Was Justin Trudeau Groomed To Destroy The Canadian Way Of Life?

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The longer Canada continues to be saddled with Justin Trudeau as national leader, the deeper society falls into a flaming pit of social chaos. From this idea, a plethora of thoughts spring forward.

Is PM Trudeau intentionally working to fragment Canadian society? If so, what’s his motive? Is his animus toward our nation innate– a condition based on an impressionable mind as a silver-spoon fed so-called son of ex-PM Pierre Trudeau?

Or is his hostility a learned process, derived from brain-washing levels of anti-colonial attitudes? Likely, it’s a bit of both. Either way, there is something wholly unnatural about a three-term prime minister who has no respect for Canadian identity, heritage and history.

What’s interesting to note– a fact which mainstream media refuse to speak of– is a social paradox which begins with Mr. Trudeau, and spread like wildfire to the political power-players of Canada.

In caustic terms, CAP put it like this: “the more you hate our country, the higher you rise on the totem pole of political power.” In this dynamic, Canadians can discover the essence of our country’s pending demise as a functioning western democracy.

Justin Trudeau. New Democratic Party leader, Jagmeet Singh. Minister of Multiculturalism, MP Ahmed Hussen. M103 “Islamophobia” motion founder, MP Iqra Khalid.

And most recently, religious fundamentalist “Mistress of Islamophobia,”Amira Elghabaway. As CAP presented in previous articles, Ms. Elghabaway maintains an extremely low opinion of Canada. Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh, dynamic duo of neo-communist control and anti-Anglophone sentiment, are cut from the same cloth.

What does it all mean? With Canadian media towing the line of government’s Woke Revolution, we won’t be reading commentary from them on this topic. Leaving Cultural Action Party to speculate Canada’s pre-meditated trip along the highway of national self-hatred.

In our opinion, Canada is going to be re-born as a post-democratic, 3rd World-dominated society. Utilizing the “stolen land” narrative, the post-modern warriors are working to steal our country away from its citizenship. They are doing a bang-up job.

Example: A youtube video of the official inauguration of Amira Elghabaway as Minister of Islamophobia offers an excellent clue. As half-Pakistani citizen MP Iqra Khalid goes to the microphone to bless Allah and Elghawabay, the following words are delivered:

Paraphrase: “At this time we must remember that we are standing on stolen land,” a reference to European colonialism as the foundation of our country.

Let us ponder this for a moment. China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan. These nations can indulge in the greatest of human rights abuses, but one fact remains, at least according to the woke supremacist movement:

These nations were not founded on colonialism. Don’t you see? This is the “ace in the hole”— the very thing which is to justify Canada being stolen away from its current owners- the people of Canada, according to democratic jurisprudence.

In this dynamic is found our downfall as a society. Media say nothing; the political Canada-haters say plenty. Bashing away at our national identity on a daily basis, the Woke Revolution loosens our national resolve to maintain national pride and traditional identity.

It is the very reason why Justin Trudeau devoted so much time to running down Canadian history and heritage. It is the reason why NDP leader Jagmeet Singh brands our society genocidal– at this very moment!

It is MP Ahmed Hussen’s “Anglophobia,” and Amira Elghabaway’s “Canadaphobia.”

As for Justin Trudeau, it’s been his way since birth. Raised by presumed father Pierre Trudeau to loathe our national heritage, Trudeau the younger has anti-Anglophone fever in his blood. His thinking is one dimensional– and therefore entirely dangerous. An automaton of woke globalist ideology, Justin Trudeau won’t stop till he gets enough.

And what, pray-tell, is “enough” for this aberration of a prime minister? Nothing less than complete dissolution of traditional Canada, inclusive of its Anglophone culture.

Not that the entire project is in the bag quite yet. It’s chances of success would have been far less if not for one pertinent factor. CBC won’t tell you, and Globe & Mail won’t print it, but the locking-in of Trudeau as neo-dictator by Jagmeet Singh holds they key to the destruction of Canada.

When haters rule. That’s Trudeau and Singh’s post-modern society. The establishment of political tyranny for Canada’s traditional communities hangs in the balance.

5 thoughts on “Was Justin Trudeau Groomed To Destroy The Canadian Way Of Life?”

  1. “Stolen land.” Bahh. So…The Muslims will steal our “stolen” land. Got it. Here’s an idea: We’ll all move back to our ancestral homes. But! Before we go; we’ll tear down every building/all infrastructure–And return the land to its once wild state. Just as it was when our tough; industrious; clever ancestors found it. Go; oh Muslims; to the frozen forests, and live in tents. Unfortunately; camels won’t do well here. You won’t have any bike trails; so get a good pair of sandals–There won’t be any cobblers; or shoe stores. You won’t need to fret about imaginary “Islamophobia.” No Rule of Law, and all that entails. Nor will you have any of OUR money to buy off the “First” “Nations.” A few widely scattered; tee-pee dwelling; warring “peoples” make not a nation. Giddyup!! Bloody fools. This will return on their own heads.

  2. Time to quit pulling punches: Trudeau; head of the Totalitarian Party. Amira Elghabaway; newly appointed Minister of Islamofacism.

  3. It’s really hard to tell people when you’re visiting other countries that your really proud to be Canadian when we have a prime minister hell bent on destroying a beautiful country the woke left , universities, all seem to adore their celestial leader for life. My rant is that you people that voted him in better wake up and smell the coffee because his 15 minute cities are next and your freedom is gone

  4. I can’t believe what the Liberal Party is doing to Canada. However, Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, Deputy Prime Minister are all followers of WEF.

    It is way past the time that Trudeau is defeated and sent packing.


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