Was The Mysterious Death Of Michel Trudeau Covered-Up By Canadian Media?

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In a manner never alluded to by media, the family of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau are very much a Canadian equivalent of the British Royal Family, in addition to the Kennedy family of the United States.

The behaviours, scandals and various rumour-based gossip surrounding these “royal families” is something to behold. Or it would be– if Canadian media had not buried the evidence.

The most glaring being  brother Alexandre Trudeau’s dedication to communist regimes such as Cuba and China. As far as deceased youngest brother Michel Trudeau is concerned, he didn’t live long enough to flower into a full-fledged communist like the others did.

As it happened, Canadian media published a story claiming Michel Trudeau died in a “freak avalanche” while skiing in the Rocky Mountains.

Here is what media did not report:

The death of Michel Trudeau, on Friday the 13th in November, 1998, occurred due to a freak accident in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, at a time of the year when snow packs are low and avalanches are rare.

An avalanche in the month of November, in Canada’s Rocky Mountains, is an extremely unlikely event because snowpacks have not built up sufficiently to create the conditions when avalanches occur naturally.

Evan Manners, manager of the Canadian Avalanche Centre in Revelstoke, B.C., said that “before the Trudeau death he had never heard of an avalanche pushing someone into the water who then drowned. “It’s very rare,” [an avalanche at that time of the year] he told the National Post shortly after the accident.

What appears factual is that subsequent to being informed of their child’s death, neither Pierre nor Margaret Trudeau went to visit the scene of the crime. As a parent, wouldn’t one have a nagging desire to view the location of the death with their own eyes?

Furthermore, media stated that police carried out an “extensive search”– yet the body of Michel Trudeau was never found a surprising event because the spot where he allegedly went under the water is well known and there were no reported currents in the lake to carry the body away. 

Now, for something even more sketchy–  again hidden from the purview of Canadians.

In an interesting coincidence, that may not be a coincidence at all, Michel Trudeau was allegedly nearly killed on July 17, 1998– five months before his actual death when his motor vehicle was broadsided by another vehicle while driving through Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada. 

The alleged accident was so powerful that the truck Michel Trudeau was driving rolled over several times and was a complete write off– it was reported that it was a miracle he survived.

Holy Crow–this is one bizarre news story– one which has never permeated the general consciousness of Canadian society. 

Whatever the circumstances, a truism remains: the family and offspring of Pierre Trudeau are one sketchy bunch. Equally as sketchy is establishment media’s approach to the inequities of the Trudeau family– in particular the mysterious death of youngest son Michel Trudeau.

47 thoughts on “Was The Mysterious Death Of Michel Trudeau Covered-Up By Canadian Media?”

  1. How on earth can the people of Canada vote for this Justin Trudeau??? he seems completely and utterly worthless and a fullfledged Narcissist!…I cant really believe it!

  2. I don’t believe in Conspiracy theories says one gentleman.
    But yet our government’s are allowed to charge and convict people for Conspiracy.
    You can’t make this shit up!

  3. Nothing on here compares to the absolute in your face racism of shutting down all Patrick’s Day celebrations! This is officially racism towards white People by the government!

  4. Believe me, I am totally anti Trudeau but there are a few things wrong with this article. I am not saying that the entire event was not suspicious but the lake that Micheal went into is very deep. Locals do say that it does not have a bottom and Margaret did show up. She personally thanked every person who was on the rescue team

  5. The Trudeau family and high government belongs to Elite Globalist Cabal . They sacrifice their own children and other children too . We are in a war evil vs good world wide

  6. Regardless of how deep the lake is, unless his abdomen was punctured during the so called avalanche, he should’ve eventually floated to the surface. Internal gases caused by decomposition cause the body to bloat and float. There would have to be freak circumstance upon freak circumstance for his body to not float to the surface. Possible but not probable.

    • It’s possible that the body never surfaced, My brother fell in Lake Erie off the docks and they never have found his body, and that happened back in the 70s, it’s a day that I will never forget and I pray for his body to be recovered just for closure. I can’t even imagine how my other brother feels or has been feeling since he was there and witnessed him disappear under the water.

      • Michel was the son of the Prime Minister of Canada, who has power to demand the lake be searched by divers until the body was found. Bodies do not decompose in three days. Michel’s friend stated that the lake was not frozen over.

        Sorry for your loss.

  7. …and in other news, Justin refuses to move into 24 Sussex until the patio is fixed. He’s unhappy with how Margaret laid the Stones.

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