

Pourquoi? Because they didn’t like what these folks had to say. Never mind the fact that said candidates went through the proper channels to run for office. Forget that they adhered to the Federal Election Act, got the proper paperwork done, and received the minimum number of signatures required–while never breaching Canadian law.

In other words, this ethnocentric tax-payer funded “multicultural” group threw all this aside, and decided themselves that these candidates must go.

What nerve! Who the frack do these people think they are? And what message does this deliver to non-Muslim Canadians who make up 96% of our national demographic?

NCCM either does not understand democracy–or they just don’t give a damn about it. One or the other, fellow patriots. But of course, democracy “ain’t what it used to be.” It never is when the surname of a prime minister is Trudeau.

Both Justin Trudeau, and Pierre Trudeau before him, prefer non-democracy to democracy–and so do National Council for Canadian Muslims, as well as MP’s such as M103 founder, Iqra Khalid. Oh, and btw, it was this illustrious “council” who helped half-citizen Khalid(she’s a Pakistani national) write the M103 motion.

You know the one– it’s the government document which explicitly mentions Khalid’s religious–Islam, while omitting every other religious community in Canada. How “multicultural” is this?

CAP will inform: zero, nada, nothing. It is simply a piece which indemnifies Islam from criticism exclusively. How “Justin Trudeau “this is.

Seems Anglophone Canadian cannot get a break any which way. Under PM Trudeau, all roads–immigration, multiculturalism, refugees, media, academia, diversity organizations– result in our communities being downgraded.

Western Canada, Alberta, –you name it and punitive measures are being placed upon our communities. Anglophone, Christian--same deal exactly.

Indeed, Trudeau’s eastern-centric cabinet structure inform us that in terms of a globalist push to decimate our people still “runs through the veins” of Canadian society.

As long as Justin Trudeau remains prime minister, this will be cast-in-stone–just like his “chosen” religious community.







2 thoughts on “Western Canadian Alienation At ALL-TIME HIGH, Trudeau Cabinet Most “Eastern Centric” In 50 Years”

  1. Trudeau can stay where he is. We’d rather him not show his face in Akberta. He has no business here, and when his term is finally : THE WORST PM IN CANADIAN HISTORY” I’ll be smiling finally!
    Oh yah, and when he’s getting his diaper changed in old age where his children will put him. Because if he runs a country like he has. IM SURE HES NO BETTER AT BEING A ROLR MODEL OR HUSBAND,. I bet he’s unfaithful to his wife as well.

  2. You would think people would remember Trudeau number one. Ontario needs to wake up. They should know better then elect some one from Quebec. The west wants out. Wexit is on the move. The cry is No Taxation without representation. He would rather take blood oil from opec then his own country and tax a industry out of business. Municipal tax, fuel tax, environmental tax, and know carbon tax. There is no place for development in Canada. What A leader. He won’t pull this one off without a fight. By by Canada!!!!


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