Washington State Disallows LGBT Sex Ed Bill After Parental Outrage

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Washington State MassResistance activists helped mobilize groups around the state, working strategically to successfully stop a hideous Planned Parenthood–backed “comprehensive sex-ed” bill from becoming law — despite its broad support in the Legislature.

A prominent clause in the original proposal  states it would be “inclusive” — with sexuality lessons that include homosexual sex and transgenderism.

My, my– first Alabama outlaws abortion, and now this. After a decade of LGBT propaganda, parents are finally having success in stopping western institutions within society from indoctrinating our children with transgender deceptions. The rate of suicide is three times higher among the trans community. Transgender “regret” is prominent within the community. The hormone drugs are NOT APPROVED by the FDA. Studies show risk of heart attack and stroke to be much higher among the trans people.

Why are so few aware of these details? Because media REFUSE to inform us. If readers believed what establishment media publications print about transgenderism, one would think it akin to a pleasant walk in the woods. Interestingly, they do the same thing regarding abortion.

Both are programs which prevent birth. Abortion obviously, but transgender also renders males sexually sterile creatures. Coincidence? CAP think not

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In both Canada and the USA, “Transgender Story Time” has been established within grade schools. This provides the opportunity for transvestites to enter classrooms and libraries to scope out potential sex change candidates. These children are 6-12 years of age–a stage of life previous to understanding what sex is all about. Talk about jumping the gun!


Politicized homosexuality is an epidemic of massive proportions. Does mean Cultural Action Party of Canada hate gays. Not at all. Do whatever you like behind closed doors. But to politicize sexuality in the manner advanced by LGBT and Pride movements is a danger to traditional families and their children. To entrench transgenderism within our education system is morally reprehensible.

Washington State is taking a stand. Good for them. More will follow, and even within Justin Trudeau’s transgender-promoting Canada, push-back is growing. Our children are sacred. They deserve much more than to be placed in the hands of transgender advocating left wing nut-bars. End the madness. If not for ourselves, for our children, and their children.




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